10 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Nobody’s perfect. But your dogs deserve the best care, attention, shelter, and love. 

You’re a new pet owner. But that does not mean it is all right to make mistakes. 

Deciding to have dogs at home is a big responsibility. It necessitates a lot of effort, patience, commitment, and time. 

If you don’t have met all those requirements, it is best not to adopt dogs. Wait for the time when you’re ready. 

For those who plan to have dogs at home for the first time, knowledge is power. Perhaps, you have searched about the specific breed you want to adopt. Maybe, you have prepared your home for the new member of the family. 

If yes, there are many things to learn. Knowing the common mistakes most dog owners make is worth your time. Here are the top 10 mistakes that pet owners commit regardless of their experience:

1. Choosing the Dog That Does Not Suit Your Lifestyle or Requirements


Who can resist a cute pup like a Pom, Chow Chow, Lhasa Apso, Husky, Labrador, Poodle, or Golden Retriever? 

It is hard. They are adorable, and you would fall for them instantly. You’re also a pet lover, so the chance of adopting a new pup is higher than ever. 

But pause and think. Don’t make decisions because you love the dog’s fur, color, and friendly personality. 

Do you have time to spend on your dog exercise and training? Can you clean up their fur on your carpet, couch, and other pieces of furniture? Do you live in an apartment? Can you afford to look after a new dog? 

Reflect on these questions before anything else. Pet ownership is not a food you can spit it out when it’s hot, remember!

2. Failing to Provide Them Socialization and Training


It is probably not your first time having pets at home. How’s your experience with your dogs in the past? Do they usually poop or urinate on your bed, carpet, or floor?

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Are they more likely to get aggressive when seeing strangers or other dogs? Do they scratch your couch, and you needed to have it repaired? 

If yes, it is tiring and overwhelming. Of course, you’re wondering why your dogs are like that. Lack of training and socialization is the problem. 

We understand that you are busy with your work. But why do you adopt dogs if you could not take good care of them well? 

Dogs need training and socialization. A well-trained dog won’t be a headache on your part, literally. They know where to poop or urinate.

They won’t scratch your floor and furniture. Plus, you can reduce their risks of suffering from any aggressive behavior. 

3. Failing to Give them Enough Exercise


Another basic need of every dog is a fun exercise. But most pet owners are unable to give their dogs the exercise regimen they need. 

Like humans, dogs, without the right amount of exercise, are vulnerable to behavior issues and other health problems. 

Generally, dogs should get around 30 minutes or 2 hours of exercise every day. But it depends. If you have German Shepherds, Retrievers, Collies, and other larger breeds, they require many exercises. 

But if you have Maltese, Terriers, Pug, Spaniel, Dachshund, and other small breeds, they do not need strenuous physical activity. So, be careful. 

It is also important to vary your exercise so that your dog would have interests to play, keeping them in top shape. 

If you are a new pet owner, seek assistance from an expert. Hiring a professional can help you avoid any guessing game. 

4. Skipping the Veterinarian 


Many pet owners only go to the vet when their dogs are sick to save some cash and avoid hassles. But don’t do the same thing. 

Whether you have large or medium-sized breeds, don’t forget to skip their regular check-ups. 

Dogs, even if sick, won’t show signs right away. They usually lose appetite and get lethargic when their illness is unbearable. 

Why would you wait for that to happen? With proper vet session, any disease will be diagnosed and treated right away, protecting your buddies from any severe complications in the future. 

Yes, visiting the vet is costly. But it is worth it. Your dogs will be healthy and strong all year round, giving you peace of mind. 

Also, you have to follow your vet. Don’t make anything that would put your pal’s life in danger. 

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5. Overlooking Dental Health


Are you one of those pet owners who believe that doggie breath is normal? Well, you’re not alone. Most people also think the same way. 

But don’t relax when your Pom, Standard Poodle, or German Shepherds have bad breath. They may be suffering from halitosis, a dental disease requiring immediate attention. 

The common cause of bad breath in dogs is a buildup of tartar. But when left untreated for days and months, it can be periodontal disease, resulting in tooth loss. What’s worse is that they may suffer from heart disease or even kidney failure. 

You have two options to maintain your dog’s mental health. Home dental care is the go-to choice for many. But if you are not comfortable with it, give a professional veterinarian a call. 

6. Feeding them Improperly 


Feeding your dog may seem easy. But it is overwhelming and difficult in reality. So, the chance of feeding your buddies wrongly is not uncommon. 

When buying dog foods, be sure to do some research online or check labels. If you don’t have prior experience, there’s nothing to worry about as expert professionals you can depend on and trust. 

Also, don’t overfeed your pets. For the past years, canine obesity has been increasing, and the number one cause is overfeeding. 

What if you only feed the recommended amount of dog food? Why is your Labrador or Malamute obese? Go to a certified veterinarian to avoid any guessing game. 

When it comes to chews and treats, you also have to be careful because some options are dangerous. Ask the expert as well. 

7. Letting Behavior Problems like Aggression Get Out of Control


Barking, chewing, digging, separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, begging, chasing, jumping up, biting, and aggression in dogs may start small. But when overlooked, these behavior problems will get worse. 

Unexpectedly, you might reinforce their behavior. You might give your dogs a treat whenever they show aggression, helping them believe they are doing what’s right. 

When they start barking, digging, chasing, or chewing suddenly, correct the behavior right away before getting out of control. 

For dogs that bark excessively, teach them quiet or bark commands. But before anything else, identify why your pet is doing that.

Maybe they seek attention, give a warning, or respond to other pets. 

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When teaching them basic commands, you have to be patient and consistent. 

8. Vaccinating Your Pups Even if They Are Too Young 


You want to make sure your dog is safe from distemper or parvovirus.

But vaccinating them at a young age or repeatedly is not a good idea because they may suffer from a digestive disease, allergies, and autoimmune disease. 

Studies show that younger puppies get antibodies from their mothers’ milk, protecting them from any disease.

After a few weeks, these antibodies will wear off. When they are gone, your veterinarian can vaccinate them safely. 

Aside from over-vaccinating, some dogs may not receive enough vaccines. What is the recommended dose of vaccines dogs require?

Only experienced and licensed vets can come into play. Please feel free to visit any medical professional for your safety and convenience.

While the services require additional costs, they are worth your time and effort. 

9. Punishing Your Dog For Any House-Breaking Accidents


Your dog scratched your floor, pooped on the carpet, or urinated on your bed sheet. Commonly, pet owners may spank or beat their dogs. 

Don’t punish them whenever they break your house rules.

Housetraining your dogs will not be easy. They may not get your message right away. Most commonly, they may commit mistakes and don’t punish them for that because: 

They may not understand you. Every time you punish your dogs, they might be confused, making them nervous in your presence. 

Unable to control themselves physically. Studies have shown that month old pups can only control their bladder for an hour.

So, don’t be surprised whenever they urinate on your floor or carpet. 

10. Giving Dogs Medications for Humans


It is a habit for pet owners to give their dogs human medications. But is it safe? Well, it depends on the medication.

Yes, pets can take some human medicines. But it is not as simple as you imagine. While some drugs can be given to dogs regularly, others can be harmful. 

What’s the best thing to do? Always get your vet’s assistance and prescription. Ask the professional for the right dose to avoid any inconvenience. 

Pet ownership is not easy. It takes a lot of responsibility. Don’t adopt dogs when you are just amazed by how they look.

Be a pet owner who is more than willing to sacrifice your time and show affection. Enjoy being a pet owner! 

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