10 Fun Brain Games for Dogs

Dogs are lovely living beings, also known as the best human’s friend.

They love to play different games with their owners and other friendly dogs, so you can take advantage of the fact.

They are also helpful for many other purposes, such as home protection or assisting during the hunting among other vital activities.

You can find many different sorts of dogs, and some are more suitable for one type of activities, while others are great for something else.

So there is no universal solution to that answer; however, all the dogs are eager to get involved in various activities with people they know well.

However, the dog’s motivation is also an important factor because they too have different feelings just like humans.

You are undoubtedly aware of the fact if you are also a dog owner, so it is not a secret for you at all.

Many individuals today possess dogs, and you can see them all around while walking with their dogs, especially if you live in a big city that is a part of the Western world.

It is excellent when you go out together with your pet to spend some time in the fresh air.

You can meet other dog owners while your dogs play their games. But you can also implement some advanced techniques when it comes to playing.

And you do not have to have a company at all for many of these. That’s why they are great because you can play them with your dog whenever you want.

Your dog will enjoy spending quality time with its owner, so you should provide it such a great opportunity.

There are excellent fun brain dog games developed for the purpose, and you can find out more details and instructions on each of them in the text below.

1.Use Food-Dispensing Toys


You can find numerous pieces of dog equipment thanks to the fast technological development.

It includes all kind of toys, which are often excellent for different games.

Dogs love to play; however, some of these toys are truly special, and your dog has an opportunity to experience something unique.

All are aware of classic dog toys such as balls or plastic bones, but food-dispensing toys are quite different, and they are a step ahead in the development of dog equipment.

If you have not used such toys so far, then this would be the right moment to start.

Your dog will enjoy playing with one of those toys because they all contain dog food within the material and interior.

The design of these toys can be quite different as well as the shape and weight.

Fortunately, there are many types of these toys on the market, so you have a definite possibility to choose the best for your dog.

It can serve as a part of an excellent brain game for your dog, so you have to provide such an extraordinary adventure to your dog.

For example, Kong Ball is considered one of the best toys from that category on the market, so it can be an ideal solution for different sorts of dogs.

It is a reloadable product, and you can add the favorite’s dog food inside the ball.

The pieces of food will fall out regularly during the game, so your dog will enjoy it all the time.

You can load the King Ball again when it is empty, so the product can be used over and over again without any problems.

There are many other similar products, and you can use the web to find more details about them.

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They are usually available for online purchasing, which is one more benefit.

2.Play with a Tenis Ball

diy dog toys

Dogs love to play with tennis balls, and the experience usually provides a lot of mental and physical satisfaction to them.

The balls are not too large, so a dog of average size can easily catch them with its teeth.

Of course, you have to go out and find an appropriate place because the ball is lightweight and you should throw it far away.

That’s how you can take the maximum from this exciting game, and your dog will have to run a lot to complete the task.

These activities are excellent for all dogs; however, the tennis ball might be too big for some small sorts, so it would not be suitable in that case.

3.Hide and Seek

sheepadoodle poodle mix

Hide and Seek is one of the popular brain dog games that many love to perform. It is quite exciting, and it is excellent when you start playing this game with puppies.

It can help them to use and develop the most essential dog’s sense – smell. And it is possible to achieve all that during the fun and exciting activity.

You most likely know these pets have a much stronger smell than humans, so it should not be hard for them to find out.

However, puppies might have some problems because they are still young. That’s how you can determinate the distance for hiding.

If you have a little puppy, you should not go too far because it can have a problem to discover your correct positions.

That’s why you can play this game at your home, and your puppy will undoubtedly enjoy it.

Older dogs, however, do not have such the obstacle, so you can go outside to perform the game.

You can also ask a friend or a family member to help you during the game because they can distract the dog during your search for the appropriate position.

That’s how your dog will not be aware that you hide in the mid-time.

This is an exciting game that involves a lot of physical activities, so it provides health benefits to both of you.

The game, however, has to be performed in calm locations such as big parks, for example.

That’s how you can be far away from the traffic, which can make different problems during the game.

4.Find a Treasure


The Find a Treasure game has some similarities with hiding and seek game because your dog is again involved in searching for activities.

However, this time, it has to find the treasure and not you. It can be any device, tool, or toy you can imagine for the game, but it has to be of an appropriate size and safe for the purpose.

Your dog will have to rely on his nose again, so that’s a quite beneficial exercise that brings your dog to its real nature.

They are favorite pets which humans adore, but they are also animals, so they have to use their smells, and they will enjoy the experience.

You can, for example, hide small food-dispensing toys and let your dog find them.

The award is waiting within the items at the location, so the dog is going to be motivated to discover them as fast as possible.

The food smell can help during the search, so they should not have big problems while searching in the case the treasure is not too far from the dog.

If you notice that it has problems to find the item, you might relocate it to some other place.

Or if it is too easy for your dog, you can move it farther. It is, of course, vital that you do that alone without your dog.

Otherwise, the game would be purposeless because the dog would know where the treasure is.

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5.Online Courses for Dogs

10 Fun Brain Games for Dogs 1
Dog working comfortably from home

Thanks to the advanced technological abilities, the dog owners now have many different opportunities than in the past.

Interactive online courses are part of that development, and you can take advantage of them.

Dognition, for example, is an online application that allows you to involve your dog in different online games through devices such a smartphone, or tablet.

There is a step by step guide on the official website, and you can record all the actions of your dog in real-time.

The games are not typically complicated to perform, and clear instructions are grateful for that fact.

6.Dog Puzzles

dog tilt head

Dog Puzzles are a favorite brain game for many dogs and their owners, so you should try them too.

That’s particularly important if your dog has not had an experience with such a type of activities.

You can then introduce it something new in their lives, and they can have an opportunity to explore an innovative and fun brain game.

There are, of course, different types of dog puzzles, and the owners can choose the most appropriate model according to the age and capabilities of their dogs.

Some of these puzzle models are quite complex and hard, while others are simple and perfect for beginners.

You can begin with any model, but you should keep in mind some are not so easy to perform.

It is recommended to start with the simplest versions if your dog is not familiar with such games.

Some of the dog puzzles are classified by level, so you can find appropriate versions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

They are typically available in pet shops, so you can find them there.

Also, you can use the Internet to find an appropriate model and store, so you should not miss that opportunity.

Also, you can check Amazon and eBay too. These two marketplaces usually provide a perfect opportunity when it comes to online purchasing.

So you can buy your puzzle game from the comfort of your couch. There are visible many different models, and you can read the specifications too.

That’s how you can find an ideal game for your dog.

Dog puzzles are a great mental stimulation with the power to improve and develop the mental capabilities of your dog.

7.Teach Your Dog a New Trick


Dogs are very active living beings just like many other pets and animals. They enjoy exploring new things and area.

It is, of course, possible to take advantage of the dog’s character and create exciting dog brain games.

Teaching new and unique tricks are a great example of such games. It is a quite common technique that all dog owners have already performed with the assistance of their dogs.

But there are many tricks you can teach your dog, so when it learns one, you can move to the second one.

That’s how you can enable the freshness of the game even if you repeated it often.

The dogs love the attention of their owners, and that’s exactly what this game provides.

You will have to directly involve in the business of your dog trying to teach him a new exciting lesson.

You have to be calm, understandable, and careful, so your dog will certainly enjoy the time during the learning procedure.

In the end, it will be smarter too, so that’s a beneficial thing.

For example, puppies and your dogs have typically to learn some basic tricks. That’s a starting point for them.

When they learn them well, they can go to more advanced tricks. So you can begin with sit down and stand up at first.

Then, you can teach them to stay at the exact location and come back to you when you call their names.

Of course, this is quite specific things, so you can start with your tricks depending on the knowledge, age, and abilities of your dog.

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You should also use rewards during teaching because you can boost the results in that way.

8.Toy Name Game

english cream golden retriever dogs

The Toy Name game can provide a lot of interesting and exciting activities to your dog, so you should try it.

The game is an excellent mental stimulation, which makes your dog smarter. You have to spend some time while practicing this game.

However, the results are of tremendous value. That’s the reason to provide it to your dog.

The first thing you have to do is to start repeating the toy’s name in front of your dog.

It can take a while until your dog fully understands and remember the name of each of one, but you have to be persistent, and the success will not miss.

When you realize that your dog understands a name, you can put the toy away, and ask your dog to bring it back.

If it understands the name, the lesson is completed.

It is even more impressive when the dog learns the names of several toys, so you can put them all together and demand your dog to bring one of them by saying the toy’s name.

Your dog is going to be regarded as very intelligent after completing this exciting course.

9.Teach Your Dog to Return Toys

lab husky mix puppy

It is not easy to teach your dog names of all the toys it uses, but when you succeed, you should move to the next training.

Toys will usually stay all-around after the game, and it is not a very good outcome when you have to clean the mess yourself.

That’s why you have to teach your dog to return all the toys to the box. And your home will keep the perfect order.

It is also an exciting mental stimulation for your dog because it deepens its knowledge and understanding.

You can also call each toy by its name and demand your dog to return it to the previous state.

10.Dog Count Game


The dog count game is an advanced and sophisticated set of exercises excellent for pushing intelligent boundaries far ahead.

Many believe dogs are capable of understanding only the necessary things, but it is not always the case.

If you work and train with your dog regularly, it has a chance to learn different things while developing mental abilities.

Dogs are very smart animals, so you should take advantage of the fact.

However, it is necessary to start with basic types of training, and you should proceed further only if your dog has already achieved success in that field.

There are different scientific studies which point out that dogs are capable of learning, but you have to teach them to do so.

This game, however, has some similarities with the Toy Name game because your dog has to learn some words again.

In this case, the names will be numbers, and you can start with several items. They all should be same by shape and size.

However, you will name them differently. Put them on the floor next to each other and then give them appropriate names.

You should start with “One,” then continue with “Two,” and so on.

When your dog understands the names, you can demand it to bring the items back to you by saying their names.

Final Thoughts

These are ten ways which are all great when it comes to the dog mental stimulation. Some are quite simple, and many owners typically perform them regularly.

Others, however, are quite complex and advance, so they require some prior skills.

Still, you are free to choose the most appropriate games from this list because you can certainly find something interesting for your dog.

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