10 Things You Should Never Say To A Maltese Puppy

Maltese dogs are cuddly companions. If you are being the owner of him, you will be the happiest person. He is extremely playful and lively one. Being stay near owner is his common habit. You can see how much he is active while playing and running. Regular grooming is really important to keep him healthy and beauty.

Being the owner of Maltese is carrying a bunch of responsibility. You have to be careful about your lovable Maltese. It is much better if you can clean him daily. Combing his long hair and making attractive hair style make Maltese beautiful. You can adapt him like a baby.

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Daily brushing of teeth, lull and put to sleep can make you to think he is like your baby boy. He can be your child’s brightest, favorite and cutest live toy.

Oh dear why are you wearing your girl’s bow

maltese dog

Mistake!!! I also can wear bow… 🙂

Hey, don’t ever go to snow pile, you may be missed…

matese dog snow

No…No… I love it… I’m never going to lose whether I’m white like snow

Buddy, you are so cute while bathing…

maltese puppy bathing

Oh really… But I know I’m automatically changed as Chihuahua while bathing…. 🙂

Man, you can’t go everywhere with your owner.

white maltese puppy

Are you kidding me… He always takes me with him. I love traveling…

Boy, I know you hate star bucks

maltese dog pictures

No… It is my favorite. You always wrong… 🙂

I don’t think you are like a baby…

maltese puppy blue bow

Yep… I’m like that a baby… I love brushing my teeth before going to bed….

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Oops… You can’t even fit into a coffee cup…

white puppy maltese dog

No way… My teacup Maltese pup buddies can fit… ok.

I know you only can bark, not talk

maltese puppy

What do you know about me…? I can speak to my eyes… You know what, I can say I love you… <3

You are not the most cuddly one

maltese cute puppy

No, I am the one….

I’m sorry to say that you’re not the cutest in the world

cute while maltese dog

How dare you saying me. Don’t you dare even look at my cutest eyes…? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Never Say To A Maltese Puppy”

  1. They are so beautiful and I would say very good company for me . I love all animals , but they just seem so special …❤️????????

  2. I will get a small dog for I will be 75 in December.My last dog I had was a Boxer and she was a beautiful girl but she got to big for me to handle. I scroll every day through the puppies want them all but 1 will do..


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