10 Things Only People with Rescue Dogs Will Understand

Dogs are such special creatures that most of us have had as pets at some point in our lives.

Dog owners and enthusiasts will always insist on how amazing and cute their dogs are.

While each dog is unique and special in its way, rescue dogs simply hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

Rescue dogs can come from different beginnings, although their appearance may make you think otherwise.

Although the obstacles for you and your dog’s relationship may be hard to overcome, each moment you spend with them will teach you more and more things.

With that in mind, here are ten things that only people with rescue dogs will understand.

For anyone interested in adopting a rescue dog, these relatable facts will help you learn more about them.

1. You have to be understanding and considerate.


Taking care of pets, in general, requires quite a bit of patience and adjusting for their owners.

In the case of rescue dogs, these poor creatures were likely rescued from situations involving neglect, abuse, and even abandonment.

It is very likely that your dog was either super energetic and was jumping up and about when you brought introduced their new home, or they were very anxious and took shelter under your couch, table, and other furniture.

This is because rescue dogs tend to be very fragile and curious, which often comes with them not being properly potty trained or chewing on objects in your house.

Taking care of rescue dogs require quite a bit of patience and consideration.

At first, they will likely growl at you and unfamiliar things and cause chaos around the house.

But given in time, they will come to trust and even love you.

2. Your version of beauty will be redefined. 


Unfortunately, rescue dogs will almost always have suffered some injury that has permanently scarred them.

Whether it may be certain disfigurations or scar marks, you will learn to love your rescue dog despite the flaws they may have. 

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People that have rescue dogs have learned to love their dogs regardless of how they look.

Sure, other dogs may have luxurious, flowing fur and other beautiful characteristics, but what rescue dogs may lack in appearance, they make up for it with their big and loving heart.

Giving a rescue dog a new and better home is no different than saving another life.

Even if their past trauma has scarred them physically, you have given them a chance to be loved and appreciated.

3. Being an expert at your dog’s past. 


As mentioned before, rescue dogs will more than likely have a very traumatic past.

Depending on their history, this often causes the poor creatures to have trust issues, behavioral problems, and even health conditions.

As tragic as these may be, people with rescue dogs likely find themselves telling their dog’s story over and over again.

Whether it may be for pride or awareness, sharing your dog’s story can convince people to get and take care of their rescue dogs.

It often sparks inspiration in listeners and their hearts to take care and give their dogs more attention.

Just like people, dogs can have their unfortunate backstory. Often you become an expert and amazing storyteller upon learning your rescue dog’s past.

It simply gives you a sense of accomplishment as well as admiration that your dog was able to persevere and eventually make it into your home.

4. You will always have company.


Often, rescue dogs become very clingy to their owners once they become comfortable in their new homes.

There is almost not a single moment of the day where your dog will not be asking for your attention or by your side.

If you have felt lonely at all before getting your rescue dog, that will likely change once your dog starts to trust and love you.

In general, dogs are very loyal and loving creatures, but this applies even more to rescue dogs.

Often, as a result of their trauma, rescue dogs will appreciate head pats and other forms of affection you can give them.

If you give them treats, expect them to beg for them now and then. People with rescue dogs will often tell you about how clingy but adorable their furry companions are.

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5. Weird habits are probably normal to you. 


Rescue dogs will more than likely have picked up a couple of weird mannerisms and habits due to their past.

Taking care of your rescue dog hands-on will likely teach you quite a bit of things about them.

Rescue dog owners are all used to their pets doing weird things around the house.

It requires quite a bit of patience and time to adjust to these odd mannerisms, but dedicating a few minutes of your time bonding with your rescue dog allows for a stronger relationship.

Without luck, destructive behaviors may eventually be outgrown due to teaching your rescue dogs a few rules.

It will get tough dealing with rescue dogs frequently, especially if they are not familiar with you and your home yet.

However, you will soon notice that all your struggles with your rescue dog will yield good results and help them get better.

6. You have a friend whenever you go outside. 


Not only at home, but walks outside will be more entertaining and fun with a companion by your side.

Upon being more acquainted with your rescue dog, you probably will try and go out with them on walks.

More likely than not, both you and your dog will enjoy every second outside.

Everything simply becomes much better with a friend by you, and rescue dogs provide exactly that.

Their lovable nature and clinginess to their owners will show whenever you walk with them outside.

Although getting your rescue dog used to the outside may require some training, you will see the fruits of your efforts given enough time.

Your dog’s relationship with you will get stronger, and walking outside can become a fun activity for you both.

7. You will likely be ending up rescuing another dog. 


After spending a good amount of time with your dog, you will soon realize how precious and amazing these animals are.

This often results in pet owners getting another rescue dog to lighten up the house.

Rescue dogs can be quite a challenge, especially for inexperienced owners, but you might end up wanting to get another once you have adjusted accordingly to them.

Not only will you appreciate having another happy companion going about the house, but your dog will likely appreciate having another friend to play with.

Of course, getting another rescue dog is an entirely different situation, and you should only get another one if you are up to the challenge.

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Giving even more time to help another rescue dog will be a tedious task for most. However, you still are saving a life at the end of the day.

Even if it seems like a small contribution, rescuing another dog will still be another step to protecting these precious animals.

8. You end up wanting your dog’s attention too. 


After learning and bonding with your rescue dog, you likely have learned to appreciate all of their traits, flaws included.

If you spend the majority of your day working or busy with other commitments, you likely will want to spend time with your rescue dog the moment that you have free time.

Each second that you spend with your dog is time well spent. Taking care of your lovable rescue dog is something you look forward to instead of treating it as a task.

It is completely normal to be equally attached to your dog as they are to you. After learning about their past, you might even be emotional.

9. Taking pictures will become second nature.


People with rescue dogs cannot get enough of their companions and want to share their beauty with the world.

Whether it may be on their birthday or other momentous occasions, you will find yourself taking pictures of them left and right.

Even if you are not exactly the best photographer in the world, the simplest photos of your rescue dog will be a treasure that you will delight in someday in the future.

Rescue dogs will give you fond memories that you will likely want to remember, and the best way to preserve them is by taking photos.

10. Your rescue dog has saved you too.


In a way, rescue dogs can also rescue their owners. Whether it may be from loneliness and other aspects of life, getting a rescue dog often completes people.

Your rescue dog will likely have impacted your life and changed how you view things.

It is quite common for people to take pride in all the parts of their dog, no matter how weird they are.

Even if it’s about their weird habits or appearance, everything about your dog is simply amazing and has changed you completely.

Rescue dogs are truly one of a kind and make you realize why dogs are man’s best friend.

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