10 Things Only a Pug Owner Would Understand

Being a Pug owner is the luckiest. Pug is a lovable, friendly and cute companion. This dog always needs attention and affection from you. Being docile and quite pug depends on your mood.

He becomes aggressive rarely. This friendly companion is the best one to move with your kids. He spends more time for napping.

If you are the owner or if you want to become the owner of him, here are some essential things that you would understand.

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1. Being the owner of Pug means you have the world’s best buddy.

cute pug puppy

He will be your best friend who always is with you in your happiness and sadness.

2. Shortly you can become friendly with the other person who has a cute pug.

pug puppies

Pug is an amiable guy. He loves to play with puppies in the same sex. You may surely get in an ally with them.

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3. Remember he is greedy for foods.

cute pug face

He has less patience about foods. Seeing foods always make him hunger. So he may become your “Kitchen Stalker.”

4. You have to buy attractive Pug shirts, slippers, products, and socks collection.

pug puppy

Those are ever sold with him on it. You can dress him and can see how much pretty he is after wearing ornaments.

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5. He automatically becomes your shadow.

cute pug puppy

Wherever you go, he will always be with you. He loves to walk with you wrap up in your legs.

6. Even at home, you may never feel lonely.

black pug puppy

He will be your sleeping partner, bathroom guy and in the kitchen, he becomes your audience.

7. He never likes to be angry with you.

back pug angry

Whatever he has done wrong, he always needs a pardon from you. He will follow you until you forgive him.

8. Pugs are much smarter and intelligent than you think.

cute pug eyes

The truth is that he will train you if you misunderstand that you will train him.

9. Pug shows his aggressiveness rarely.

white pug puppy

If there is a stranger, he will show his friendly temperament. So there is nothing to be afraid of him. Because he only knows to give kiss whoever passing him.

10. Take napping is his hobby of life.


Wherever he naps in your home, he has a different style of napping. You can fill your ear from soft snoring throughout life.

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