10 Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs

The sun is up, but you’re too sleepy to get out of bed. Then, you hear a familiar sound – yes!

Your four-legged pup enters the room to wake you up. You remember that it isn’t weekend yet and you have work to do.

You pat your pet’s head as a thank you for the reminder.

You’re thankful for having a dog at home, but having a pet doesn’t only make your day joyful.

Let me show ten things that we can learn from our dogs.

1. Loyalty to Family and Friends


Dogs are loyal pets. They stick to their masters no matter what. That’s what we call – loyalty.

Some individuals aren’t dedicated to their friends, partners, or lovers.

We often forget the importance of loyalty to our family and other people we love.

What’s the consequence of all that?

We hurt our loved ones that lead to resentment and anger. For example, a husband who isn’t loyal to his wife feels guilty of unfaithfulness.

The wife feels hatred for her husband that might result in a broken marriage.

Here’s another example:

Your close friend asks you to accompany her to the pet shop to buy food for her pet.

But your other friend said that you shouldn’t go because your close friend is a liar.

You believed the latter and never talked to your close friend again. You found out later on that your other friend is the liar.

Dogs aren’t like that. 

They remain loyal to you even during your bad times. You might be angry with your pets, but their loyalty remains.

Our lovable pups remind as that loyalty is essential to have a happy life.

So, be a loyal partner, stick to your family even during tough times, and you’ll have a joyous lifestyle.

2. Being Happy In Life 


People live life very fast that often they forget the most important thing – happiness.

We always focus on our jobs, problems, and worries, so we don’t have time to celebrate the happy stuff.

Picture this scenario:

You worked hard to prepare for a company project. But the project isn’t successful.

You became sad because of the outcome, but your friends keep telling you, “It’s all right. You did your best!” They invite you to a party, but you refused. 

Dogs don’t let sadness get the best of them. Your dog that jumps and down as excitement for the treat he or she would receive shows us to be happy.

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Yes, the world is cruel sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you let problems get the best of you.

Jump for joy, be excited, and celebrate your triumphs. Be happy and enjoy your life!

3. Enjoy Your Journey 


Ponder on this: You set goals for your next work project, but you become frustrated knowing the outcome.

Why did you get hurt? Yes, you’re right – your expectations hurt you.

Dogs teach us to enjoy our journey and try not to get very attached to high expectations.

When you take your pet to a car ride, your dog sticks his head out the car window. He enjoys the moment of the ride without overthinking of the outcome.

That’s what we should do: 

enjoy the whole journey, have fun, and don’t expect too much! 

4. Unconditional Love

10 Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs 1

Let’s admit that it’s hard for us to show unconditional love to our friends and loved ones.

We hold grudges if our friends do wrong to us. We want something in return when we do a good thing for our sibling or friend.

Is that unconditional love? No, and our furry friends aren’t like that. Your pet loves you unconditionally all the time.

Your pet wags his tail when you arrive home. You see excitement and joy in the dog’s eyes, even if you’re tired.

Dogs also show forgiveness even if you don’t give them something to eat yet or you yelled at them for waking you up early. Dog’s still love you even if you’re at your worst.

That’s unconditional love.

As a dog lover, you can love the people around you unconditionally too.

Learn from your cute and adorable pet and see what the world will be if we love each other unconditionally.

5. Play and Have Fun 


How long when you played your beloved sport? I bet you can’t remember, or if you knew, perhaps it’s so long ago.

Our activities at home or work keep us from playing and having fun.

Busy schedules and commitments always hinder our plans to play basketball, bowling, or any outdoor activity.

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Then, our dogs wiggle their tails while rolling a ball to us.

Dogs love to play, so it’s time to do it too! Take a break from your busy lifestyle, play games, do some exercise, and other fun activities you like to do.

Invite your family and take a walk in the park. Call your friends for an exciting hiking adventure.

Embrace each activity with excitement and joy! Never miss the opportunity to be creative and discover new ideas.

While you’re at it, bring your furry companion with you to make each moment more memorable. Make the most of your time together!

6. Be Yourself 


Let’s be honest – we hate comparisons, but we often compare ourselves to others.

For example, you saw a tall guy on television and wished you’re tall too.

Your best friend got A’s in his English class exam, and you want to be intelligent like him.

Well, people compare themselves to others that leads them to become people they’re not.

Dogs accept what they are, and they’re happy about it. A poodle wouldn’t want a Coolie’s fur.

A terrier wouldn’t wish she could be a boxer. A pug doesn’t want to have a greyhound’s nose.

Dogs teach us to be ourselves despite our flaws and imperfections. We’re all unique in special ways, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Be yourself because the world would be a boring place if everyone is alike.

7. Self-Love  

10 Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs 2

Have you heard about aggressive dogs that became gentle and loving dogs? Believe or not, the secret to that is simple – self-love.

If dogs can do it, you can as well! Dogs aren’t immune to fears and insecurities, but a dog owner’s love washes those negative feelings.

How do you prevent your insecurities and fears take over your life?

The answer to that is simple – love yourself.

Start by doing the activities you love, such as running, archery, or biking with your friends.

Believe in your talents and reach your goals with dedication.

Don’t let people’s criticism affect your whole being. Do the best you can in your activities.

You wouldn’t worry too much about the problems in life if you love yourself. So, why not give it a try now for you to achieve a happy lifestyle!

8. Be Enthusiastic 


Dogs are full of enthusiasm. They greet you happily as you arrive. Your pet might even lick your face when you have a treat ready.

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These show that dogs are enthusiastic whenever a new situation comes.

Why not be enthusiastic too?

People simply have something they can offer all the time, and you, too.

For example, you can recommend your new co-worker about a fancy restaurant in town.

You can show your boss the direction of a nearby resort he wants to visit.

If you greet people with enthusiasm, they will do the same for you.

Be welcoming and energetic when you meet new friends and acquaintances because great opportunities would come unexpectedly.

9. Seek Opportunities 


 A dog’s energy is contagious! Your furry friend can lighten your mood through being energetic and funny.

Dog’s energy leads them to be curious about the things around them. They become enthusiastic about learning new amazing things.

Your cute and lovable pup tells you something – seek opportunities. Now is the right time to try new hobbies or activities you haven’t tried before.

For example, try sky diving if you’re in the urge to do it! Tell your friends about your plan to make the activity more exciting and fun.

You don’t know when an opportunity would come, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

Learn from your pet! Make new friends and then share all your interests. Who knows, you’ll learn cool things as well from them.

10. Drink Water 


Dogs love it when you give them a drink of water. Drinking lots of fluids keep your pet hydrated for their next fun activity. You can do the same too!

Drink water every day to keep your body hydrated. Water keeps your body active so that you do and achieve your day-to-day goals.

Drinking water also keeps your body healthy all the time. So, don’t forget to drink water and have a happy lifestyle as your pet has.

Dogs also teach us to live life to the fullest. Your dog always has time to enjoy whether it’s playing a ball or eating a meal.

You can do that too by learning these life lessons from your dog. Be happy, and don’t let worries cloud your joy!

Laugh at your mistakes. Spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy life and live every moment as it’s your last!

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