10 Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Stains

Dogs and cats are favorite pets, and many people share their homes with these animals. It is refreshing to have a dog or cat because you can play and enjoy with them in your free time. There are many positive aspects of having a pet.

For example, some dogs are great when it comes to protection, so thieves and other criminals can be discouraged to come in if they know that there is a dog inside. Some significant sorts are perfect for the purpose, and they can defend you and your home fearlessly.

Cats are also useful because they can quickly eliminate all types of rodents, such as rats or mouse. If you live in a house, you do not want to have them around, so a cat can keep the environment safe.

These are many positive sides of having a pet in the home. However, there are also some negative sides you have to accept if you have a pet.

For instance, it is necessary to be aware that they are animals so that they can be quite dirty at moments. It is not a secret that many dog owners have problems with pet stains occasionally.

Spots and other types of dirtiness might originate from different things, including pet feces, food, mood, or any other kind of ingredient that can cause such the problem.


Fortunately, there are some excellent ways to remove all the pet stains and reduce the risk of the same. In the text below, you can find some additional details on the subject, so you should continue reading.

1. Train Your Pet

The most important thing is a discipline. Dog and cat should be adequately trained, so they have to be aware of the places where relieving is forbidden. If they live in an apartment, for example, they should have a box developed for the purpose.

So they can always reduce at the same place to prevent any feces tracking. Unfortunately, puppies have yet to learn all the procedures on this matter, and you have to be patient with them.

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They are too small to understand at the start. However, adult cats and dogs have to know. There are different methods on how to teach your pet to relieve at a proper location, and you can find different guides and instructions about that matter.

The Internet is also a precious resource where you can find numerous details free of charge so that you can use that opportunity.

2. Clean Spots Quickly

Some accidental stains are always possible, no matter if a pet is properly trained or not. They can be caused by litter or food tracking, so the pet can unintentionally to leave them on a floor. That’s why you have to keep your attention always to clean the stains as soon as possible.

If they stay on a floor too long, it might be quite hard to eliminate them. New and fresh stains are usually easy to remove, and you have to be proactive when you have pets at your home.


It is especially important if they are still puppies. You can expect some related problems in that case.

3. Use Appropriate Chemicals for Cleaning

Some pet stains are quite hard to clean, and it is impossible to complete the task with the freshwater only. That’s the moment when you have to select an appropriate floor cleaning detergent. There are many similar products of this type.

However, the quality might vary. That’s why you have to choose one with proved abilities to clean all kinds of stains, and you will have no problem to remove them from the floor. If the cleaner is right, you would be able to finish the task quick.

4. Baking Soda as a Smell Remover

Baking soda might be used for different purposes. However, it is also great when you have a problem with an unpleasant smell.

Sometimes, you can have a problem to return the complete floor freshness after removing the stains, and that’s the moment when baking soda comes in.

After finishing with a floor cleaning detergent, you can proceed with this product to eliminate the unpleasant smell. It is also great if the carpet is affected by the stains.

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Baking soda can effectively remove them, so you should try the method. Of course, you have to follow an appropriate while applying the baking soda to an affected area.

That’s how you can achieve full potential while avoiding any issues. It is recommended to leave baking soda for approximately 15 minutes at the affected area and to remove it entirely after the time frame.

The goal should be achieved when you finish this treatment so that you can enjoy a clean floor again.

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5. Choose Enzyme Based Product for Old Stains

Enzyme based products are typically known as very efficient when it comes to stains cleaning. They can remove old spots a lot easier than some other cleaners, so they have to be your priority.

Enzyme based products are stronger, and they can successfully clean all types of pet stains. You can buy them in stores with related items all over the country, or you can use Amazon and eBay to make the purchase.


Both ways are entirely suitable so that you can choose the most appropriate one.

6. Use Hydrogen Peroxide Carefully

Hydrogen peroxide is a favorite option for many when it comes to floor cleaning. The chemicals are very efficient and can easily remove different types of stains. However, you have to be cautious when you use it on a carpet.

If you apply a too large quantity, it would significantly bleach the carpet, and that’s something you have to avoid. You should also use only a regular 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is available in stores.

7. Leave Pets Outside if You Have a Yard

It is an excellent thing if you live in a house with an appropriate yard. You can own different types of pets without any severe issues.

They can stay outside all the time, and that’s how you can prevent any stains at your home. You can, of course, provide a box or small house suitable for you, and your pets can stay there over the night and during adverse weather conditions.

Many of these boxes are available for purchasing, and they are often easily cleanable. Both you and your pets will enjoy in that case.

8. Illuminate Pet Stains with Black Light

Some stains and spots are visible on floors, and you can quickly notice all of them. However, there are also small and not so easily visible spots which can stay hidden on the surface.

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They are hardly noticeable for a human eye, so you can use some additional pieces of equipment while making exploration of your floor. The black light, for example, is one of the products that can help you notice all the stains, no matter how small and invisible they are.

You have to move the light down to the floor, and the spots will become noticeable. So you can clean them after the checking.

9. No Detergents with Ammonia for Cat Urine

As already mentioned, there are various detergents on the market, and you have the opportunity to choose the best one among all of them. However, you should avoid a cleanser with ammonia if you are planning to clean cat urine.

These detergents have quite a unique smell that can motivate to urinate again at the same place after applying the detergent. That’s why this type of detergent is not recommended.

10. Don’t Use Steam Cleaners for Urine Stains

Steam cleaners are quite efficient in some cases, but you should not use them when you have to clean urine spots. They can be counterproductive when it comes to that type of cleaning, so you should try some other method.

Steam cleaners typically produce intense heat, and it can tie the protein from the urine stains with your carpet fibers.

Final Thoghts

The most important is the discipline of your pets. If they are adequately trained, you will have a lower number of potential issues with the stains. Uneducated pets, however, can create a real mess, so you should pay attention to training from the start. However, animals are still animals, so some dirtiness is always expected.

Fortunately, the market is vast, and you can find out different chemicals and additional pieces of equipment which can help you resolve the issue. You have, of course, to be cautious with some of the chemicals because they can do some damage if they are misused. And there is the black light for all small and hidden pet stains.

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