10 Ways to Bond With Your New Dog

Dogs are known as intelligent animals, which can create secure connections with humans. That’s why they are ideal and the most popular pets.

Kids typically love them because it is a great thing to play with your adorable dog. Still, they are also used for many other things such as protection or hunting.

That’s because of their intelligence. Dogs can understand humans better than other animals, so they are great companions. The best thing is to create a strong bond between your dog and you.

It is the most suitable way to maximize the potential of your pet and get the best results in return. Dogs will understand you better and will be able to learn more if they trust you, and it is a great thing to make them feel that way.

There are, of course, different methods to deepen the connection between you and your dog, and you can find out more on the subject in the text below.

1. Spend More Time with Your Dog


It is essential to let your dog meet you as good as possible, so you should stay and play with your dog as long as possible. They are intelligent animals which often act like kids, so if you are always near the two will develop a strong bond.

Your dog will have complete trust in you if it knows you well. That’s the same as humans do. If you spend a lot of time with someone, they usually become your best friends. So if you want your dog to become your best friend, you should be with it always.

For instance, dogs like to go outside, so you should go walking with them daily. You can find an appropriate place such as a large meadow, where you can have a lot of space to play with your dog.

If other dogs come by, it would be an even more exciting experience that rises further the excitement of the adventure. Dogs are living beings, just like all others on this plane.

They have their one needs to be happy, and this is one of these. They are calm when they are tired, and it is crucial to take the negative energy out of their bodies.

2. Pay Attention to Your Dog


Keep in mind dogs are aware when you pay attention to their actions and funny combinations, so it is crucial to be continuously involved in their lives.

It might take more time from you; however, the results are going to be very good. Dogs love their owners, so they appreciate the attention. You can also use different tactics to let your dog know you are always aware of them.

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For instance, you can start playing with them, and you can also use a ball or some other similar toy, which is suitable for the purpose. That’s how you can develop a strong bond between you and your dog.

If you are not interested in the activities of your dog, it may feel little abandoned, so it can lead to some negative consequences, and the bond between you and your dog will suffer.

3. Communication as a Tool for Stronger Bond


The main dissimilarity between dogs and humans stands in the fact that they cannot speak as humans do. Dogs probably understand each other; however, people are often unaware of their communication.

That’s the main reason why many dog owners do not speak too much to their dogs. They believe it is useless because their dogs do not understand them anyway. But it is a big mistake since communication is a great way to develop a deeper connection with your pet.

You should speak to him as often as possible, and you can do that on various occasions, no matter if you play with your dog at home or you are both somewhere else. Also, it is essential to know that your dog can understand some of your words and intentions.

So speaking is a suitable way to teach them a useful thing. Your dog is capable of learning many commands, such a sit-down, standing up or similar instructions.

However, you should repeat them as many times as possible, so they can become familiar to the ears of your dog. It is also important to realize, dogs speak in a different way than humans, and our voices are typically strange for them.

But the practice changes everything. You have to be methodical and patient. The bond will become much stronger when your dog understands and listens to you, so that should be one of your priorities. Still, you have always to be aware of the dog’s nature.

They are animals and act as such. So they usually always pay more attention to the actions and not to the words. It means you have to be methodical and calm while speaking to them. That’s how your dog will not be distracted by some of your unintentional actions.

4. Dogs Love Training


Dogs love when they spend a lot of time with their owners, and that’s something exciting for them. It is the main reason why you should train them regularly.

The perfect schedule is at least once per day, and your dog will understand the instructions much better if you spend enough time while teaching it. However, it is essential not to force them too much and do not rush. You should be calm and full of understanding.

That’s how your dog will accept the training as if it is just another fun game. It also means you should not be too strict and rigid. You have to give your dog time to learn new things, and you can stimulate it with tasty rewards. For instance, you can find some great food that your dog truly loves.

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While performing the exercises, you can give it piece by piece to your dog, when it appropriately executes your command.

That’s how your dog will be even more interested in training, so there is a possibility to learn new different things within the shorter time frame. You can motive it in that way, so your dog will truly love these activities, and your bond will be stronger and stronger every day.

Training is also excellent for the physical and mental development of your dog. A lot of activities in an open nature can make it healthier and happier, so it provides many essential benefits. These are all positive reasons why you should train together with your dog.

5. Know Your Dog


Spending a lot of time with your dog will make it possible to know your dog better. You can understand his habits that way, so you can understand what your dog likes and what it does not like.

This piece of information can help you to make a stronger connection with your dog by doing things that it loves. That’s how you can create a quality time while making a great company to your dog. You can avoid doing things which your dog does not like and focus only on things it wants.

When you do this, your dog will enjoy every moment spent together with you. It leads to a much stronger bond between the two.

6. Do Not Expect Too Much


Developing a strong bond between your pet and you is a lifetime process, so it is necessary not to expect results overnight. Let the time make the unbreakable connection and be patient in the mid-time. Your dog can feel your emotions, so you should always show your calm side.

If you are too aggressive or demanding, you can create an opposite effect. Your dog might be afraid of your rude behavior, so you should be cautious with that.

People do not like aggressive dogs, and dogs too do not like energetic people. It is essential to keep that in your mind, and you will be one step closer to success.

7. Use Interesting Dog Toys


It is no secret that you can find many pet toys out there. The market is indeed huge, and numerous products are available for purchasing. You can buy any of these and give it to your dog.

These toys are useful because of several things. You can play together with your dog by using any of such gadgets, and that’s a suitable way to make a stronger bond.

But toys typically provide other significant benefits to your dog. There are specially made dog toys intended to support the development of dogs.

Puppies, for example, may make teeth stronger and sharper by biting some of these specially made toys because they are made for that purpose.

Also, playing with a toy typically includes a lot of running, so the muscles and the entire body will benefit too. Your dog has a chance to become faster and stronger thanks to the active physical life.

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That’s why your dog should not miss such an excellent opportunity.

8. Show Love to Your Dog


You can straighten the bond between you and your dog by showing compassion and your positive emotions. Dogs are quite similar to kids when it comes to that matter.

They can understand feelings much better than words, so you have an opportunity to take advantage of that matter. Your dog should know that you love it with all your heart, and that’s something you should not hide from it.

Give love if you want the same type of feelings in return. That’s the most positive feeling with the potential to develop a maximally strong bond between your dog and you.

9. Always Choose High-Quality Food for Your Dog


Your dog is a part of your family, so it is a member too, and you have to treat it that way. You have to be always aware that your dog has no one except you, so you should provide the necessary care.

If your dog is treated well, there will be no problems, so you can spend your time on fan and enjoyment. Of course, the first thing to consider is food. You can find various types of food out there, and the market is enormous.

New products are hitting the store shelves consistently; however, only the best food can provide all the supplements necessary for the physical and mental development of your dog.

Also, different dogs have different tastes, so you have to consider all these things while searching for the best food. If you feed your dog well, it is going to be much happier which simplifies making a stronger bond between you.

It is important not to save your money when it comes to quality. You should pay more if necessary, and that’s the way to protect the health and physical condition of your dog.

10. Try to Understand the Body Language of Your Dog


Dogs also talk just like humans, but people are not often aware of that fact. They will always try to tell their owners something, but they cannot use words to explain the point clearly.

So it is your mission to try to understand them as pleasant as possible. If your dog notices that you pay attention to its needs, you will make a much stronger bond in a shorter time frame.

The first thing you have to do is to focus on body language. When you know your dog well, you would be able to guess if it feels well or not.

You would also be able to understand his feeling at a deeper level, and these are all ways to help it when it is necessary.


These are some excellent ways to strengthen the bond between a dog and its owner. If you have one, you should carefully read the article and follow the instructions. That’s how you can make a secure connection between you and your dog. Meanwhile, you can have a great time, too, so you should not miss these opportunities.

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