12 Hypoallergenic Dogs Don’t Shed

Ever experienced sneezes and rashes and runny nose after coming in contact with a dog – the one thing you ever wanted to call your own?

The only thought that comes to mind is that you are allergic to it.

At this time, when one is trying to control their love for dogs, the only thing that would soothe their mind and heart is that 12 Hypoallergenic Dogs don’t shed and are incredibly safe and satisfactory for people suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma or weak immune system.

What are hypoallergenic dogs?

The breeds of dogs that are less likely to create a reaction to the hypersensitive people. They are not entirely safe for those with allergies, as they tend to shed a bit of hair.

Unlike most of the dog breeds that shed hair that consists of dander that affects sensitive people, the hypoallergenic dogs shed less or don’t shed hairs that give relaxation to the people to play, touch, and be around them.

There might be several hypoallergenic species, but one must know the best for them as well as their sensitivity to get the best fit. 

Must-haves for the sensitive dog lovers

Being allergic to dogs can be a difficult thing to carry on for a dog lover. This can be a difficult choice to make when between health and love for the dog.

But what if one gets to satisfy both? That would be great! Knowing the dog breeds is very important to choose the right one as it does not just give an insight into how they are but is also an indication of they are the best fit as per the environment one lives in.

The 12 most common hypoallergenic dog breeds are:

1. Bichon Frise

bichon frise hypoallergenic dog breeds

One of the most wanted and the cutest of all dog breeds that know how to hold attention and are the most fun to be around.

They are not more than a foot tall and are the friendliest dog breeds that love to cuddle and socialize.

They are known for their capacity to play an intelligent game and exhibit tricks and mesmerize people.

They are the most popular among the urban dog breeds that are bought in for being hypoallergenic.

They are mostly found in white coats with plush fur all around and the best to maintain in small space, especially apartment life.

2. Poodle

poodle  hypoallergenic dogs

Poodles are a breed that makes excellent pets for those with allergies as they have hairs and no fur.

They are one amongst the most intelligent and athletic dog breeds that love to roam around and get regular exercise.

They can outwit and are known to play several ball games that require not just movements but also require brain work that the puddles are famous for.

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They are a royal variety of dogs and need a bit of maintenance. They are the most popular dog breeds and are enthusiastic, friendly, competitive, and clever.

They never tend to leave their masters and are highly alert when they move around public spaces.

They tend to hold their chin up in pride and are known to be a magnet for people.

3. Afghan hound


With straight hair around this one among the dogs that don’t shed and are known to be the most popular breed.

They are super friendly with kids and love to have a family life. They can be left alone with kids and are cautious enough to take care of them and protect them from harm.

Of course, they cannot care for them as humans, but they would never let them know that their parents are not around.

They are playful and independent dogs that work on their set of rules and are therefore hard to train.

They are known for their flowing hairs that can quite be a challenge to groom, but to those who believe in acing the challenge, they could be the best pet ever.

4. Yorkshire Terrier


They belong to the poodle species with hairs and no fur. Apart from being a friendly and highly adjustable dog species, they are known to be great watchdogs and are easy to train.

They are kept not just as domestic pets but also by police and military personals. They have a keen sense of smell that aids them to be a great help.

They love to have space around them and need exercise and regularly walk to stay fit and happy.

Coming in a tiny size, they must never be misjudged as they account to be one of the most efficient dog breeds.

They are extremely brave and one of a kind dogs who are full of energy and, at the same time, are great around kids and family.

5. Schnauzer


One among the hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed even a bit and is mainly admired for their look.

They are, therefore, the most known dogs for people with allergies as they have a clean space regardless of where they roam around.

They are also healthy dogs with a long life and are highly immune to diseases.

Known for the best protectors and possessive for the people they love with, they are fun to be around.

They usually need a company for survival and go well with outsiders once they trace that they are safe.

They are the perfect pets and love to move around, just like family members. They are extremely loyal and can live a great life in small spaces like an apartment.

6. Wheaten Terrier


Famous for their sporty characteristics, these little friends are an Irish breed and have extremely low shedding coats.

They have a sporty background and can prove to be great watchdogs, guide dogs or walk friends.

They love to have a lot of space around to run and play and are known for their stubbornness.

They tend to work as per their way and are known to be punctual. They love to follow a specific routine daily and therefore, should be taken in by those who can care for their time.

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When deprived of exercises or movement, they tend to feel sick and get gloomy. They have a happy mood and tend to change the atmosphere they enter into.

7. Maltese


These oldest known dog breeds among the top-rated dog species that don’t shed at all.

They are the most ancient appreciators by those who are allergic to dogs. Apart from being toy sized puppies, they are easy to handle, maintain, and be with.

They are extremely loyal and sport loving and love to make friends. They are the best to carry around and can prove to be perfect and loyal watchdogs.

They are among the most common breeds adopted all around the world and are known for the grace and shine they carry around.

They are not just a sign of richness and elegance; rather, they are also known to create a chirpy environment as they move around.

8. Portuguese water dog


A low shedding and low maintenance breed of dogs are the happiest go lucky dog breeds that tend to create whirls of happiness, especially for the allergic dog lovers.

Their tight curly hairs leave no trace of hairs as they move around until brushed or washed.

They are easy to live with, as they have no specific demands except for love and people. If they have both these things on a plate, they need nothing more.

They are great swimmers and tend to be playful in the pool. They love to compete while swimming with the people they know and interact with.

They can settle in less or big spaces with no fuss and are the best to keep who do not have grooming time or have a simple living.

9. Irish Water Spaniel


Irish Water Spaniels the best to have as a companion not just for walks and parties but also for poolside fun.

These among the non-shedding dogs are known to have waterproof coats that dry very quickly.

They are known to be great swimmers and are extremely playful in the water.

Apart from creating splashes and playing around, they are also quick observers and learners and are one among the intelligent dog breeds.

They are brave and bold and tend to sense the environment. Bring extremely affectionate. They are people-oriented and do not mind be social for hours together.

These dog breeds love to roam around than be indoors.

10. Bolognese


Known to be a great gift in ancient times, this little bundle of joys can be great lap dogs.

They are initially shy and turn into a ball of cuddle and interactive dogs as they start loving the person and the environment.

They are incredibly playful and come with a big bag of energy. They love to play around and remain loyal throughout their life towards those they love.

They are easy-going creatures and are emotional and get anxiety about separation if left alone for a very long time.

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They are among those dog breeds that don’t shed and are, therefore, easy to maintain and be around those who are allergic.

11. Coton De Tulear

Coton de Tular

Tagged to be a people please and a social butterfly is known for their looks and the unique admiration.

They are said to brighten up a low day and are accounted into the fluffiest dog breeds. They are great entertainers and fun to be with.

Known to be around Madagascar, they are calm and need less maintenance.

They are known to form strong bonds for a lifetime with humans and are said to have an emotional understanding.

They are one amongst the elite dogs that love to move around small spaces and carried around for long ways. They love the interaction and are great social dogs.

12. Bedlington terrier


They are one among the known shedding dogs that love to have an active lifestyle.

With a mop like hair coat, they are enthusiastic dogs with energy to run and play around throughout the day.

They seldom sit and take rest. They tend to walk, get exercise, and have other outdoor activities daily and are the best for a companion or guide dogs.

They tend to be soft, cuddly creatures and a great partner to binge-watch a show. They can prove to be great watchdogs and are extremely loyal to their masters.

They are low maintenance dogs and require nothing more than love and play to survive.

They are smart dogs that are highly intelligent, and the easy process of training makes them be a must-have.

Choosing the right dog breed

Choosing the right breed is very important. Few things that can help in choosing the right breed can be:

  • Purpose: Apart from fulfilling the allergic purpose, knowing the need for a dog is very important. They can be adopted for companionship, guide dogs, watchdogs, etc. This plays a vital role as a single dog breed is not meant for everything. 
  • Space: Not all dogs love space, and not all dogs love to be in a confined space. Every dog breed has its energy level and requirements that can help to know if the dogs are meant for apartment life or spacious outdoor life. Therefore, a dog must be chosen as per the space one has or one is planning the dog to bring into.
  • Activity level: Every dog needs a few physical movements, but some dogs need more of it. They also require high maintenance and better care. Therefore, it is very important to choose the dog as per the activity level and care the owner can provide for their best health and growth.

It can be really difficult to put out your feelings to have a pet when you want to have one.

These hypoallergenic breeds not just suffice for every dog lovers’ needs but are also less maintenance.

So, for all the dog lovers out there who kept in their feeling because of their hypersensitivity, here’s the best that could happen to you – hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed!

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