15 Dog Breeds That Look Like Puppies Forever

The following dog breeds never seem to grow up and remain puppies forever. While this may sound like the stuff of dreams, there are some real downsides.

There is a lot more work involved in raising a puppy that never seems to grow up, for starters. You will have to train them to use the bathroom and work on other behaviors from the moment you bring them home.

A puppy that never seems to grow up may also end up costing you a lot of money, as you will need to buy them new and bigger clothes over the years. 

Dogs are adorable little balls of fur, with their giant heads and big paws; it’s no wonder that they are sometimes compared to puppies.

However, some breeds are more puppy-like than others. If you have a dog that looks like it’s going to be a puppy forever, then you might consider one of these 15 dog breeds. 

1. Corgi 


With their big eyes and stubby legs, corgis are undeniably adorable. They also don’t look much older than puppies their entire lives, even when they’re fully grown.

The oldest Corgi on record, a dog named Towser, lived an amazing 29 years—which is about as long as a human toddler.

The secret to their longevity is that they’re puppies in adult bodies, and their youthful cuteness takes a lot of work to maintain and preserve. 

The Corgi is a breed of dogs used by shepherds to herd animals and drive wild animals away. They are one of the oldest dog breeds globally, and they were also one of the favorites of the Queen of England.

They have the reputation of being intelligent and loving dogs. Many people consider them to be a royal dogs because they just look so cute and adorable. 

2. Toy Fox Terrier 


While dogs can live up to 20 years, toy fox terriers live on average between 12 to 13 years. The toy fox terrier is a small yet sturdy dog. The height of the toy fox terrier is between 7 and 11 inches, and the weight is between 6 and 8 kg.

The head is small, pointed, but never coarse. The muzzle is strong with a black nose. The eyes are dark, oval-shaped, and always alert.

The ears are small, pendant, and triangular. The tail is docked. The coat is short, hard, glossy, and close to the body. The toy fox terrier was originally bred to be a ratter. 

Most dog breeds have a puppy stage that stretches from the time they are born to around one year old. They have a puppy face, and puppy paws, and puppy behavior.

But Toy Fox Terriers never seem to outgrow their puppy phase. Their faces, tails, and paws never fully grow into adult dog form, and they are among the cutest puppies on the planet. 

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3. Beagles 


The Beagle is a small hound that is closely associated with Britain’s royal family. It was Queen Victoria’s favorite dog.  

What better way to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee than showcase some of the most adorable photos of beagles and puppies? These look eerily similar to us! 

4. Pugs


Looks can be deceiving. It’s true for people, but it’s even more true for dogs. One of the most common misconceptions is that little white fluff balls we call Pugs are puppies.

However, if you’ve ever seen a full-grown Pug, you already know they are much bigger than their pint-sized pooch counterparts.

We can’t believe it either. So, if you’re ready to adopt a dog that will stay puppy-sized for the rest of your life, then you should consider adopting a Pug. 

5. Pomsky 


The Pomsky is a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. The result is a dog that looks like a puppy forever since it has the fun-loving, playful and mischievous attitude of a puppy with the energy of a puppy.

A Pomsky inherits the intelligence and high energy of the Siberian Husky and the small, sturdy build of the Pomeranian. The Pomsky is not a breed that will be happy lounging around the house. They need to be with people and other dogs. 

6. Tibetan Pug 

cute pug puppy

The Tibetan pug is a very muscular dog, which means that it is very good at protecting children and adults. It was bred to help in the fields in various ways, including, but not limited to, hunting, herding, and protection.

The Tibetan pug is also very easy to train, and it is a dog that quickly learns to respect its owner. 

This Pug is cute and adorable. It can be perfect for any type of family, and it is a great choice for you if you are looking for a good pet.

This Pug dog is called a perfect pet because it is friendly, active, and very funny. This Pug has some unique features, which are its wrinkles and its flat face. These features make this Pug very attractive. 

7. Chihuahua


Chihuahuas are popular for a reason. While they may be the smallest of the dog breeds, they are also fun and affectionate. But what do you do when you want a Chihuahua, but you’re not quite ready for a full-grown dog?

Look into the Chihuahua puppy. Chihuahua puppies are just as cuddly and loving as their full-grown counterparts, but they’re a lot easier to take care of.

The Chihuahua puppies you’ll find on PuppyFind are ready to be adopted and will make excellent additions to your family. 

8. Cocker Spaniel 


Dogs are, by far, the most popular pet in the United States. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, over $50 billion was spent on pets in the US in 2015, of which around $8 billion was spent on dogs.

Probably because dogs are adorable, loyal friends, and the best snuggle buddies a girl (or guy) could ask for, and there’s a breed for just about every personality. 

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The Cocker Spaniel is an adorable little thing that is as sweet as they come. So if you’re looking for a new dog to add to your family, be sure to consider a Cocker Spaniel. What could be cuter than one that looks like a puppy forever? 

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 


Cavaliers are intelligent, beautiful dogs with long, soft, wavy coats that come in a wide variety of colors. They also have a reputation for being sweet and affectionate.

But Cavaliers are more than just a pretty face; they also have great personalities. They are loyal to their families, playful with their friends, and are often described as “velcro dogs” because they love to be with their people.

They are also great with kids and make wonderful family pets. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a good choice for novice dog owners. 

10. Maltese 


The Maltese are dog breeds that descended from dogs of the Central Mediterranean Area’s origin. The breed name and origins of this ancient dog are unknown.

Some theories suggest the breed descends from ancient Spitz-type dogs, while others speculate the breed is descended from the Yorkshire Terrier. 

That’s right, Maltese dogs are tiny puppies who never grow up. This unique feature of the breed, especially when mixed with other dog breeds, is part of what makes the Maltese such a special dog. Today we will look at 15 Maltese Dog Pictures that prove this statement. 

11. French Bulldog 

french bulldog puppies

The French bulldog, one of the most charming dog breeds around, is known for its great personality and love of attention.

The French bulldog is a wonderful family dog and is not recommended for an owner with an active lifestyle. This breed is not aggressive; however, it has a very strong sense of independence.

Despite its love of attention, the French bulldog is not a demanding dog. It can be overly sensitive to the tone of voice or human body language, so it is important to be firm and consistent while training this breed. 

12. Pomeranians 


Like golden retrievers or poodles, some dogs are seen as “little adults” – they look like miniature versions of adult dogs, and, as a result, they are usually treated like one.

Other dogs, like Pomeranians, are treated more like children. Pomeranians act like puppies, and that’s why people treat them that way. Their energy levels are so high that they seem like small children; they demand attention and playtime.

They also like to sit on your lap and cuddle with you, just like a puppy would. However, Pomeranian lovers know that while Pomeranians act like puppies, they are not puppies.  

13. Yorkshire Terrier 


The Yorkshire Terrier is the breed of dog that, thanks to its yappy bark and its love of running around in circles, has earned the nickname Yorkie, or Yorkie for short.

Many Yorkshire Terriers are also called Yorkies. And a Yorkie is not a Yorkie is not a Yorkie! The Yorkie is a very tiny dog and is the most popular breed of dog in the UK. 

14. Shih Tzu 


The Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed, weighing 9–16 pounds (4–7 kg) and standing 10–12 inches (25–30 cm) tall.

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They typically have long, flowing, silky hair, black, white, or apricot shaded. Its long, powerful tail is carried over the back and sometimes curls over the chest or front legs. It has an expressive face and large, dark eyes and is known to be quite intelligent. 

While a lot of breeds reach maturity in about a year, the Shih Tzu will always look like a puppy. The Shih Tzu is a brachycephalic dog breed, which means their faces are broader than tall.

This can affect their physical development. As dogs, Shih Tzus have a life expectancy of 13-15 years. However, similar to their puppy-like appearance, they may not reach maturity for up to two years. 

15. Golden Cocker Retriever


The cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Golden Retriever results in the Golden Cocker Retriever. As you might expect, it’s a fairly active dog.

The Golden Cocker Retriever is a relatively new hybrid, with the first Golden Cocker Retriever being bred in 1993. The Golden Cocker Retriever is not recognized by the AKC or any other major breed registry. 

Golden Cocker Retrievers are a cross-breed dog that resembles a Cocker Spaniel and a Golden Retriever. They are very intelligent, loyal, and good-natured. They are obedient dogs with great family companions and make great therapy dogs with their gentle and loving nature. 

The dog breeds in the list above can look like puppies in different ways. Some of them have non-shedding coats, and they can stay in that puppy-like stage for a long time. On the other hand, others are wrinkly, short-nosed breeds that stay adorable no matter how old they get. 

So why do some dogs look like puppies forever? It’s all about their size and weight. Small breeds like Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, and Yorkshire Terriers never stop looking and acting like puppies.

But so do larger dogs, like the mastiff, that could never be mistaken for a small dog. Besides the dog’s expression, size and weight are the main factors that give dogs their puppy-like appearance. 

There’s no doubt that dog breeds that look like puppies forever are adorable. But there’s more to them than just their looks.

If you’re thinking of adding a dog to your family, here are the quick facts you need to know about dog breeds that look like puppies forever. 

Dog breeds that look like puppies forever are some of the most energetic dog breeds around. This is because many of them are developed from herding and hunting dogs.

You’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of activity and exercise space before you bring home a dog that looks like a puppy forever. 

Dogs are among the most popular pets in the world today, and dog owners fall into one of two categories: those who want their dog to look like a puppy forever and those who want their dog to grow up and act like a full-grown dog. Which category does your dog fall into?