16 Dog Breeds Look Like Puppies Forever

Who can’t resist dogs magnetic look, after all? Around forty-four percent of households have a Fido.

We typically get them when they are still puppies. While some dogs seamlessly reach adulthood, others never outdo their puppy appearance. 

Perhaps you’ve adored those cava-poo-chon’s teddy bear look. Corkies, on the other hand, are super playful, affectionate, and loveable.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the ever-sweet Pomeranians.

We can’t resist their striking forever puppy look, so we have listed these top breeds worth owning.

If you’re looking for a doggie to be an excellent furry companion in your apartment or household, check them out too!

1. Chihuahua


Chihuahuas are considered the smallest breed globally, with a life span of up to sixteen years old.

Though, Chihuahua still looks younger even they already reach the adulthood stage.

It has been described as a small dog with large soggy eyes, attentive ears, and colossal personality.

Training this breed will only give you fewer headaches, thanks to their fervent personality and cleverness.

Although, make sure to have lots and lots of patience as they are notoriously tough to housebreak. It is ideal for children ten years and older. 

2. Pomeranian 


Possibly the sweetest little poochies you will ever have! They usually enjoy being lap pets.

Pomeranians could live up to 16 years, similar to Chihuahua. It has the character and face forever, which is brave, curious, and active.

You’ll merely notice a very minimal difference in the overall appearance between a puppy and a mature Pomeranian.

They are extroverted canines that love being socially tangled with other people yet fierce enough to protect their owners. 

3. Yorkshire Terriers


Yorkies are more than just adorable furs with a life expectancy of up to 15 years.

They are popularly known for their lengthy, flowing smooth coats, making it a bit challenging to care for.

But no worries! It could be anyone’s best furry friend. Let its lovely traits and personalities persuade you further.

This breed is a favorite among city inhabitants. It can thrive in large-city buildings and apartments, providing it has a pleasing and tranquil residence to live in.

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4. Cavapoochon 


It is a mix of Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Miniature Poodle – giving it a very adorable look similar to teddy bears.

So, be wary as you might mistake it to a stuffed animal! Appearance aside, Cavapoochon also possesses a great personality, such as friendly, energetic, and smart.

It’s hypoallergenic, too, with a dense fleece coat. Even your little kiddos can get closer to this canine without holding back a sneeze.

Its average life span is approximately 12 to 15 years. 

5. Golden Cocker Retriever 


Having a calm and friendly temperament makes Golden Cocker Retriever a perfect breed both for individuals and families.

It may have a bit short life expectancy (10 to 12 years) than other breeds, but it never knows how to disappoint a fur parent.

Golden retrievers are good at anything they do – whether hunting, working search and rescue, being a guide dog, or simply being a dedicated four-legged companion.

They are serious about work and protecting you from potential harm. But sometimes, they can be downright silly. We love them, no matter what! 

6. Corkie 


Corkies love treating humans like queens and kings.

They are a playful and loving dog breed with a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Cocker Spaniel. Each differs in personality, so training them might be quite difficult.

This breed normally has 11 years or more life span.

Corkies have a high prey drive, which allows them to hunt any small pets such as hamsters or ferret easily.

Their cottony coat and sweet demeanor give them a baby canine look. 

7. Pugs 

cute pug puppy

Who’s that attractive and clownish creature? Yes, pugs are very affectionate and sweet, which is why they are favorites among UK dwellers.

Even Hollywood and social media sites are embracing this popular breed.

We don’t complain, though! You can easily train them for detecting smells, developing agility, and more.

Make sure to give him head scratches, stomach rubs, or small kisses.

Proper care and love are what they need, and they will quickly return the same favor excessively. 

8. Shih Tzu 


It is likely the only breed that seamlessly manages to look astute yet very charming and young.

Shih Tzu is popular for its frisky and outgoing personality, coupled with a sweet appearance.

It grows to be around ten to fifteen pounds and comes in a wide array of colors.

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This canine could be an ideal companion for those living in smaller or bigger spaces.

It’s generally a healthy breed with up to 14 years of life expectancy. 

9. Beagle

Beagle best dog breeds for kids

This is another breed of dog that maintains a puppy-looking appearance, though their ears tell otherwise.

This makes them very unique and popular in American households. It has a look identical to the Foxhound.

Beagles possess an expressive face and big eyes – growing to be around 15 inches tall.

Being non-aggressive means they can be your child’s best furry friend.

Here’s the problem, though: Beagle’s natural chasing predispositions make them less appealing to other animals like cats.

So, you must get him used to them as early as possible. 

10. Corgi


When fully grown, Corgi’s height could go around ten to twelve inches high.

A lively, outgoing, bold, and friendly canine emits a big bark as a form of protection.

It lives between twelve and thirteen years on average.

Long bicycle rides and distance running might not be an ideal physical exercise for Corgis as their thick fleece tends to overheat.

Thick furs come in a variety of colors, including sable and a combination of tan and black. 

11. Maltese


Maltese dogs are generally known for their silky, long coats and tiny stature – making them seem like babies forever.

Although only fewer people know they could be a great couch buddy and watchdog.

This is a very intelligent, sweet, and playful yet stubborn furball that makes a perfect companion for anyone.

Maltese is always included in the list of the top 20 most popular dog breeds in America.

It’s a great dog in both houses and apartments since it doesn’t need abundant space to play and run. 

12. Papillon


Remember those huge butterfly ears? Seeing Papillons will surely melt your heart away with its puppy-like, joyful, sweet-expression, and look.

These are small breeds measuring 20 to 28 cm.

While Papillons have a fragile physique, they are commonly healthy and require less maintenance.

He likes being stroked and cuddled, so ensure to spare some of your attention while you’re not busy!

Boredom is never indicated in his personality. He likes going on walks and playing either indoor or outdoor. 

13. French Bulldog


Want a small yet sturdy watchdog that’s fairly low maintenance? French Bulldog fills the list!

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It grows into a well-behaved and affectionate grownup breed, which some homeowners love.

It usually stands between eleven and thirteen inches tall and is known for its bat ears.

The coat is smooth and short, plus the available hues are varied.

If you have difficulty improving your social skills, French Bulldogs might be your savior!

They’re friendly dogs that can easily get attuned to humans and other pets.  

14. Toy Poodle


For a lovable, cute breed with less shedding, toy poodles are highly popular. Their tiny size automatically makes them look like a baby forever.

You can invite him for daily exercise, thanks to his high levels of energy and intelligence.

It can be a perfect family dog, especially to your munchkins. Although the fur doesn’t shed, you have to clip it and groom every 4-6 weeks.

Poodles are a healthy breed with a life expectancy ranging from 12 to 15 years. 

15. Maltipoo


This charming little breed is playful, affectionate, and smart. It preserves its behavior and puppy-like look into its ten years.

The coat is either curly or grubby, plus the color differs. Though, you’ll mostly see Maltipoos in cream or white hues.

They’re a bit of a barker, and so you can have them as a watchdog. Also ideal for novice pet parents.

However, they don’t like the idea of being left alone for a longer time. 

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16. Toy Fox Terrier


Completing our list is the Toy Fox Terrier, which you can adopt to fill up several roles.

This Fido can be a good hunting companion and a loving buddy that curls up beside you on your couch and gets your attention.

This dog is very intelligent, protective, and loyal to their families.

Socializing with other pets and humans might be challenging, but you can train him during the early years.

If you want a dog breed that’s quite hardy and will make you a happy pet parent for a long time, Fox Terriers can be right for you. 

So, there you have it! They are just some of the popular dog breeds that seem like puppies their entire lives.

We know you can’t get enough of their cuteness. Well, guilty as charged!