18 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

A wedding day is one of the grandest and memorable days in your life. It is because you already found your forever partner who will bring happiness during the days. But your wedding day will never be complete if you will not include your pets on your special day.

Aside from the human guests and visitors who will be witnessing the exchanging of vows with your partner, your pets may also participate in this important celebration. 

If you have pets at home and want them to be involved in your wedding day, you can explore different meaningful ideas that would also highlight your furry babies.

Of course, your loved ones are present to witness everything on your special occasion. Your dogs, cats, or any pet that you love should be given a space in the venue. 

If you also wanted to see your pets on your wedding day, then think of the better ways how they will take part in this occasion. For better ideas and uniqueness, below are the 18 adorable ways on how to include your pet on your wedding day:

1. Make your pet a dog of honor.

Of course, you will have a maid of honor who will be there for you. But you may also want to be with your four-legged friend along your side. Perhaps, your beloved pets deserve a perfect spot on your side while you are at the altar. 

2. Involve your pets in the photoshoots during your wedding day.

If you think that your wedding ceremony is not an appropriate venue for your fur babies to make a guest appearance, then there are still some other ideas that you may try to make them involved. Why don’t you try to include them in the official portraits during your wedding?

Allowing your pets to be part of your wedding portraits or photos would be one of the sweetest things that you can do for them. Guests and visitors would probably love to see your photos together with your beloved fur babies. 

3. Walk on the aisle together with your dearest pets.

Try to imagine the ultimate cuteness of your dogs’ appearance as they wag their tail, showing excitement to see you walking down the pathway. This idea will be brilliant and unique to the onlookers.

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Your visitors and guests may be surprised to see you and your dogs walking down the corridor towards the altar. For sure, many visitors will be amazed, and they will even take photos of your pets since they may become a center of attraction. 

4. Allow your pets to join in the preparation during the day.

This is how the brides can be more comfortable while preparing for their special day. The bridal party will surely be complete if there are some adorable photo opportunities as well. 

5. Include your pets in the invitation cards.

It would be a unique idea to include your fur babies in your invitation cards. Try to create an attractive style and design along with your pet’s photos. Guests and visitors would somehow be surprised with your ideas! Let them know that you love your pets and you would love to include them in your special occasion. 

6. Make a table number that includes your dog photo.

Collect several images of your dogs and customized the images based on your wedding themes, designs, and styles.

You can place a number tag on the table and some photos of your dogs at the wedding reception. Your guests and visitors can see your lovable pets once they are already in the reception area. 

7. Make personalized or customized wedding souvenirs and include photos of your pets.

Wedding souvenirs are part of this special occasion. Of course, this occasion will never be complete if you will not give your guests some items as souvenirs. Regarding the souvenir items, why don’t you customize them using the photos of your dogs or cats?

You can think of some specific things that would be good enough to be given to all your visitors. There must be a photo of your pets with a “Thank You” message along with these items. Your souvenirs will surely catch the attention of your visitors since you have a unique idea to make your day memorable and meaningful. 

8. Dress them up and assign specifically designated areas for your pets.

Of course, your pets are your best friends in life; so, they must be present during your special day. To make them more attractive and adorable, you need to choose a nice outfit for them. Then, dress them up and assign specifically designated spots for them.

Since your pets are highly trained, they will not mess up your day even if you place them everywhere in your wedding venues. Some guests and visitors will indeed request selfies with your pets. Aside from the groom and bride, your pet will provide liveliness and excitement to all your guests. 

9. Take a family photo together with your beloved pets.

In weddings, it’s a typical thing to have a “two become one” concept. But since you have your pets, then you may include them in your family photo. You may request your wedding photographer to take some beautiful shots for a family photo. Then, you can put that photo in a beautiful frame. 

10. Let your pets join in the photo booths.

In your wedding reception, you may also have photo booths where guests and visitors can request a photoshoot from your official photographer. If your guests loved to have a photoshoot with your pets, then you may allow your pets to be included during that moment.

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Perhaps, some of your guests would love to be with your pets, too, since they are also a pet-lover. Together with your pets, your guests will have a beautiful souvenir photo to bring them once they go home. 

11. Request the ring bearer or a flower girl to walk down the aisle with your beloved pets.

While your ring bearer or flower girl is walking down the passageway, she can bring your pets along with her. It would be a great moment to see your fur babies walking down the aisle along with the ring bearer or flower girl. Then, let someone take a snapshot of this moment so that you will have a souvenir with your best friend in life.

12. Carry Your Pets Instead of Bouquet.

If the wedding ceremony allows your dog to be there inside the venue, then you can carry your pup while you’re walking down the aisle.

So, instead of a bouquet, then your puppy will surely be there on your side. Of course, you need to dress them up based on your wedding theme so that they will be attractive to look at. 

13. Carry your pets with you.

There are some instances that your pets are not allowed to stay or attend weddings. If this will be the case, then you may still think of some other ways on how your pets will be involved even in your precious moments of the day.

Probably you can bring a printed photo of your pets, and you may put it out during photo shoots. Once the photographer asks for the bride and groom photo, you may put your pets’ printed photo between you and your partner. This would be the sweetest thing that you can do with your best friends. 

14. Have a dance moment with your partner together with your pet.

You can have another memorable dance with your pet as you also dance with your life partner. The three of you may feel the rhythm of the songs as if that you’re the only ones who are there in the reception. Guests will probably be amazed at this moment since it could be the sweetest dance ever in your life. 

15. Add some personalized photos or figurines of your favorite pet on the cake topper.

Of course, the wedding day will be perfect if your cake will be elegant and will have an attractive design. So, one of the best designs that you may consider is a printed photo of your pets designed with your preferred theme. You may also use some figurine style of your pet, representing your favorite pet at home. 

16. Send home with some doggie bags.

Doggies bags with photos of your pets are just some souvenir items you can give to your guests and visitors. Your guests can have takeaway treats and gifts for their girls and boys waiting for them at home.

Along with this bag is a message that says, “Thank you for coming! Please take these doggie bags as our souvenirs for your little children”. Then, you may also put a printed photo of the newlywed bride and groom together with your favorite pet. This is also to let them know that you love your pets with all your heart. 

17. Customize everything on your wedding day using the best theme related to your pets.

From the wedding ceremony to the reception, you can even make a personalized-themed material used in making designs and backdrops.

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You can think of a better-customized style of cloth that will be used on the reception table, cake toppers for your wedding day, souvenir items, invitation cards, stir sticks, plates, and the likes.

In this way, your visitors and guest will somehow know that you’re a pet-lover. This will be unique if you will let your imaginative ideas plan for your wedding celebration. 

18. Make a customized leash for your pets and bring them to the wedding ceremony or even in the reception.

Before your wedding day, ask advice if your pets will be allowed to attend your wedding. If the answer is favorable to you, then make the best outfit for your pets.

You may also have a customized leash for your pet and let them use it during the ceremony. You may also choose a customized design for your pets’ clothes and let them stay next to you. Anything that is personalized would be better for your pets. 

With these 18 adorable ways, you will now have an idea of how you can include your pets on your wedding day. You can choose any of them since those ideas will be perfect for your special day. 

Some Things to Consider Before Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Day

If you plan to include your pets on your wedding day, it is essential to know the don’ts during your wedding day. Here are some things and considerations that you need to take when planning to include your pets during your wedding occasion:

1. Know if the venue for your wedding would allow your pets to attend or stay there — It is crucial to know and understand the pet policies of the venue so that you can decide whether to bring your pets to your wedding place. Some venues prohibit pets.

It’s probably because of legal and health requirements, which you should know. On the other hand, if the venue would allow pets, you need to know if the venue has the designated areas for a potty break. You also need to know the specific location for the food and water for your pets during the day. 

2. Assess whether your pets enjoy lots of people or big crowds — Most pets, either dogs or cats, don’t enjoy big crowds. So, you need to appoint someone who can take care of your pets to not create scandalous acts. As much as possible, place them in comfortable spots where they can stay throughout the wedding ceremony. 

3. Think for the best things needed by your pets during the event — These things you need to prepare are the clothes to wear, food and water for them, and accessories that they may need. 

These are the things that you don’t need to ignore so that your pets will be comfortable throughout your wedding celebration. 

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