8 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Dog

Are you thinking of buying a dog but having a second thought? No worries! You might consider dog adoption.

It is like adding a new family member – a furry buddy.

In the United States, Euthanasia kills an estimate of over one million pets. Sadly, this reality is happening because many pets are now stuck in shelters.

These pets made the shelters get crowded. But again, few people consider adoption while looking for a pet.

So, it is an obvious imbalance in the “in-and-out” process in the shelters. To address the developing problem, they have made October – “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.”

During the celebration, they encourage everyone to adopt or help homeless dogs.

If they cannot adopt, they can also do something at their local shelter to help animals in need.

New trends like this have become popular across the world for their purpose. “Dog Adoption for a Cause” is the major drive in every shelter today.

Our furry friends become safer in such cases as more people realize the community’s underlying problem.

Pets in animal shelters are just waiting for new pet owners. Most shelter pets end up in shelters due to previous owners’ problems, mostly couples.

Some of which are dilemmas in relationships where the dog’s custody will be at stake.

The ending is that no one from the two parties will let the other take full responsibility.

As a solution, they will bring the pet to a shelter for the sake of mutual agreement.

Many good reasons for adopting a dog are better than buying one. Here you will know the eight significant reasons you should adopt a dog:

1) You will save a life.


Dog adoption may now be the other term for saving a life. Euthanasia kills many animals in the shelters, and adoption will reduce the incident.

Adoption is saving a life of an animal by getting it out of the shelter. In doing so, you will save the pet from the mercy killing process.

2) You will have a best friend.

Dogs are one of the most loyal pets in town. A dog can be your forever buddy.

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Dogs are smart and sweet to those who take good care of them. This means they also feel the belongingness in the family. They pay back the attention and care that they receive.

If you want to adopt a stray dog, you will surely get his loyalty by just treating and feeding him right.

Dogs know how to repay a kindness, too. You instantly have a buddy, a confidant, a friend who is always there to listen without judgment – all wrapped in one pet.

3) It is good for kids.


Dogs can help your kids to learn the meaning of true compassion for people and animals.

Having a pet at your home can help children to become responsible in their little ways.

They will unexpectedly show some care to the dog. But you need to trust the process. Let your kids enjoy first the company of your pet.

Let them appreciate the sweet gestures and loyalty of your dog. And everything else will follow.

Remember that slow progress is still progress. So be patient whenever your kids do not have that instant connection with your dog at their first meeting—signs of compassion for the dog manifest when you least expect it from them. Be a silent observer.

In doing so, you can track and monitor your kids’ level of bonding with your pets.

At a young age, your children can also learn how to socialize with others.

There will be times that they get to bond with other pet owners while walking in the park with the pet or even when just roaming inside your village.

During interactions like these, your kids might share some of their precious moments with the dog.

Little moments count for children. This simple sharing of memories, thoughts, and opinions will let them develop their ability to socialize with others.

In the long run, they will then appreciate the dog’s existence in their lives.

4) It will cost you less.


Adopting a new pet can save you a large amount of money. Why? It is because adoption is more practical than buying a new pet.

Buying a new pet requires upfront payments, including vaccination costs and the likes.

Another advantage is that shelters already provide dogs with their vaccinations.

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So it is a plus that your new pet is no longer harmful, for it has already completed its mandatory vaccinations.

5) You will have bragging rights.


There is no better way to brag than a newly adopted pet that you are taking selfies together.

Pets are indeed instagrammable. Pets have become instant celebrities on social media.

Like others, you can post your dogs’ best shot photos and earn the likes of many people who could get inspired by your pets.

You will never know, in the long run, you could persuade them to adopt dogs too. Leading by example is the best way to persuade or encourage others to take ideas into action.

Sometimes you need to tell others your story to encourage and inspire them. They just need to see and hear it firsthand.

These are helpful ways of showing your care with the adopted pet. Some dog owners even dress up their dogs and treat them with utmost care.

Letting pets feel both the glam and concern for quite some time makes them feel loved too.

Both the pet and the owner will benefit from it. You can’t buy that love from any store for sure.

6) You become part of a new family.


Support groups will assist you with queries or problems with your new pet. This is because they know the background history of your new pet.

The said group will also help you through the adjustment process. This period is critical to most pet owners, for it is time-consuming to familiarize yourself with a lot of things with your pet.

Yet they regard it as a fulfilling process, once done.

With this, you also instantly become a part of their family – a support group of pet-lovers.

Interacting with them will also make you closer to your pet. And shortly, you will also pay it forward to new pet owners who need assistance.

7) It will open up space for other pets.

When you adopt a pet from the shelter, you will also give other pets space. These pets are the ones that need medical attention.

Their previous owners usually abandon those pets. They are the ones that will benefit from your initiative to adopt.

So, it is a “sure win” situation for both parties involved in the whole process.

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8) You will get an extra boost for your health.


Pets are the epitome of unconditional love. Studies show that pet companions benefit from their pets psychologically, emotionally, and physically.

Your new pet will help you practice your legs more in the physical impact. More walking and jogging sessions may come as you bond with your new pet.

It will lead you to live a more active lifestyle as more adventures come your way.

Adopting a pet can also give you purpose in life and take you to a new level of perspective.

Pet owners have become more mature and open-minded to a lot of things.

They view things now differently. Some pet owners said they could easily handle their problems after adopting pets. Unwinding with your pets is also the best way to distress.

Take quality time with them, and you will reap the benefits of being at peace for a while.

And upon adoption, you will feel like a hero in your little way. This is because you just saved an animal in need.

These are but few excellent reasons you should adopt a dog. Now, if you’re interested in adopting a pet, you can go find some animal welfare groups existing in your community.

Look for those groups that have rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted animals into loving homes for years. They have a sure process with adoption, including the rules or regulations of adoption.


These are vital points to remember for all pet owners. Be more responsible for handling your pets. Remember that you can no longer turn back the pets that you adopted.

A “No Return, No Exchange” policy must be observed as much as possible. They can hold you liable for unnecessary practices that may cause danger to your pets.

You can also go find some amazing projects conducted by community groups. The main goal of such projects is to find pets near you.

There you can choose any kind or type of pets. Remember that they all deserve to be adopted regardless of their differences in color, shapes, or sizes.

They are the ones who are patiently waiting for their rightful owners. These are the owners who will take the pets to their forever sanctuary.

Decide now and get the pet that you deserve. The unconditional love of a forever buddy awaits you!

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