8 Easiest Mixed Dogs Breeds To Potty Train

Mixed breeds were created by crossing two purebred dogs of different sizes. Larger dogs are often more stubborn than smaller dogs, so a smaller-sized mixed breed might be just the pet you need. 

If you’re a new dog owner or are considering adopting a puppy, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available.

There are over 300 recognized breeds—and many more mixed breeds—to choose from. Figuring out which of these dogs will be the easiest to potty train is no small feat.

But if you’ve decided on a mixed breed, you’ve already saved yourself a ton of time and effort—and with the right preparation, you’ve got a great chance at avoiding a lot of the common mistakes people new to dog ownership make.

This article will explain the best ways to choose a mixed breed and the easiest ways to train any mixed breed dog. 

The following are eight of the easiest mixed breeds to potty train. 

1. Cavachon 


Unlike many designer breeds that result from some sort of scientific experimentation, the Cavachon is the result of a whim. It all started when a Brussels Griffon (the smallest of the toy spaniels) was mated with a Bichon Frise (a fluffy, white, hypoallergenic dog).

The resulting litter of pups were so adorable that their owners couldn’t bear to part with them, so they bred them back with their parents and with each other. 

We will write about Cavachon. It is a great dog breed worshiped as one of the most intelligent dogs on the planet. They are used as guide dogs, therapy dogs, drug dogs, and even search and rescue dogs.

Their compact size and the fact that they are relatively healthy mixed breed dogs make them perfect for people who don’t want a big dog. 

Potty training a Cavachon can be very easy if you know what you are doing. If you have a dog that pees on the floor or has a hard time with the concept of using a litter box, consider using a crate.

A crate is a great way to keep your home in order since it keeps the dog in one place, and it helps them learn to know where to go potty. 

2. Schnoodles 

schnoodle teddy bear dog

Schnoodles are a mix between Poodles and Schnauzers and are often the result of a deliberate or accidental mating between the two. The term “Schnoodle” was first coined in the 1990s, and these dogs are relatively a new breed. 

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Of course, it’s easy to potty train a Schnoodle! All you have to do is take him outside every couple of hours and cross your fingers that he’ll pee where you want him to.

Schnoodles are known to be fast learners, but they can be so stubborn and mischievous that they sometimes need a little help from their owners to get it right. 

3. Weimador 


While weimador dogs are not a recognized breed, the name Weimador has been used to describe dogs of unknown heritage with characteristics of the Weimaraner and Labrador Retriever.

The Weimador breed was not officially recognized because mixed breed dogs are not recognized by kennel clubs that focus on purebred dogs.

Mixed breed dogs are a product of purebred dogs and are often called designer dogs. Mixed breed dogs are the product of the intentional or unintentional mating of two different purebred dogs.

Mixed breed dogs do not have a kennel club or central registry that keeps track of their heritage. They are not eligible to be entered in shows or obtain pedigrees. 

Weimador puppies are one of the most popular dogs for adoption at shelters. This is one of the reasons why Weimador puppies are often easy to potty train.

A lot of people who adopt Weimador puppies opt for crate training. This is an excellent training tool, but the puppy must be housebroken before putting it in a crate.

One thing that makes Weimador puppies easy to housebreak is that they are typically very good at holding their bladder. 

4. Shorkie 


The Shorkie is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkie. The cross first occurred in the 1980s. The Shorkie is a designer dog that will have the fluffy, cute looks of the Shih Tzu and the energetic, fun demeanor of the Yorkie.

Shorkie dogs are very intelligent and lively. They are playful and confident, and they like to be the center of attention, making them quite the social butterfly.

Often, they will be very attached to their owners and not like to be left alone, which makes them rather needy. 

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Some people say that Shorkies are easy to potty train, while others say they’re not. It’s important to break down what “easy to potty train” even means.

Let’s say you got a Shorkie from a breeder who insists that the puppy has been trained, but it’s going to take you a lot of time and work to get it to that point. Is it easy to potty train? That depends on your definition of easy. 

5. Yorkipoo 


The Yorkipoo is a mixed dog breed that is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. They are friendly, trainable and good with families.

These dogs are very good with children and other small animals. They love to play and enjoy walks and exercise. These dogs are well behaved and will bark to announce the arrival of people. 

Yorkipoos are small dogs that are considered perfect for apartment dwellers, as they only need a small space to run around in.

This also makes them great for traveling, as they are easier to carry around than larger dogs. Yorkipoos have a reputation for being difficult to housebreak, but that’s mainly because they were never properly socialized as pups. 

6. Cockapoo 


Cockapoo is a mixed dog breed that’s both a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. They are a very popular dog and are known for their intelligence and cuteness.

Some Cockapoos are hypoallergenic and are a great choice if you’re allergic to dogs but still want a pet. 

While they may be stubborn and stubborn, Cockapoos are some of the easiest dogs to potty train. Their intelligence and desire to please make them great candidates for toilet training.

However, Cockapoo puppies can be difficult to predict, so you may have to keep a close eye on him or her to ensure that this new skill is not forgotten. 

7. Chug 

chug dog

Chugs are a cross between Chihuahuas and Pugs. They were originally bred in the 1990s as hypoallergenic companion animals for people with allergies (particularly dogs with long hair).

However, as people discovered that these dogs had a low immune system, the popularity of Chugs fell. 

This is a hot topic for any mixed dog owner. Many owners who have chug dogs wonder if it is a good idea to potty train them. Here, the golden rule is to take the same approach as you would with a puppy that is of another breed. 

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8. Morkie 

morkie teddy bear dog

Do you have a Morkie and want to know if it is a mixed breed? To answer that question, we first need to know what a Morkie even is.

A Morkie is a crossbreed between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Maltese. (The name comes from the combination of the two dog breed names.)

The first Morkie was documented in the 1930s, and this designer dog breed has become especially popular in recent years. 

Morkies are fairly lovable and easy to potty train. However, this does depend on how much work you put into training your dog.

Morkie puppies are generally very intelligent and eager to please, but you still must be firm when training to avoid future issues. 

The most important thing to know about potty training is that it’s not just about teaching your puppy to “go” outside. It’s also about teaching you to recognize and respond to your puppy’s signals.

For example, the first sign your puppy gives you that he needs to go out is that he will get a far-off look in his eyes. Once you recognize that look, you will be able to get him outside in time.

The second signal is that your puppy will start sniffing at the floor and possibly even circle a few times. A third signal is that your puppy will start sniffing at the floor and start whining. 

If you have a dog, it’s important to start potty training early. Dogs are like small children, and they need to be able to “hold it” until you get home from work.

However, it can be difficult to monitor your dog’s bathroom habits if you work long and irregular hours. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to successfully potty-train your dog. 

Dogs aren’t born knowing how to use the bathroom outside. They need to be taught what to do with a little bit of help from their people.

The key to a successful potty training experience is creating a routine that your pup can follow. If you know what to expect and when, your dog will, too. This isn’t something you should rush, so don’t feel like you have to get it done in a day or two. 

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