What You Need To Know About Teacup Dogs

Dogs are one of the best friendly animals in the world. They are not only loyal but extremely humble in providing you happiness.

A dog’s trust is considered to be of the best merit when you are feeling low. While there are so many types of dog breeds available, you must have heard of the term, ‘teacup’’.

The teacup is a holistic term that implies to the dog species that are considered small and even weigh less.

Take, for example, the Chihuahuas and the Yorkies. They are small, extremely cuddly, as well as full of immense cuteness.

Therefore, these dogs are called teacup dogs just because they are little, cute, and adorable. 

Before you think of adopting teacup dogs, you need to understand how and when to take care of them.

Simply adopting them will not work, as it is essential to know their history and other elements fully. Therefore, let’s get into the details of teacup dogs!


Facts about the Teacup Dogs !

A teacup puppy is the smallest breed that you can ever look at. Those tiny hands and feet will immediately draw your attention, making you feel warm towards this small animal.

If you ever imagine holding a leaf-sized puppy, it has to be the ‘’teacup’’. Overall, teacup puppies weigh less, when compared to the normal pup.

This has nothing to do with body ailments, but the breed is responsible here. Their growth is somewhat slow, and they develop to be loveable and smart dogs at the same time.

These dogs can slightly weigh between 4lbs and 6lbs. They do not grow more than 17inches, in terms of height. 

All dog owners who want to adopt a teacup dog need to know the size of the breed they are adopting.

Sometimes, the prices for these dogs are higher just because they are teacups.

Therefore, it is advised that the norms of adoption should be followed, no matter you are adopting a small dog breeds or just teacups!

The best of the teacup dogs clan!


When it comes to bringing home teacup dogs, the list might somewhat be limited. Although this is the fundamental disadvantage, some of the most common teacup dogs that are best as home pets, are as follows:

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With all of the above, it is highly important to know the history of the dog first, before you plan on adopting them. You must make sure that their health and meals are not compromised at any cost!

How are teacup dogs born?


Giving birth to a teacup dog might look complex. But small young dogs breed from the litter family, try to mate with significant smaller dogs to give birth to these cute teacup dogs.

Although mating doesn’t pose any kind of threat to the animal, it is quite unhealthy in the long run.

Teacup dogs are more prone to risks of several types of diseases, which take longer to cure than other dog breeds.

The complex mechanism of their bodies can also pose a threat if the right treatment is not undertaken at the right point in time. 

With this point, the average life span of all sorts of teacup dogs is somewhere between 6 to 10 years.

However, if the health risks are complicated and the proper solution is not addressed, then the life span can decrease as well. 

Common health problems that teacup dogs have?

What You Need To Know About Teacup Dogs 1

It is better to stay safe and take the necessary precautions than to be sorry later on. This is significantly appropriate if you have a teacup dog at home.

Although these creatures are lovely to play with and hang around, it is essential to take good care of them too.

In other words, teacup dogs can also be infected with some diseases, which can make their life miserable. Therefore, some of the most common health problems are listed below:

  • Heart issues

One of the most common problems that teacup dogs are infected with is heart issues. There might be temporary chest pain or other symptoms if proper care is not taken.

In addition to that, cases of lethargy can also be reported. An immediate visit to the vet is recommended here.

  • Blocked trachea
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When you hear your dog coughing or having any kind of respiratory issues, it is because of the condition termed as the blocked trachea.

Teacup dogs can have this at an early stage. However, if the problem is detected at an early stage, then antibiotics can heal the condition. 

  • Hypoglycemia

Another common health condition that teacup dogs can have is hypoglycemia. This condition can even worsen with time if proper treatments are not started.

Sometimes, teacup dogs can also die. Therefore, necessary care and proper attention to the diet of the dog is necessary to treat the condition. 

  • Digestive issues

Since teacup dogs are small, overfeeding is strictly prohibited. Even a gradual shift to a raw diet is advised, helping the dog cope up with the food change.

However, make sure that the food given is 100% natural and fresh, to avoid all kinds of digestive problems, which is pretty much common in the teacup breed. 

  • Gum ailment

Another issue that teacup dogs are infected with is gum ailment. When teacup dogs start to have their first milk teeth, the gums go through some enormous change.

Here, gum infection is common. It is advised to go for some light medicines when your dog starts to grow its teeth. 

  • Hydrocephalus

This condition is common for older teacup dogs. Normally, the brain starts to show signs of deformity, and normal activity is also restricted.

If the dog is given excess pressure, the other side effects like blindness, seizures, and unexpected death may also arise.

Therefore, it is advised to treat the condition of hydrocephalus immediately, as soon as it is detected in your teacup dog!

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How to keep your teacup dogs happy?

For these little creatures out there, maintain a strictly happy environment is one of the most defining moments that can make teacup dogs extremely comfortable.

Therefore, to see endless wagging of that tiny tail, make sure that you plan on doing the following

  • Take care of the diet

One of the basic ways in which you can keep your teacup dog healthy is to feed the animal with all the care in the world.

It is advised that teacup dogs should normally eat four times in total.

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The breakfast should be kept simple, and proper attention should be paid to the bowel movement of the dog too.

A diet comprising of all essential nutrients for dogs and omega-three fatty acids is helpful for your teacup dog. 

  • Plan on removing all sorts of stressful situations

Another way by which you can keep your teacup dog happy is to get rid of all sorts of stressful situations.


Never plan on creating a negative environment, when there is a teacup dog around. These dogs can sense people’s anxiety and can act pretty strange.

This has an overall effect on the dog and maybe reflective in the next day’s routine too. Also, make sure that the dog sleeps for at least 14 hours a day!

  • Arrange for vet visits once a month

It is essential and completely important for owners to take their teacup dog to the vet at least once a month.

This will ensure that the dog is healthy, is eating well, etc. Proper checkups will bring out any kind of illnesses in the dog too. 

  • Organize some fun activity

Finally, nothing can make your dog happy than an hour of walk in the park daily. Try to have some fun with your dog by playing some dog brain games.

Also, give your dog some cute little toys to play with, so that the animal is engaged in one way or the other.

In addition to that, the environment at home should be calm for your dog so that it can grow healthily. 

The final thought: Should I or should I not own a teacup dog?

When deciding to own a teacup dog, the answer is definitely yes! There is nothing bad about having these small and lovable creatures around you.

But the only thing that you need to keep up with is proper restrictions on increased levels of stress.

Make sure that the dog is happy in your home and is receiving good care. In addition to that, try to switch to a raw diet once the teacup puppy is about eight months old.

This will keep the immune system of the dog healthy and help in growing a shiny coat. Also, take your dog for a walk, and don’t forget the treats!

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