Pomeranian Dog Colors | Complete List


Pomeranians are a small breed of dogs that are descendants of large sled dogs. The history is quite interesting. Despite its small size, this foxy-faced dog is active and competitive, yet obedient. Poms are good pets, but they bark a lot. The best thing to do is to let them have lots of playtime and … Read more

What a Dog’s Tail Tells You


Dogs have their language, too. They are just like humans. However, their body language is different. Your gesture and other bodily actions that you interpret may mean differently to your dogs. Therefore, a better understanding of your dogs’ actions is essential.Dogs use their tails in communicating with others. Aside from the tail, they use their … Read more

Cutest 12 White Dog Breeds


Having a white dog breed at home is like having an irresistible, fluffy ball of cotton. Be it small or large, these dogs are truly adorable.  You can find at least a cutest white 12 white dog breeds. Although most of them are small companion dogs, you can still find strong, large, and powerful breeds. Depending … Read more

15 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Families


Adopting a puppy or a dog as a new member of your family is a nice idea so that you can have a companion at home. However, selecting the ideal one for you might be quite difficult, especially if you want a dog breed that would be compatible with your attitudes, behavior, and overall personality. … Read more

Dog Insurance & Puppy Insurance – Ultimate Guide 2019


Veterinary medicine is now advanced, and as a result, the cost of medical care for dogs has increased. You should not panic! Instead, take advantage of dog insurance. A great dog insurance cover will help you make your veterinary bills affordable. Find Top 10 Best Dog Insurance Companies According to statistics, around 1.4 million individuals … Read more

12 Things I’ve Learned from Being a Dog Owner


Dogs aren’t just the man’s best friend. They are also responsible for bringing up joy, love, and hope in every family or home. They can be the source of fun and laughter that no one can ever do. Dogs can also leave valuable lessons in life that we can cherish for the rest of our … Read more