What a Dog’s Tail Tells You


Dogs have their language, too. They are just like humans. However, their body language is different. Your gesture and other bodily actions that you interpret may mean differently to your dogs. Therefore, a better understanding of your dogs’ actions is essential. Dogs use their tails in communicating with others. Aside from the tail, they use … Read more

How to Find the Right Animal Shelter?


Are you one of those people seeking the right animal shelter to adopt or foster an animal? Maybe you decided to volunteer to support homeless pets within your community. Are you trying to report lost or found animals or maybe animal cruelty? Whatever the case, your best bet is reaching out to your nearest animal … Read more

Bringing Home Your New Puppy


The arrival of a new puppy at home is like the arrival of a new baby. The preparations and arrangements are just as involving as that of a baby. Of course, excitement is bound to fill the household which usually leads to over excitement causing some frequently made mistakes however what is of the essence … Read more

How to Adopt a Dog – Essential Checklist And Tips


Pets are great companions. We all love pets and especially dogs. You can either buy a pet or adopt one. When you are adopt a dog, there are some important factors you will need to consider. Before you adopt a puppy, you must convince the owners that you are willing to be a full-time dog … Read more

How Can Dog Owners Protect Dogs from Coronavirus?


Earlier in March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) had affirmed that COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus had become a pandemic across the world. This has caused panic amongst the people over the outbreak and spread of the virus. Not only the people but also the pet owners are also worried about the health of their pets, … Read more

What does Dog Insurance Cover?


If you have a dog, it is a brilliant idea to have pet insurance put in place for them. Nowadays, you can even get insurance that is tailored specifically to dogs, so that your beloved furry companion’s needs are perfectly catered for. One thing that it is crucial to remember, however, is that different types … Read more

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