Adopt a Cavachon from Rescue Organizations and Shelter

A Cavachon is becoming accessible to those who are interested in adopting a dog.

It is a crossbreed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. Its appearance comes from both parent breeds.

These breeds are very distinct because they look cuddly and cute.

They are known to be playful and good-natured, making it one of the most desirable dog breeds worldwide.

Although Cavachons are cuddly and cute, it is sad to say that there are irresponsible pet owners and groups who can’t devote their time and genuine care to dogs.

Some of them look after the profit that they gain when they sell these dog breeds.

But, as concerned citizens, we should also remember that dogs are like humans. They have emotions, and their needs should be met as well.

If you are interested in adopting a Cavachon, the first essential thing to do is to understand their background and learn some information about them. In that way, you will also know how to adjust yourself to meet their needs.

It is crucial to find out some essential details about the Cavachon so that you will understand if adopting it is suitable for you.

So, start by analyzing its descendants or roots before jumping over to the actual process of adoption.


Where did the Cavachon come from?

Cavachon is a designer dog, which means that it is the result of combining two different purebreds through mating. Their appearance and temperament are based on the genes they inherit from their parents.

It is essential to take note that they can also acquire the health problem of their parents.

As mentioned earlier, the Cavachon came from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. Let’s go over the background of each parent.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed that originated from the United Kingdom.

Although it came from that country, its popularity has spread worldwide until it reached the regions of the United States and Australia.

The Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1945. A decade later, it was recognized by the American Kennel Club.

In 2013, this breed ranked 18th as the most famous canine in the United States. It also gained the 25th rank of the same recognition in 2008.

The popularity of this dog breed is unarguable. Its silky, smooth coat is enticing and pleasing to the eyes. Its smooth undocked tail makes it distinct compared to other types of kennels.

You will find its coat attractive. It has combined colors of chestnut and white or also called Blenheim, black, white, and tan or also called Tricolor, ruby, and black and tan.

The Bichon Frise, on the other hand, is a French term which means a curly lap dog. It originated from the Canary Islands in Spain.

The first generations of Bichon Frise are used as sailing dogs . From France, it was brought to the United States in 1955, and Australia in 1956.

The Bichon Frise is a small dog with a long and curly tail. Its coat usually is pure white, with traces of cream, apricot, and buff around its paws and ears.

This breed is known to be cheerful and affectionate to their masters.

They are friendly to kids and can be a perfect companion all the time. Just like the Retriever dog breeds, it is also considered a water dog because.

Since Bichon Frise has a thicker coat, it is advisable to groom them multiple times a week. You have to make sure that you comb their hair to avoid tangles and mats that can ruin its beauty.

Daily brushing is also required for them to prevent health problems such as hematoma and ear infections.

Bacteria can reside in the thick layers of its coat which can lead to common conditions that can reduce their life span. You also need to wash them frequently to keep their coat clean.

Both parent breeds of Cavachon are easily trained. However, pet owners must make sure that they don’t implement harsh discipline.

They can respond enthusiastically without the need of scolding them.


Cavachons also love to be rewarded when they did a great job. Seeing the qualities and temperament of both purebreds will give you an idea about the primary traits that the Cavachon can inherit.

Despite this fact, pet owners still play a significant role in the character development of this breed which means that that you can also affect its personality.

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Aside from its appearance, you will also be captured by the energy and cheerfulness of Bichon.

By looking back at the history of Bichon Frise, we have seen that its roots are both from Water Spaniel and Mediterranean.

Its enticing and irresistible appearance enables it to be featured in the artwork of the famous artist, Francisco Goya.

From the mid-1950s, bichon was brought in the United States and was also introduced in Australia after 25 years.

It was believed the Bichon had been bred to produce a friendly god with a hypoallergenic coat. They are like their parents who are both playful and intelligent.

They are easily trained and can go along with kids quickly. As long as pet owners start the training at an early age, you can expect that these breeds would be affectionate and a great companion.

Both parents of Bichon are small. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can only grow between 12 to 13 inches.

On the other hand, the Bichon only reaches between 9 to 11 inches. As a result, their crossbred only stands around 10 to 12 inches. Their average lifespan is between 10 to 15 years.

The Cavachon is said to be a hypoallergenic dog although its parent Cavalier is not.

Commonly, Cavachon inherits this trait from the parent Bichon Frise which is known for its low-shed coat and hypoallergenic fur despite the thickness.

It is still essential to take note that no breed is considered to be 100% hypoallergenic. Families with allergic members must still make sure if adopting a Cavachon is safe for them.

If you find the qualities and characteristics of Cavachon interesting, you can adopt one of these breeds from rescue organizations.

They offer a plethora of opportunities that will let you take care of this cutest dog. Here are the reasons and different ways of rescuing them!

adopt a cavachon

Reasons why you must rescue a Cavachon

It is crucial to prepare yourself when you are planning to adopt a Cavachon. You should know your responsibility to ensure that you know how to take action. So, equip yourself with these ideas to find out if adopting a Cavachon is suitable for you.

The Cavachon at the shelter or rescue centers came from pet owners who abandoned the dogs due to different reasons.

It may be because they don’t have time to dedicate their time and effort to take care of the pet or their finances are not capable of sustaining the dog’s needs.

Take note that Cavachon needs training and exercise since they have an active lifestyle. Therefore, pet owners must devote their attention if they want to have a pet.

Cavachons also being rescued from the puppy mill, which is an organization that operates commercial breeding to gain profit rather than giving the dog genuine care.

Keep in mind that dogs are intelligent and they also have an emotional attachment to people.

However, they are being neglected physically and emotionally in the puppy mill.

So, instead of them suffering at that center, many concerned non-profit organizations rescued them to give them what they need, and that is care and protection.

The impact of a puppy mill on the temperament and personality of Cavachon also has a significant effect on its emotional and physical aspects.

Thankfully, many puppy mills were shut down due to the conditions experienced by these poor dogs. The non-profit organizations devotedly saved them and gave them a better shelter.

These rescue groups also need to sustain the needs of Cavachons. They spend money on medicine supply and foods.

Most of them only rely on donations they receive, but those are sometimes not enough to cover all the expenses of a growing dog.

As the breed is developing, its basic needs are also increasing, and that includes honing its skills and building its character.

They need pet owners who can adopt the dog so that it will feel the love that a family can give to develop its emotional aspect.

These rescue organizations charge an adoption fee that varies according to the condition of the dog.

The amount will depend on the Cavachon’s age and medical condition if a certain medication is prescribed to save them from disease.

Cavachons are also suitable for you when you are living in a small apartment. These breeds are small and don’t require too much space for them to move around.

You may also find them easy to bring with you when you extensively travel everywhere because they won’t surely take up too much space for your vehicle.

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Their appearance is also one of the reasons why these dog breeds are enticing to adopt.

Their standard colors include white, a combination of apricot and white, and white topped with black and tan markings.

They are also more preferable to adopt because they are known to be hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic doesn’t mean that they don’t have any impact on the individual with allergy.

Instead, Cavachons are low-shedding dogs that only cause less reaction to people suffering from dander allergies.

It is worth noting that Cavachons do not shed too much although they have thick hair. However, they need regular moving to keep mats and tangles away.

You must take note that it requires time and attention to ensure that this dog receives proper and frequent grooming.

This fact is important to remember so that you will know if you can devote your time daily to meet this specific need.

If you are looking for an aggressive dog who can protect or guard you, the Cavachon is not the right option for you.

These breeds are gentle and tolerant which means that they won’t be a great help when you need a protective pet.

Cavachons need moderate exercise since they are not hyperactive. A simple activity like short brisk walking is enough to burn calories and burn excess energy. They also need a slight activity to gain mental simulation.

Although these pets are quick learners, you still need to be consistent in training them. Keep in mind that it is not a one-night process.

Just like its basic needs, you also need to devote your time and effort for him to learn various acts and ethical behavior.

It is not difficult to give your attention to this dog breed because they are born cute. They can be an excellent companion, but you in return must provide them with the attention they need.

It helps on their development, and it is also a great way if you want to hone their loving personalities. They are suitable for you if you are seeking an affectionate pet.

adopt a cavachon

How to adopt a Cavachon

Dedicated volunteers, veterinarians operate the Cavachon rescue shelters, and nurses whose goal is to find a new home for the Cavachons and a family to love them dearly.

These organizations nurse ill dogs and ensure that they are healthy before an interested pet owner have them.

Most of the local counties have dedicated shelters for rescued Cavachons. You may ask for a referral from an animal welfare association to find the nearest rescue shelter in your area.

Most non-profit organizations that specialize in animal welfare work together with other agencies to promote the same goal that they have.

That means that they can refer you to a trusted rescue organization who can help you during the process of adoption.

Some organizations also promote their goals on different social platforms. It is one of the easiest ways to find one. You may also join a Facebook Group created explicitly for Cavachon owners.

There you can drop a discussion or question if you want to hear some information from them. In that way, you’ll get a better idea of how it is like to be a Cavachon owner.

It is essential to talk with other Cavachon owners so that you will know what to expect and what you need to do to meet the needs of this dog breed.

They will give you an idea about the temperament, proper grooming, training, and other crucial information that will help you become a responsible Cavachon owner.

Adopting Cavachon requires patience. You can follow the rescue organizations on their social platforms and wait if this dog is included in their listings.

They will post it from time to time once it is available, but there are also days that the ones on the list are other dog breeds.

Take note that some of these organizations do not only have a Cavachon on their center, but they also have other dog breeds that need to be rescued.

So, if you decide to have this particular breed, you need to have patience in finding one.

Another way to find a Cavachon is to search on national lists. This site may also provide the list of dog breeds available.

If you want to know the possible fees, you may incur when you adopt this pet, and the amount varies by shelter and rescue. Some groups may need to raise the fund if the dog needs medical care.

You can also find a Cavachon on reputable and certified breeders that can be referred by some breed clubs.

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However, you still need to continue the process by screening the breeder to ensure that you will receive a healthy Cavachon.

Besides, find out additional information that you can use to make a decision.

  • Know if the dog is socialized
  • Find out if a veterinarian has checked it.
  • Know if how regular it undergoes a checkup
  • Find out if it received any vaccination.
  • Find out if it has been dewormed.
  • Check the parent dog breeds history.
  • Ask if it has experienced to have a disease.
  • If possible, request if you can see the puppy’s parents.
  • Ask if the breeder is offering a health guarantee.
  • Know the kind of food that the dog is or not eating
  • Ask for a list of references from the previous sales that the breeder has made.
  • Check if the dog is currently undergoing medication.

Aside from these details that you need to ask to find out the background of the dog breed, it is also essential to gather information that will help you determine the reputation of the breeder.

You may ask if how long have they been breeding Cavachons. It will help you identify if the breeder is fully experienced or the number of years they have in the industry is enough for them to practice their obligations responsibly.

It is also helpful if you could check the fence or cage where they put the dogs. Make sure that the area is clean and there are no signs that the bacteria may reside.

Look for certification to make sure that the breeder is licensed to operate. They must be certified or have undergone training about taking care of a dog breed.

You may also ask for a referral from the recent pet owners who have adopted a Cavachon coming from this breeder.

The words or testimonial of the other pet owners is crucial for you to know the experience they have when they are also in the same situation that you have now.

How much does it cost to adopt a Cavachon?

The cost may also vary on the age of the Cavachon. The amount is usually lower when the dog is seven years or older.

It is because adult dogs are less likely to be adopted since most pet owners prefer puppies.

The cost of Cavachon puppies is higher because they need extra expenses like neutering or spaying and standard vaccinations .

adopt a cavachon

How to choose a healthy Cavachon

Whether you want to adopt a Cavachon puppy or adult, you have to make sure that it is healthy and doesn’t have any disease.

If the animal has encountered sickness in the past, you also need to know if it is adequately treated or it requires consistent medications.

You should consider this aspect most especially if you have other pets at home. Some diseases may cause infection and can affect other animals at home.

So, to ensure that you are adopting a healthy Cavachon, make sure that you check these signs:

  • Bright, clear eyes
  • Clean, dry tail
  • Clean, dry anal area
  • Alert and curious
  • Pink, clean gums
  • Clean, shiny coat
  • Clean, pale pink inner ears
  • Clean, moist nose
  • The health condition of Cavachon

Cavachons, like other breeds, are not free from any diseases. You must find out if they currently have these conditions or they still need extra medication and regular check-up.

They inherited some of these issues from the parent dog breeds, while some can be acquired when infected by other dog breeds.

One common health problem of Cavachons is an ear infection. This condition usually occurs because their hair grows inside their ears. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning this organ weekly to avoid diseases.

The market offers a wide variety of ear cleaning solution specially made for canines to prevent the growth of bacteria in their ears.

If you think you are unsure of the product, you have to ask a veterinarian. He may also help you whenever the dog is already affected by this health problem.

Now that you are equipped with essential information to help you during the process of adoption, you also need to prepare your time for this adorable pet.

Cavachons are like humans. They also need quality attention and genuine care. They also deserve a happy lifestyle and be freed from any traumatic experience they had.

Be the right person who can commit to caring for this dog. After all, it gives you a lot of reasons why it deserves your love and attention.

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  2. I am looking to adopt a Cavachon. Either a puppy or a young dog. If you are no longer able to care for your beloved pet, I promise to provide q loving and safe home. Thank you for your consideration.


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