Ask a Vet

A new pet parent or have an adorable pet, and when something is wrong with your pet, your heart skips a beat. Do not worry when we are here to help. If you don’t know where to start contacting your vet will be the best option, as the vet can guide you.

Connect with the licensed veterinarian via voice call, chat, or video call. With a detailed description of your pet’s condition and reports. You will get step-by-step instructions on how to take care of your pet in no time. Detailed prescriptions will be provided along with instructions. Follow-up calls to know the pet’s condition.

Don’t Treat Your Pet with Internet Search!!

When you see initial symptoms, you will search online, and by entering the symptoms and you will have multiple answers and tips popping up. Wherever the search redirects, you will go there and pick up a diagnosis of your choice and start treating your pet with the treatment of your choice.

With your treatment choices, you might end up worsening the symptoms of your pet. It might be risky or fatal to your pet. Some severe cases may have general symptoms, and some general cases may have complicated treatment options, do not confuse your pet’s treatment and risk its life.

At last, it might become a compulsion to visit the vet, more diagnostic tests might be required, and treatment may become more complicated. It is always better to undergo treatment as your vet advises.

About Just Answer Veterinarians

All our veterinarians are licensed to practice and are experienced. Our vets are not only well-qualified but also well-trained and will deliver extensive care online and offline.

The device is required to connect to the vet.

All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can use any device with a good camera. A phone or a laptop, or a desktop will be sufficient. An android or iOS phone will fulfill the requirement. The device should be convenient enough to share medical or diagnostic records.

How Our Vet Services Work

1. You can ask any Question.

You can ask us anything related to your pet’s health, nutrition, and behavior. You can contact our vet through any of the available consultation services.

  • Telephonic Consultation
  • Video Consultation
  • Live chat
  • You can even mail us.

2. Share 

You can share your pet’s condition as photos, videos, medical documents, or X-rays of your pet if you wish.

3. Response from the Vet 

The veterinarian would respond to your questions on Live chat, via video call, or on your teleconsultation.

4. E-Prescription 

Once you complete the conversation with the vet via on-call, video, or text consultation, the prescription will be shared with you via e-mail or WhatsApp.

Video Consultation

  • You can even contact our vet through video teleconsultation.
  • Video Consultation will be similar to a WhatsApp video call or face time call.
  • The veterinarian will be able to have a look at your pet and assess its condition.
  • If they are any behavioral or physical changes in your pet’s condition.
  • Once you want to contact the veterinarian, you can come on to our website you request it.
  • You will be provided with a payment link.
  • Once payment is made, you will receive payment confirmation.
  • You will be provided with a meeting link via e-mail.
  • If it is an emergency, you can request an immediate call.
  • For any midnight emergency or instant help needed, you can request it, and an instant video link is provided in case of emergencies.
  • Keep your pet and required diagnostic reports ready.
  • You can contact the vet through a zoom video call.
  • You can discuss in detail your pet’s condition in. Show your pet and if it is suffering.
  • Keep your camera in a well-lit area so that the pet will be visible.
  • Your vet will tell you on call what to do.
  • Have a treat ready for your pet so that it will be stable on the video call.
  • If any instant help is needed, the vet will guide you through.
  • The pet prescription would be shared via E-mail. If you want a prescription through WhatsApp or telegram, you can request it.
  • A follow-up call will be arranged to know the pet’s condition.


We know when you are worried about your pet, all you can first think of is a Vet. A veterinarian on-call is the best thing for a pet parent.

  • If a veterinarian clinic is far from your clinic, you can have a teleconsultation. A sudden emergency can happen at any time.
  • In teleconsultation, the vet might advise you what to do, and depending on the condition vet might refer you to a vet clinic for consultation.
  • The vet would patiently hear the condition of the pet and will prescribe the needed medication.
  • The call would not be too prolonged. All you need to do is describe the present condition of your pet.
  • If they are any diagnostic reports or past medical records, you can share them with your vet via e-mail.
  • Let the vet know if it has any conditions and if it is on any medication.
  • The e-prescription would be shared via E-mail.
  • If you wanted a prescription through WhatsApp or telegram, you could request it.
  • A follow-up call will be arranged to know the pet’s condition.

Live Chat

If your pet is not well and you want immediate attention, then a live chat will be a good option.

  • Connect with our qualified veterinarian any time of the day, 24/7.
  • You can immediately contact the vet on live chat and describe the problem.
  • You can start a live chat with a stable internet connection on any android or iOS device.
  • If it is not an emergency or a serious condition, a live chat will be helpful.
  • Follow the steps advised in the online chat.
  • The online chat will be easy just like your WhatsApp or hangouts chat.

Booking Confirmation 

Once you call us to schedule an appointment, your booking will be confirmed by the customer support team. You will receive a payment link. We accept payment via visa and master cards, credit cards, or any other online payment options. You will even receive a payment confirmation mail once the payment is made. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and a confirmation message to the number provided. In the confirmation e-mail, you will have all the booking details such as booking id, Scheduled timings and call link, or video link.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

For cancellation or rescheduling the appointment, contact our helpdesk, and you can reschedule it by providing the booking details. A small fee will be charged for rescheduling the appointment. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel the appointment within 24 hours’ notice, a nominal amount will be charged for cancellation. For any cancellations and rescheduling of the appointment, contact us to keep your booking details ready.

Want To Talk To The Same Vet? 

All our veterinarians are qualified and licensed, but if you feel satisfied with your last consultation and want to talk to a specific vet, you can request the same while booking a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even after our on-call or video consultation pet was referred to the clinic. All the health conditions of the pet are not suitable for teleconsultation or video consultation for immediate management, or conditions that could be managed through prescription medication can be treated.

A vet might refer you to a clinic if the pet needs some diagnostic tests or further treatment.

Other than visiting a clinic in an emergency, what are the ways available to contact the vet?

If you cannot visit a vet clinic, then you can opt for one of the following options available on our website.
1. Live chat
2. Teleconsultation
3. Video Consultation

How does a video call work?

The video call will happen with a link provided by us at the scheduled time. It will be simple, like a WhatsApp or facetime video call.

What is an e-prescription?

E-Prescription is the medication for the pet that is provided after the telephone and video consultation. It is the list of medications for your pet through E-mail. Along with the prescription, details will provide on how to use the medication and the care to be taken while using the medication.

Have you not received a booking confirmation? What to do?

If you have not received a booking confirmation you can contact our customer service. The customer support staff would investigate the details and send the booking details again. If the booking time is crossed, they will reschedule the appointment.