Aussiedoodle Dog Colors: A Complete List Of 12 Coat Colors

Adopting a new Aussiedoodle dog can instantly become daunting and overwhelming as there are many different colors of coat to choose from in every little. A lot of dog owners will adopt their dogs based on the color of the coat. Below we have made a complete list of the recognized Aussiedoodle coat colors.

If you begin staring at images, you can become charmed and loved with the diverse shades and combinations of colors and get yourself struggling in making a choice or decision.

Many common shades amongst this crossbreed are popular, and you might even see rare coat colors. So, prior to knowing the different colors of Aussidedoodle that the AKC recognizes, let us learn more about Aussiedoodle first.

What is an Aussiedoodle dog?


Are you familiar with this breed of dog? If not, well, an Aussiedoodle is a whip-intelligent crossbreed with a poodle and Australian shepherd parents who are pack with energetic, fun, glamorous, and alluring good looks as well devoted companionship.

An Aussiedoodle’s loyal heart, intelligence as well as eagerness to please make him a remarkable dog buddy for households with seniors and children alike.

Outgoing and playful, these smart per buddies need consistent optimistic reinforcement training as well as boundaries to make sure a productive, happy and safe setting and an opportunity for him to live up to his potential.

If you think what an old Aussiedoodle may look like as well as how big he will be, well, it may be anybody’s guess. It is really one of the most varied and assorted poodle crossbreeds.

This crossbreed has many coat colors and variations of texture, largely due to the attributes of the merle of their parents and the array of solid shades from the poodle parents.

There is some science or research done to explain the fantastic appearances of this crossbreed. For instance, the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory notes that many genes may prompt more coat curl.

In contrast, other genes settle on a fuzzy eyebrows, bushy muzzles as well as the control and authority of merle dappling.

So in this article, we will be going to share the different common Aussiedoodle colors with you and explain the colors.

What’s the most popular Aussiedoodle dogs color?


If you are accustomed to Australian Shepherd, you discern that this crossbreed has some superb and exceptional blends of colors. Aussiedoodle is renowned for merle color and tri-color coats that translate into this breed too.

This isn’t even thinking the reality that Poodles have ten standard colors of coat. As you see, there is almost an infinite number of hair colors, which you are able to make with for an Aussiepoo.

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This doesn’t restrict you to these shades; however, they are a few of the most known and popular shades. The most common colors of Aussiedoodle are as follow,

1. Blue Merle Aussiedoodle

This is one of the most popular Aussiedoodle colors today. Usually, a poodle is combined with an Australian Shepherd with blue merle color to obtain this shade.

A superb way to acquire this appearance is to mix a poodle like the shade like white or cream with blue merle Australian Shepherd. Also, you may even do well with light grey or apricot Poodle too. 

The blue merle color is a dominant attribute always. If you breed with Australian Shepherd blue merle, you will most likely see this shade pull pattern as the main shade in puppies. In view of the fact that this attribute is dominant, typically, it will exceed or go beyond the color of the Poodle.

If you are not used to this kind of color, blue merle is usually a combination of tan, white, and gray or blue colors, which are intermittently in spots over the canine’s coat. There is no assurance at all where or how the coloring will be extended and stretched.

Blue merle is the most loved and searched coloring for this breed of dog, and it is also considered the simpler one to assure if you use blue merle Aussiedoodle in the process of breeding. Another reason why many people love blue merle Aussiedoodle is his blue eyes.

What is the original color of a Aussiedoodle dogs?

2. Red Aussiedoodle


Another common or popular color of Aussiedoodle is the red one. Once more, this share is usually obtained by crossbreeding a light-colored poodle and a red merle Australian Shepherd. White or cream is the recommendation; on the other hand, breeders also utilize an apricot Poodle for breeding.

The same as blue merle litters, a red merle Aussiedoodle is indeed a dominant attribute, which usually surpasses any coloring of Poodles and passes to Aussiedoodle puppies for coloring. A red merle Aussiedoodle is a mixture of white, red as well as tan colors.

There’s no assurance of how this will be shown and how the color will present in the process for the litters; however, you can usually assume that Aussiedoodle puppies will have a red merle coat if an Australian Shepherd red merle is included in the process.

On the other hand, not all Aussiedoodle puppies will have this coloring. Oftentimes, you will see a solid shade of Aussiedoodles, tri-colored red merle as well as double red merle.

What is the rarest color of Aussiedoodle dogs?


3. Black and Chocolate Aussidoodle

Chocolate and black Aussiedoodles are the third and fourth common colors for this breed of dog. What you must know is that this doesn’t essentially mean that it is their lone color. These shades might have a combination of shades.

On the other hand, black, white, or chocolate will be the main color. Like for instance, a chocolate coloring might have some spot of white or tan on the chin and chest. However, they are still regarded as chocolate Aussiedoodles.

Typically, this coloring takes place if you combined a dark-colored Poodle and Australian shepherd, which doesn’t possess a merle pattern. In the main, this color is regarded as rare for this breed of dog; however, that might be due to the coloring isn’t as common or demanded; therefore, dog breeders out there do not try as hard for chocolate and black colors.

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4. Bi-Colors/ Tri-Colors Aussiedoodles

Double color or triple colors or also known as Bi-colors and tri-colors, can also be common in this breed of dog. Dog with this color often does not get enough credit due to the fact that the blends of merle are extremely sought after.

On the other hand, it is likely to have a puppy that is double or triple colors with no merle pattern. Therefore, in this case, you may find white splotched or the second or third color in places such as in the neck, paws, head, as well as in other portions of the Aussiedoodle body.

Bi-colors and Tri-colors are also some of the most sought-after colors due to their uniqueness and pleasant look.

What is the best color for a Aussiedoodle dogs?


5. Black Tuxedo Aussiedoodles

This coloring refers to a black puppy that has a bit of white on the neck and chest area. Somewhat the name is self-explanatory. The dog’s white and black coloring is such that it almost appears like a Tuxedo.

This is considered one of the best colors of Aussiedoodles. In fact, a lot of homeowners are looking for this kind of color as they are very lovely and exceptional as well.

6. Black Phantom Aussiedoodle

This is considered a very interesting shade. A black phantom puppy not just looks amazing but gorgeous as well. Black is indeed the dominant color with phantom tan colors that can be seen on the different parts of the body, including around his eyes, chest, stomach as well as legs.

7. Red Tuxedo Aussiedoodle

This color is relatively rare. On the other hand, dog breeders have this color every now and then. Usually, they are totally covered with red color, sometimes known as chocolate.

Tuxedo signifies this dog has little white; there are instances only a slit of white up to his chest as if the dog is wearing a tuxedo. Apricot is relatively rare; on the other hand, you can also find them from some breeders from time to time.

This color has varying shades of apricot, as well as a varying amount of white. The double color means this dog has more white. An Aussiedoodle with this color is considered the cutest and very adorable as well.


8. Red Phantom Aussiedoodle 

Once more, this is a variant of the very popular black phantom shade. Yet, this is another remarkable and stunning combination of color. 

The dominant color is red; however, there are highlights of tan on other parts of the body, such as around his face, chest as well as legs. There may even be a patch of white on his chest or paws.

This color is very rare. On the other hand, it is very loveable and adorable. Phantom signifies the dog is usually marked by huge amounts of brown on his face and other body parts such as legs and chest. 

9. Teddy Color Aussiedoodle 

Once you see this description, it’s referring to the teddy bear effect, which is usually a main black coat with few phantom tans as well as white mixtures and white and tan collars as well. The neck and chest are some of the colored parts. 

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10. Red Tri-Color

This is considered one of the rarest colors of Aussiedoodle, however, considered one of the most stunning and beautiful colors. This is marked by a white rage on his snout, a big white foot and chest with a few white up to his leads.

The triple colors mean copper, white as well as red. Tan or copper means this dog has some copper color on some parts of his body, normally can be found on his eyebrows, and there are instances on the sides of his face as well as legs.

11. Phantom Aussiedoodle

Phantom is considered a solid base shade with piercingly defines marking of secondary shading visible on some parts of his body surrounding the eye, on sides of his muzzle, on the chest or throat, on four legs and feet as well as below his tail. Any mixture of acceptable shades is permitted or allowed.

12. Sable Aussiedoodle

This color takes account of black tipped coats, and the rest can be yellow to gold, grey, silver or tan. Coat darkness depends on much of every fur is black versus the lightest shade.

Why there is a Lot of Aussiedoodle Colors Out There?


If you think why you can perhaps have a lot of colors mixture for this breed of dog, you have come to the best place.

First and foremost, consider the Australian Shepherd color that will be one of his parents. In particular, this breed is renowned for having multiple colored hairs such as red merle, merle, blue merle, as well as many diverse tri-color variations.

An Australian Shepherd is very exceptional in the color mixture; therefore, it stands to reason if you breed one of these dogs with another type of dog, those combinations of colors are going to be acquired to some level.

If you see the AKC poodle hair colors, they are more than ten diverse standard shades. A lot of Poodles are a one or single color; even it’s likely to have double color too.

The usual colors of Poodle take account of the following; apricot, cream, black, white, sable, apricot, cream, blue, grey, apricot, cream, red, or black, and white.

If you take this mixture to make Aussiedoodles and you are able to imagine that this results in some superb variations of color as well.

In Conclusion

An Aussiedoodle comes in an extensive array of colors or shades. If you think of the merle pattern as the bases and then consider how many other shades can be spun, there is almost an unlimited number of Aussiedoodles coat shades.

If you see some examples and pictures online, a dozen diverse shade choices are named. This isn’t even thinking how many double and triple color mixtures you can encounter.

One thing you need to keep in your mind is that, regardless of the color of Aussiedoodle, this breed looks gorgeous and very lovely. There are lots of choices to select from. So, the question is what is your bet? Choose smartly!

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