Aussiedoodle – 12 Things You Need to Know About

Aussiedoodle, also known as the Aussie-Poo is a new designer dog breed that is increasingly becoming popular, especially in the United States.

Aussie doodle is a crossbreed of the Australian Shepherd and a purebred Poodle. They are medium sized dogs with a slim, yet powerful body.

Their coats are curly and soft to the touch and can vary in color. Just like both their parents, Aussie-Poo is extremely intelligent and trainable.

In this article, we will discuss all there is to know about the Aussiedoodle.

Aussiedoodle Dog Breed Temperament and Personality

Crossed BetweenAustralian Shepherd and a purebred Poodle
Other NamesAussie doodle, Mini Aussiedoodle, Miniature Aussiedoodle, Aussie poo, Mini Aussie Poo, Aussie Poo
Life Expectancy Up to 11 or 12 years
Full grown Aussiedoodle's Weight25 to 70 pounds
F1 AussieDoodleAussie X Poodle
F1b AussieDoodleF1 AussieDoodle X Poodle
Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?Yes.
PriceFrom $2,300 upwards to $10,000
Adoption fees0$ to 250$

Aussiedoodle is one of the smartest pet dogs in many homesteads today. They get this from the parent breeds.

Both Australian shepherd and the poodle are brilliant dogs, and a crossbreed between them produces an even smarter offspring.

They have great perception, and they can also read the minds of the people close to them. If you have children, then you will love having Aussiedoodles at home too.

They are very playful, fun to be with, affectionate and so full of energy. Aussies have a wonderful personality, and they have very sociable skills.

Aussiedoodles are compliant and versatile. In short, they have an exceptionally happy temperament. These happy little creatures do not like staying in one place.

Allow them to roam around freely around the house and compound. Make sure that you have securely fenced your yard, so they do not ward off. You can put them on a leash especially if you take them for a walk.

Train them to be more sociable and to adapt better to the environment and the people around them. They learn quickly and are always eager to learn more. They come in assorted color combinations.

Even if the parent dog has more than three pups, all the pups will look different from each other. The fur of the Aussie doodles also differs from puppy to pup. Some may have curled fur while others have straight fur.

Fur colors range from cinnamon, tan, silver, black, chocolate, blue, white, red, and tan. Some of the pups have a combination of more than one of the above colors.

Another striking feature of an Aussie doodle is its loyalty to family. Once they become close, they hate any separation.

If you try to separate them from their family, they show signs of anxiety. They are amazingly fast in forming friendships with everyone they meet.

Once they get to know you, you become a member of their family, and they will try to please you in every way possible.

They have felt remarkably like people’s feelings.

1. Aussiedoodle live for up to 11 or 12 years

aussiedoodle dog sitting on chair

Aussiedoodle has a life expectancy of 11 to 12 years, which is shorter than that of larger breeds.

To ensure that he lives its full life, ensure that you meet its food, health and general needs such as comfort and exercise.

2. Do Aussiedoodle puppies shed?

aussie doodle puppy with toy

Aussie-Poo requires regular cleaning at least once per day, and nail trimming for at least once per two months.

Brushing its teeth daily and clipping dogs nails are also very crucial elements of Aussipoo’s routine grooming care.

To boost Aussie-Poo’s grooming make sure that you clean its dwelling place, whether a cage or room at least once per day.

Besides, ensure that you clean its food and water vessels daily. This will ensure that he is always perfectly clean.

It is important to note that the Mini Aussiedoodle sheds its coat though it is soft like that of a cat. If Aussie Poo is a not groomer, it leaves its hair in a clump at its sleeping or dwelling place.

In case it is a groomer, you will not even notice any hair left behind by Aussie poo.

3. Intelligence and Trainability

two aussiedoodle puppies

Due to its high intelligence level, it is more of a pleasure than a challenge to train your Aussie Doodle.

It is eager to learn and starts understanding both simple and compound commands with just a few repetitions.

To Aussie, poo training is a way of keeping it easy, which is one of its key characteristics.

This poodle mix has a very high behavioral resemblance to its pedigree parents, especially the Australian shepherd, whose main work is to herd.

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He may, therefore, show this behavior by trying to round up other pets, or children.Though you should not interpret this as aggression, the behavior is not tolerable in a pet.

With the onset of these signs, you ought to start training your puppy with instructions such as sit and stop. AussiePoo will pick up the appropriate behavior very quickly.

4. Are Aussie doodles healthy?

aussie doodle dog

Most Aussiedoodle dogs are healthy.

However, being a mixed breed, there are some genetic disorders that it can inherit from one or both Australian shepherds and Poodle dog breeds.

To enable you to identify and find appropriate solutions, we have described some of the most common health problems and disorders that may affect Aussipoo or even crave its life.

It refers to a loss of stability in your dog’s knee joint as a result of ligament fiber degeneration.

Its major sign is if he lands awkwardly after a jump.

For treatment, surgery is appropriate for the dog to regain normal joint functioning.

It is a disease resulting from dog’s hormone-secreting tumor of either adrenal or pituitary glands of the brain.

The signs associated with this disorder include exercise intolerance, rapid weight gain, hair loss, skin pigmentation, and increased appetite.

In case you realize that Aussiedoodle has these signs, please do not hesitate to consult a professional vet specialist, who will give you’re an appropriate solution including diagnosis and medication.

It is a pancreas inflammation disorder. It may be caused by feeding with high-fat food, some medications or trauma.

Pancreatitis signs include vomiting, and he may show signs of abdominal pains. Its treatment is done through intravenous fluid dog therapy.

To avoid this disease, ensure you feed with an ultra-low-fat diet.

This is a common condition with Australian Shepard, which is easily inherited by Ausseidoodles.

Ivermectin Sensitivity prevents entry of medications to the brain and spinal cord. He can, therefore, suffer from reactions to various drugs.

The deficit is evaluated through blood tests before Vet specialist can prescribe the appropriate treatment and medications.

It is an inherited dog development hip joint disorder that results to hind limb lameness in your Aussidoodle, especially if it is young.

It is a bit difficult to notice its physical signs and symptoms at early stages, but it is easily detected through x-ray examination.

The examination enables vet specialist to develop necessary strategies to help bring back your puppy to its normal life.

  • Epilepsy

Epilepsy mainly affects Aussie doodle aged six months and above. Its signs and development phases are difficult to identify.

It is less harmful than other disorders since many affected dogs live their normal full lives with the disease.

The best way to identify and solve these genetic disorders is by taking him for regular health checkups whether young or old.

This will help your vet to detect the disease while it is still in its active stages of development.

5. What About its Diet?

two aussiedoodle dogs

Aussiedoodle requires a specific diet to stay healthy and strong. It needs a variety of nutrients including protein, minerals, vitamins, fibers, and carbohydrates.

He has medium-sized canines and weighs 25 to 70 pounds.It, therefore, requires enough calories to maintain its energy level.

Make sure that you get your Aussie doodle weighted so that you can know how much dry or wet food it should consume in a day.

It is recommended that the dog should take two meals per day. Each meal should at least contain grains, vegetables, meat (or the main protein source) and fruits.

Ensure that you find the right quality food that is not expired. Keep a close eye on the ingredients.

Some processed and commercial foods contain a large amount of 4-D meat that is, meat from dead, dying, disabled and diseased animals.

This is harmful to your dog’s health. Combine the dog’s diet with some regular exercise. Aussipoo also requires at least an hour of walking and some simple tasks to keep its mind sharp.

6. It Likes to See its Family Around

aussiedoodle puppy black and white

This Aussiedoodle puppy takes this characteristic after one of its crossbreed parent, the Australian shepherd.

Aussipoo very affected by separation anxiety. It is not a negative trait though. It’s because it is very fast in making friends with you once you bring it into your house.

It regards everyone it sees around as companions and housemates. It always likes to see its family members around, just like you love hanging around your family or friends. It’s more of a human trait.

7. They are Bouncy Dogs that Crave for Constant Attention

aussiedoodle dog play

Do you take this as a negative trait? It is not. Every living creature needs unconditional love. Aussipoo is no different.

It is always ready for your pats, snuggles, and kisses whenever you are available. It is not a surprise to see your dog on your lips!

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You may confuse your mini Aussiedoodle for a baby tiger, always bouncing here and there in your house including in the kitchen.

Be proud of that. It pays to have a cheerful dog companion around you. It’s a kind of entertainment to you especially after a long day of work. In other words, Aussie poo is a comedian.

It can jump here and there as if its body is made of a spongy material.Aussiedoodles are very kind. More often than not, it will cheerfully bring you gifts. Not something useful.

It could be a stick or even a bone! All in all, to your dog, that’s a great reward for your care. Funny enough he will show its toy to fellow dogs to invite them for a play session.

Chasing each other is a common game for puppies. Aussipoo will not offer its toy to another dog before a chase!

8. Aussiedoodle loves Cuddling with You

aussie poo puppy

It is not a surprise to wake up during the night, only to find your dog comfortably sleeping on your head! It is its nature.

He will not only want to stay with you in the sitting room and kitchen but also in your bed.

Allowing it into your bedroom means that you are ready to accommodate it on any sleeping position that it chooses.

You may lay it to sleep on the floor, but how smart is it! It waits till you fall asleep and then finds its way to your bed or Head!

However, it is an advantage to you, especially during a cold night. You don’t need heaters. Your dog’s warm hairy skin is many times better source of heat.

9. Beware, it drips!

aussie poodle mix dog

While aussiedoodle’s beard is hairy, it soaks every time drinks water from a bowl or its water dish.

Aussipoo might brilliantly try to shake the water off, but its efforts may not be successful until the beard dries naturally.

Being bouncy and playful He may not wait for the beard to dry before it resumes its “activities.” Immediately after satisfying its thirst, it embarks on roaming all over the house, jumping and playing with items.

As a result, there will be a water trail all through your home’ case the floor is slippery, woe unto you! However, this may also be advantageous to you since you can easily trace Him.

10. Aussiedoodle Loves Work

white mini aussiedoodle dog

Aussipoo is crossbred from two breeds that work. The Australian shepherd is a perfect herder while the standard or miniature poodle is a water retriever.

As a result, their crossbreed, Aussiedoodle is very active. It will always look for something to do when alone in the house.

Despite its playful nature, it is always eager for small house tasks such as cleaning its cage or room.

It is not a surprise to find Aussi-poo trying to assemble its toy after its parts are dispatched during a play session with fellow dogs.

How big is an Aussiedoodle?

Full grown Aussiedoodle’s weight can range from 25 to 70 pounds. It depends on Aussie doodle breeder and used dogs.

11. Aussipoo are Energetic that Love Exercises

brown aussiedoodle dog

Aussiedoodle is energy that requires adequate space to run and play, both indoors and around your home compound.

For perfect relaxation and to reduce the monotony of staying in the house, He requires some long walks once in a while.

Long walks also help solve the problem of your dog’s separation anxiety. It will also help strengthen his body parts such as bones to help grow in good health.

When it is hot Mini Aussiedoodle will want to cool off show off its Olympic skills.

In both ways, a swimming session either in a swimming pool or a beach is a pleasure to your Aussie Doodle. Swimming is one of its favorite adventures.

In case you are not near any swimming facility, Aussi-poo will intelligently utilize what you have to explore its swimming adventure.

It may grab garden watering house pipe and shake it around as the waterfalls on its body. At other times, will stick its face and paws into its water dish!

12. Exhibits a Good Recall and is a Good Therapist

aussie poo dog

Aussiedoodle responds very quickly when you call it out, especially when you are indoors and it is playing with other dogs outdoors.

This ensures Aussipoo’s safety since it responds when you call it in suspense of certain impending danger.

Additionally, Mini Aussiedoodle is a good companion and a service, emotional and therapy creature.

Due to its original nature, he knows when you are having a rough day and will not hesitate to console you emotionally through its loving eyes and physically using its smooth paws and warm hair.

As described in this article, the Aussiedoodle has very many interesting features and characteristics that will make you not only happy but also relax after a long day of tough work.

Being a crossbreed, it combines the strengths of its pedigree parents, resulting in a dog with better survival abilities such as disease resistance.

Finding An AussieDoodle

When looking for Aussiedoodle puppies, the first question you should ask your self is; what kind of a dog do I want?

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When you are searching for a mini Aussiedoodle, you are looking for something that you already have in mind.

One person may need a young puppy so that they may train them while another person may be looking for a puppy that has already been prepared by a breeder.

Different factors should inform your choice. While most poodle mixes are generally cute and sharp, buying a dog that has grown in a different home may be challenging.

This does not mean a family dog is terrible; however, you need to scrutinize its character and training.

Not all dog owners teach their dogs the proper managers. This may be a big problem when you buy an adult Aussie-poo.

When finding an AussieDoodle, always aim for the young ones. Unless you have a very particular reason to want a mature one.

Is Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?

No dog is 100% Hypoallergenic. However, poodles are among the most tolerable dogs to people who have allergies.

When looking for a hypoallergenic poodle breed, then the Aussie doodle should be on the top of your list. The long haired ones are usually the best.

An F1 AusieDoodle, a crossbreed of an Australian Shepherd and a miniature poodle, can be kept by people who have mild allergies.

An F1B- a cross breed of an AussieDoodle with a poodle- will be a good option for people who have moderate allergies.

The best choice for anyone with allergies when it comes to poodle breeds is the AussieDoodle F1B. However, you can also try with other Aussie Doodle breeds since they are almost similar.

To reduce the risks of allergic reactions, ensure that your dog is well treated. Clean the fur on a regular basis.

If you find the Aussipoo unbearable, you can always sell it or give it away. You will not miss someone who wants one in a day.

Choosing an Aussiedoodle Breeder

When you are looking for an Aussie doodle breeder, you have to be very categorical.

There are a few factors that will determine whether you are dealing with the right breeder or not.

First, it would help if you asked for a physical meeting. Never make a deal with any breeder over the internet unless you are sure of their credibility.

The reasons why you may want to have a physical meeting include checking the character of the breeder. During your session, you can ask for pictures and videos of the dogs.

This will be the first step in gauging how responsible the aussiedoodle breeder is. Secondly, visit the breeder’s home.

Before you pay any deposits, ensure that you have confirmed the dogs are kept in a clean and healthy place.

Preferably, the puppies should be staying at home with family members. Dogs that stay at home are more likely to bond with your family settings.

Lastly, it would be best if you never negotiated a deal with any breeder who takes non-refundable deposits.

It would help if you only placed deposits for a puppy under refundable terms. Your breeder should also give you the chance to choose your puppy.

A good breeder allows buyers to choose their puppies by first come first serve.

Recognized Quality Breeders

Adopting a Dog From an AussieDoodle Rescue or Shelter

Adopting a dog from an AussieDoodle rescue or shelter is a good thing. For one, you help the dog get home and help yourself get a companion.

In this case, everyone wins. The shelter gets to reduce the burden of caring for many dog breeds, you get a dog, and the dog gets home.

However, there are a few factors you need to consider. The good thing about adopting a dog from a rescue shelter is that it realizes you rescued it.

It will show your gratitude for giving it a home. This dog will most probably love you than any other dog.

In some rescue centers, you may be asked to pay a small adoption fee. The adoption fees usually range between $0 and $250. The adoption process should not take more than two weeks.

Although, there are instances where you can take your dog home after just 2days.

There are also disadvantages of adopting an AussieDoodle. One of the biggest hurdles is finding the exact breed that you are looking for.

For example, if you are searching for a miniature Aussiedoodle, you can find very many breeds of Aussie and poodles but not a pure crossbreed of Australian shepherd and a poodle.

You may also not be able to find the exact size and color of your preference. Lastly, adopted dogs may have questionable character. Some people give away their dogs when they are unable to tame them.

Before you adopt one, have a much look at their character. This is not to mean that there are bad dogs in rescue homes and shelters.

Most of the dogs in rescue homes are very loving and only need someone to take care of them.

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  1. My daughter loves to work with animals, and the fact that aussiedoodles are smart and easy to train, as you said, makes them sound like the perfect dog for her. We’re planning to get her a dog for Christmas, and we’ll definitely make sure to set it up with a grooming service, as you suggest, should we find an aussiedoodle puppy for her. It’s also very good to know that they require a special diet, so we’ll be sure to carefully monitor that, as you suggest.

  2. I purchased an Aussiedoodle from a local breeder, and I have never been more in love with a dog. He is a 4lb mini Aussiedoodle who is always happy, energetic, playful, and so smart. He has been much easier to potty train than other dogs we have had and picks up quickly on words and their meanings. He does sleep in my bed and he loves to curl around my head at night. My little guy grooms himself and I see very little shedding. They do need to be groomed every couple of months as their hair grows fast and becomes hard to manage when it is long. I found this article to be very true based on my experience. I LOVE my AUSSIEDOODLE!!!

  3. We have a 10 yr old Aussie doodle that is not only very smart but is as sweet as punch! We play ball every afternoon at around 3pm and if I am a bit late he will come and look at me inquisitively and look at me with a questioning face which seems to say DD don’t you know what time it is? We love him greatly and would never have any other dog now than an auassiedoodle.

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