Australian Shepherd Dog Colors: A Complete List Of All 15 Recognized Coat Colors

There are countless dogs to adopt. So, why should you choose Australian Shepherds? Many pet owners have fallen in love with their intelligence. As one of the smartest dogs, they respond to any type of training, games, commands, and other learning tricks.

Still, you need to do your homework to make your life easier. If you have a hectic schedule, licensed dog trainers can make a huge difference. 

More than their level of intelligence, pet owners can’t help but adore Australian Shepherds for being devoted and loving. So, do not be surprised when they curl up in your lap, sit on your foot, or lean against your leg.

They are extremely sweet. However, they can be protective. It is better to let them socialize with your friends, strangers, and other dogs, of course.

Another thing is that Australian Shepherds have become one of the most popular breeds because they are cheerful and energetic.

If you are a very active person and as a long hike, they are a perfect exercise companion you cannot afford to ignore. If you are not that type of person, you can never go wrong with this dog breed. Just provide them opportunities to exercise to stay healthy and fit. 

But what specific coat color do you prefer? Have you thought about it already? Not yet? Maybe you are a bit overwhelmed by the variety of options. That’sThat’s all right! This guide comes to your rescue. 


What is the Rarest Color of Australian Shepherd Dogs? 

Red Australian Shepherds are the least common dogs of this breed. For Aussie Shepherds to have a red-colored puppy, the parents must have red fur. That’sThat’s why the red-colored gene is considered recessive. 

If you are a pet owner who loves dogs with unique and uncommon coat colors, there is no need to look further than red Aussie Shepherds. But since they are the rarest coat color, it is not easy to find one.

If you do your homework, everything is possible. You can search online for any pet-related websites. You can also join groups on social media like Facebook to make your search less complicated than you think. 

What is the Best Color for an Australian Shepherd dog?

Regardless of coat color, Australian Shepherds are among the top favorites for many pet owners across the U.S. As a pet owner, you may ask what the best coat color of Aussie Shepherds is. 

Well, this depends on someone’s preference. Some may consider a specific coat color the best, while others have a different bet. 

But if we would answer this question, our top pick will be the black and white Aussies. Usually, their mouth, chest, and front paws are white, while the rest of the body is all black. 

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Who says Australian Shepherds only come in tri-colored combinations? Sometimes, they can also be bi-colored. Plus, black and white are the typical combinations. 


What is The Original Color of an Australian Shepherd Dog?

It is the blue merle. Although it is the most common, people can’t help but look at a blue merle Australian Shepherd. It is no surprise as they are extremely captivating. 

What makes these dogs stand out from the rest, though? Well, they have a base coat of blue merle. That means the gray coat has black spots, varying in size and shape depending on their parent’s fur. 

This blue merle is overlapped with copper and white markings, usually around the belly, face, chest, and legs. 

So, are you looking for a dog, but you are a bit confused about what to choose? A blue merle Australian Shepherd comes to your rescue. 

What’s the Most Popular Australian Shepherd Dogs Color? 

Australian Shepherds have become popular after World War II. This breed has been featured in horse shows, TVs, radios, and even movies. 

Before, blue merle Aussie Shepherds were the most sought-after coat color. Now it is different. Many pet owners can’t also resist the natural charm and beauty of black tri-colored Australian Shepherds. 

As the name implies, these Aussie Shepherds’Shepherds’ main coat is black. The legs, face, belly, and chest, on the other hand, have white markings. 

Aussie Shepherds are likewise recognized as the leaner version of the Bernese Mountain dog. 

What are the Other Recognized Coat Colors of Australian Shepherd Dogs? 



For our fifth spot, we have black Australian Shepherds. As the name suggests, they have a black coat. 

Typically, Aussie Shepherds have tan or white markings, aside from the main coat. That’sThat’s why all black Shepherds are considered rare. 

Although they may look terrifying for some, black Aussie Shepherds are loving and can be attention seekers sometimes. Therefore, do not forget to give them a cuddle or a caress. They would enjoy and appreciate it big time. 

So, there’s nothing to be afraid of black Aussie Shepherds.


You are probably surprised to hear that there are white Australian Shepherds. But they exist. Unfortunately, they are rare. That means they are challenging to find.

Why does their fur become all white? This is because of the genes that are responsible for leucism. Also, these genes are recessive. 

Usually, white Australian Shepherds have dark pigmentation on both the eyes and nose. In some cases, white Aussie Shepherds have a pink nose and blue eyes, making them one of the gorgeous coat colors you should choose. 



Brown Australian Shepherds are frequently mistaken as red Aussies. If you also feel confused, you are not alone. Many pet owners have the same experience. 

Even if these coat colors look similar, they are different, especially when looking closely at them. 

What’sWhat’s the difference, though? Brown Australian Shepherds have fur that can be compared to light tree barks. Some may also look darker, like chocolate. 

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Unlike the tri-colored Australian Shepherds, they do not have tan or white markings. 

Black White and Tan 

Aside from the blue merle, black, white, and tan is another coat color combination common in Australian Shepherds. 

Their main coats are black with tan and white markings. The tan, in particular, is on the paws, face, and neck. The white markings, on the contrary, are on the limbs and the chest. You can also find white markings on the face and neck. 

Even if this coat color combination is common, it is pricey, so prepare your pocket. But having a pet like an Aussie Shepherd is worth it. 

Black and Tan 

For our 9th spot, we have a black and tan Australian Shepherd. Their distribution of markings and color combination is often compared to a German Shepherd, which is understandable. 

Their coat is mainly black, including their tail, head, torso, and limbs. 

On the other hand, the tan coat appears on the belly and neck. They look like large patches. What’s more; their face may also have tan fur. But the tan is not as big as the rest. It is like a dot. 


Self-Red Merle 

We usually hear blue merle Australian Shepherds. But there are also red merle Aussies. Like the former, red merle Australian Shepherds do not have white markings. 

What they have is an off-white or grayish coat with some red markings throughout their body. 

These red marks vary in size and shape. The largest red mark appears on the torso. The smaller ones are on the limbs and the face. 

If you want a unique-looking Aussie Shepherd, this one got you covered. But studies show that any merle dogs are prone to health issues. So, do not forget to visit your veterinarian. 


Have you asked some of your friends about the best Aussie Shepherd coat color? Do the majority of them refer a brindle Australian Shepherd? It is no wonder as this breed is relatively gorgeous. 

They have black stripes on their red or brown fur, giving them a tiger-like appearance. These stripes are typically seen on their torso. You can also find some dark patches on the limbs and face at the same time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit a pet center and find a brindle, Aussie Shepherd! 


Self-Blue Merle 

Another recognized coat color of the Australian Shepherd is the self-blue merle. How are they different from the rest, though? 

Most tri-colored Australian Shepherds have white and tan markings. But this one does not have, making them unique from the blue merle variation. 

Self-blue merle Australian Shepherds have a white main coat. Sometimes, they have dilute black and mottled spots. 

Another primary characteristic of self-blue merle Aussie Shepherds is blue eyes because of the merle gene. But research revealed that the merle gene is linked to ear and vision problems. 


Who said sable coat color is only common to dogs such as Pug, Sheepdog, English Bulldog, English Mastiff, Dachshund, and Belgian Malinois? 

This coat color is also famous to Australian Shepherds. Like the other breeds, sable Aussie Shepherds have black tips on their red, tan, or brown hair strands, making them rare. 

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Sometimes, these black tips spare the white areas of the coat. Also, this sable trait may appear on some bicolored Australian Shepherds, including white and red. 

So, what’s your thought? Look for a sable Aussie Shepherd today!



Aussie Shepherds in this category may have a light-yellow coat. But this is not always the case. Others may have a deeper yellow like a Golden Retriever. 

This is because of a yellow recessive gene. Since it is recessive, both parents must have the E-locus gene to have pups with this coat color. 

How about their health? Similar to other types of Australian Shepherd dogs, they are a strong breed. But a frequent and proper medical checkup is something you should not miss. 

Blue Merle and White 

Blue merle and white Aussie Shepherds are often mistaken as Husky at a young age. But when they age, you could already see the difference. 

The base coat is a blue merle with some white markings. These white marks are often seen on the face, chest, legs, and other parts of the body. 

Some people, however, do not prefer a blue merle and white Aussie Shepherd for some reasons. Regardless of the color, this breed of dog can change your life for the best. They are loving and faithful. 

Fawn and White 

Among Aussie Shepherds, you perhaps have heard of fawn & white most of the time. Of course, you may begin to wonder how they are different from others. 

Australian Shepherds of this category have a fawn coat that looks like a lighter shade of brown or red. But this only happens when your pups inherit dilution genes. 

That’sThat’s not all. They may have merle markings. So, do not be surprised to have one in your litter.


Which Aussie Shepherd Colors are the Most Expensive? 

Generally, dogs with less common coat colors can cause you a big fortune. But Aussie Shepherds are not like that. 

Although they are common, Australian Shepherds with red and blue merle coats can cost you an arm or a leg because they are strikingly beautiful and unique. 

Despite the coat color, blue and red merle Aussie Shepherds are a good companion you can ever have. They are smart and would enjoy whatever training you give them at the end of the day. 

How Much Do Merle Aussie Shepherds Cost? 

Australian Shepherds can cause a dent in your savings account. The rate may range from $800 to $1500. But the price may be higher depending on the dog’s lineage, color, and breeder as well.

While it is enticing to take advantage of Aussie Shepherds available at a low price, be willing to spend more. In addition, rely on a trustworthy and reliable breeder. 

What’s Next? 

Have you already chosen a particular Australian Shepherd coat color? If yes, we are sure you made the right choice. So, what’s next? You can now look for a certified and reputable breeder near you or online for your peace of mind. 

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