Australian Shepherd Shedding: How Much Do Aussies Shed?

Australian Shepherd makes an excellent pet for the family. This breed of dog is affectionate, loyal, and full of energy that makes them perfect for homes with open space.

Like any dog breed, Australian Shepherd comes with an array of advantages and disadvantages, and one of the flaws of this awesome animal is shedding.

Does Australian Shepherd shed a lot? Yes, this breed of dog is shed year-round. However, when he loses his fur in the Fall and Spring, the hair files everywhere, particularly when coat blowing occurs.

Fur blowing is when the dog switches from winter fur to summer fur. Both fur layers shed, therefore new growth of coat comes in. You’ll have an explosion of fur.

This breed of dog shed because they possess a double coat. Your Australian Shepherd coat is waterproof and double-layered, which is perfect for where this dog came from. The outer hair is medium length and can be wavy or straight.


Australian Shepherd Topcoat

The topcoat is the outer layer of hair that you see, and this never sheds. This protects the dog’s skin from insects, dirt, harsh UV rays, and direct heat. This is coarser and has a water-resistant property to assist the dog comfortably during cold seasons.

Australian Shepherd Undercoat

The undercoat is the soft layer of hair that you see. It is right next to his skin and serves as insulation. It does an excellent job of keeping the dog warm during the cold season, and it sheds.

As the climate becomes hotter, it is ordinary for the undercoat to blow out, only leaving the topcoat. This enables the dog to keep cool in the hot season by expelling body heat.

As the winter season approaches, his undercoat sheds less to insulate his skin and, at the same time, keep the body heat.

What Are the Factors that Affect the Level of Shedding?

Various factors affect the level of shedding at different instances. One important thing to remember is that you must avoid or clip your Aussie, thinking that will assist with his shedding, but it won’t. It will just make the coat your pet does shed shorter. You just clip or shade your dog’s hair if he is experiencing a medical condition.


1. Kind of Coat

The coat of your pet can come in an array of shades to select from. His hair can be red merle, blue merle, black, tricolors, red, tan, and black.

A merle hair is a stunning mixture of dark blotches as opposed to a lighter background. Therefore, if you have a blue merle dog, your dog would have black matches on grey. If you have read merle dog, he has red patches of shade on beige. As your dog ages, its color becomes darker.

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Some Australian Shepherds have tan and white markings. Some have hairs that are easier to maintain and upkeep. Dogs bred for the show are likely to have longer hair than those bred to work.

Australian Shepherd dogs can be wavy or short and are medium in length. However, diverse parts of the body differ in length. For instance, the hair on the ears, below hocks, head, and forelegs is shorter and smoother.

2. Underlying Medical Issues

If your dog is shedding a lot, there can be an underlying medical reason. Your Aussie can have a very serious inflammatory skin illness, or he is suffering from a fungal, parasitic, and bacterial infection that causes too much shedding. Allergies or hypothyroidism are just two of the many reasons why your dog sheds a lot.

3. Whether or Season

When spring, there’ll be fur everywhere as your pet’s present two costs grow into new hair growth. The same occurs during the summer season, and your pet will shed for the forthcoming winter growth. You have to know that there is no means to stop your pet from shedding; it comes with the territory.


4. Baths

Even if your pet enjoys playing outside, he will get grimy. However, you must just bathe your dog when it is particularly muddy or dirty. If you take him a bath a lot, it will deplete his fur of natural oils and cause his fur to become brittle and skin to dry out.

5. Heat Cycle

Once you own a female Aussie and she is pregnant, your dog can have short-term hair loss during the period of pregnancy.

Could My Aussie Dog Shedding be Due to Health Problems


Shedding is considered a normal body function. On the other hand, too much shedding is usually an indication which an underlying medical issue exists. Aside from poor nutrition, there are many other reasons for too much shedding condition. Here they are:

1. Allergy

Serious inflammation due to allergies can result in skin itching and damage.

2. Fleas

Fleas are one of the most common reasons for Aussies losing their coat. The bites damage the skin and result in itching. Some Aussies have allergic reactions which cause serious itching as well as secondary skin infections.

3. Issues in Hormone

Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s, or other hormonal diseases can result in coat loss or hair thinning patches. You can prevent this parasite by utilizing oral medication or topical treatment. Natural flea treatment is also accessible.

4. Skin Infections

This type of infection is the same as allergies and cause skin infections that can lead to itchiness. Pathogens can result in skin as well as hair damage.

  • Parasites: This is another common parasite that can cause hair loss to pets. Mites cause many forms of mange that can result in whole-body coat loss. 
  • Lactation or Pregnancy: Female Aussie, most of the time, shed too much before and after pregnancy. Do not be excessively concerned; usually, the fur begins to redevelop in 1 to 2 months, but it might take many months for the hair replacement to be finished. 
  • Stress: Stress is also one factor that can cause shedding. Always monitor your Aussie to know what is stressing him out. These are conditions that can cause too much shedding. If the coat of your Aussie is thinning a lot, he or she must be brought to the vet. 
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If your Aussie has bald patches, or he loses too much hair or is continuously scratching, make sure to bring him to the vet as fast as possible. 

What Other Reasons Why Australian Shepherds Shed Excessively


Your Aussie dog is from a long line of renowned herding dogs in Europe. Despite the name, this dog breed did not end up in Australia. Like other working breeds of dogs with double-layered ad waterproof coats, which is ideal for the cold weather of the Pyrenees Mountains where it came from.

This dog has an outer coat that is of med-length in the event of Aussie and can be straight or wavy. The weather-resistant layer will keep your Aussie dog from becoming too hot in hot seasons and very cold in winter.

He has a dense and soft coat and differs with the weather to insulate him. An Australian Shepherd will shed too much year-round. On the other hand, this will look like nothing opposed to the amount they shed during the fall and spring.

Can Nutrition Affect the Shedding of Australian Shepherd?


A poor or unbalanced diet can affect the look of the fur and lead to the following conditions:

  • Dander
  • Too much shedding
  • Dry and Dull coat

Some of these issues might be addressed by switching to a high-quality and healthier dog diet. The switch must be done as a slow transition to keep away from the digestive issue. For about seven days, you will gradually increase the amount of new diet to the old diet.

Is Hydration Vital for My Aussie Dogs Fur?

Your dog’s hair becomes brittle and dries that resulting in breakage as well as too much shedding. Your Australian Shepherd must have access 24 hours and seven days a week to clean water and ensure your dog is drinking a lot.

If your dog is not drinking sufficient water, you can use an auto-dog watering bowl. It will give your dog a constant flow of clean and fresh water.

How to Deal with Australian Shepherds Coat Shedding

Regular grooming is considered a superb way to deal with shedding. Brushing your dog weekly or bi-weekly will eliminate dead hair as well as debris and can avoid matting and tangles.

Also, this will spread natural oils in his coat to keep it healthy and look silky smooth. If the coat becomes knotted, you might need to go to a groomer to get rid of them.

This breed of dog is one of the active and energetic dogs. They love playing and working outdoors; therefore, it is not unusual for this dog to get grimy and dirty. However, taking him a bath must be reserved for when he is mucky.

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Aussie Dog Coat Care

Bathing often can deplete his coat of its natural oils, leading to dry skin and brittle fur. Makes use of a high-velocity dryer when drying his coat and ensures to blow his fur in the way you wish it to lay. Running the hairdryer back and forth quickly just causes the hair to tangle.

Grooming will become an everyday chore during the shedding period to keep on top of that excess hair. You can use an undercoat rake to reach in his thick double coat to eliminate dead hair. You can untangle his outer coat by using a slicker brush. It is also advisable to invest in a vacuum intended to suck dog hair.

Australian Shepherds Haircuts

Avoid shaving or clipping his coat unless it is needed for medical reasons. Clipping will not lessen shedding but will just make his hair shorter. The lush coat of your Aussie plays a significant role in controlling his body temperature all through the year.

His outer coat is water-resistant, and clipping will just leave it prone to being wet when winter comes. During hot seasons, it will leave his skin unprotected from UV rays that can lead to sunburn. When he is clipped, there is no assurance that the coat will grow back completely and normally.

Once the hair on his legs is fluffy and long, you can use a thinning scissor to cut them. Just cut one-third of the fringe and make sure to follow the curve of his coat for a natural appearance.

Can I Use Supplements to Help Stop From Shedding?


There are lots of supplements for dogs that can boost the quality of their hair or coat. Some of the best supplements available are as follows:

  • Omega 6 Fatty Acids

This type of acid is often common in the dog’s balanced diet. They play a vital role in keeping the coat and skin healthy. Usually, you don’t need to supplement Omega 6 as your pet perhaps gets a good amount of dog food and treats.

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

This is also a common supplement to improve the quality of his coat. Usually, it is derived from highly palatable fish oils. This is thought to assist with skin conditions, arthritis, cognitive function, immune health, and a whole lot more.

It is vital to know that it takes three to four months to see the utmost perks of this supplement. Keep in mind to talk about the right dosage for your pet with the veterinary as high dosage can cause issues.

Does Australian Shepherd Shed Too Much?

There is no question that this breed of dog shed too much. In the fall and spring, they shed a lot once they lose their summer or winter coats. Grooming regularly will lessen loose coats somewhat.

Equipping yourself with the right grooming equipment will help a lot as well. Keep in mind that shedding is natural for all breeds of dogs, and there is nothing we can do to end this.

Other breeds will shed less than the Aussie; however, any canine with a double layer coat will shed too much.

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