Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Toy Poodle Dog

Are you searching for a toy dog breed but do not know what to choose? Toy poodles are the most coveted breeds for a reason. 

People love them because of their sweet smile and personality. They are affectionate and loyal, making them one of the best pals you can adopt. 

Apart from that, here are the other reasons you should have a toy poodle dog: 

1. A Smart Dog for Difficult Tricks


Toy poodles are not only full of energy but also smart. Studies have indicated that toy poodles are the second most intelligent dog.

Generally, they understand a new command after a few repetitions. 

But because of their higher intelligence, they quickly get bored. So, it would be tricky to keep toy poodles engaged during training.

Of course, you may find the process complicated, especially if you are a beginner. 

While there are many factors to bear in mind, teach your toy poodles their name at a young age. As they show mastery, train them to sit, stay, and lie down. 

These are easy, but you have to be consistent with your training to guarantee lasting retention. 

If they know how to perform the basic commands, house training is something you cannot afford to miss.

Unlike the basic commands, house training is not as easy as you think. It requires a lot of patience and dedication. 

2. Shedding is Not a Problem


Like other animals, poodles shed. But compared to Golden Retrievers, Alaskan Malamute, and other dogs, toy poodles are a low shedding breed.

Why do toy poodles shed less than other dogs? It’s because of their curly and dense single coat. 

On the other hand, doable coated dogs shed more than breeds with a single coat. Their undercoats also undergo seasonal shedding. 

One of the advantages of low shedding breeds is that they are hypoallergenic. They produce less dander, making them easier to tolerate for mild and severe allergies.

More than that, toy poodles won’t shower you with dust. You can also say bye to a ton of hair on your couch, carpet, bed, and other corners of your home. 

Although they require regular grooming, you would enjoy the process without too many problems. 

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3. Reputed for their Strong Sense of Immunity 


Toy poodles may appear weak because of their size. But the truth is that they are known for their strong sense of immunity. 

As a pet owner, you perhaps have visited your vet often. Toy poodles, on the contrary, are a different breed. 

Since they are a hypoallergenic dog, they are generally not prone to infections and severe allergies. 

But that does not mean toy poodles are not vulnerable to other diseases. Common health issues in poodles include bloating, Addison’s disease, thyroid problems, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy. 

How to protect your cute toy poodles against some of these health conditions? Proper nutrition is one of the most crucial aspects of pet ownership. 

When looking for dog food, be sure it is composed of proteins, water, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, and vitamins. 

Also, it is wise to visit your veterinarian regularly. 

4. They have Extroverted and Contagious Personality


What makes toy poodles popular among pet owners in the US and other countries worldwide is that they have a great sense of humor. 

Every time they wag their tales and smile, they will make you laugh, changing your mood and perspective.

They can also serve as a perfect therapy dog recommended by experts and other pet owners. 

Toy poodles are extremely friendly and affectionate. They would love to cuddle you every day for sure.

They also enjoy mingling and playing with other dogs and even cats in your home, depending on they are raised and trained. 

Training toy poodles at a young age are always advisable. Yes, it is going to be a long process. But with patience and discipline, everything will be possible. 

If you have tried training toy poodles but ended up stressed and unhappy with the result, nothing can beat the services of a certified pet trainer. 

5. Travel-Friendly


It hurts whenever you need to leave your toy poodles at home every time you go on a long journey. 

Say bye to that dreadful feeling of leaving your poodles at home because you can bring them whenever you go. 

Yes, toy poodles are travel-friendly. With their size, poodles are easy to carry, helping you avoid any lower or back pain after a few hours of traveling. 

If you are going out of town in your car, you have to prepare your toy poodles for a long and stressful car ride

You can choose from booster seats, crates, kennels, and doggy seat belts. It is also necessary to bring enough water and food.

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If you run out of supply along with your escapade, there are stores you can buy some essentials for your cute companions. 

If your toy poodles have not experienced a long car ride, prepare them ahead of time. 

6. Able to Live Long 

Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Toy Poodle Dog 1

It is painful when your pet dies at a young age. When they are on their last breath, you can’t help but feel more miserable. 

Are you looking for a dog with a long lifespan? Toy poodles will be your best bet because they can generally live from 14 to 18 years. 

Like other dogs, toy poodles are prone to different health problems, and the right nutrition can come into play.

To help your toy poodles live a happy and long life, be sure to feed them the healthiest food possible.

If you are a first-time pet owner and do not know what to feed your toy poodle, ask the breeder, a close friend, or a veterinarian. 

Also, let them drink clean water, brush their teeth accordingly, provide them with some exercise routines, visit your vet, and neuter them. 

7. Perfect for Your Apartment


One of the factors to consider when trying to adopt a dog is how large your space is. 

If you live in an apartment and want a German Shepherd, Beagle, Border Collies, Chihuahua, Labrador, or Malamute, find other breeds instead. 

Toy poodles are among the dogs ideal for apartment living. They do not need a large space because they will be happy to sit beside you all day long. 

Besides their small size, toy poodles are loyal, active, and highly intelligent. They also respond to commands and do well in agility or obedience training

What wouldn’t you like about toy poodles? They have everything that every pet owner looks for, from their affectionate personality to their high energy level. 

If your toy poodles excessively bark every day, you can correct this behavior thru proper training.

You can also hire an experienced professional to make your life easier and simpler than ever. 

8. Available in a Range of Colors 


Another advantage of toy poodles is that they come in different colors, including apricot, sable, red, blue, silver, brown, and black. 

If you want apricot toy poodles but don’t know how to find one, look for distinct physical characteristics like black noses and dark toenails.

Also, rely on certified and experienced dog breeders for your peace of mind. 

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Another excellent color to consider is sable. Compared to other options, sable toy poodles are unique. They have black-tipped strands of hair with a differently colored coat base. 

As a pup, the black color is strong. But it fades as the poodle’s age. Since they are rare, sable toy poodles are expensive. So, prepare your pocket. 

However, red toy poodles are the most stunning color, coveted, and rarest. They are a breed of dog that you can boast to your close friends and colleagues. 

9. Easy and Fun to Style to Suit Their Personality


Like the standard and miniature, tiny poodles are easy to style. The puppy clip is one of the favorites among pet owners. What is it?

The puppy clip allows the toy’s poodle coat to remain lengthy. But the tail’s base, face, throat, and feet are shaved. Coat shaping is also allowed. 

The continental clip is another popular style for toy poodles. Like the puppy clip, this style leaves the throat, base of the tail, face, and feet shaved.

The hindquarters and legs are usually shaved. In the ankles, there are tufts of hair. There are also pompom puffs on the forelegs’ lower region. 

Whatever the style you want for your toy poodles, a capable and certified groomer will be of great help. 

10. A Perfect Play Pal


Toy poodles also serve as a fantastic play pal. With their intelligence and high energy level, they always want to play with people. They love games and other activities you give them every day. 

For a boring day, toy poodles can be a lifesaver. They would make you smile and laugh.

They would enjoy being with you every hour, making them the best companion you can ever have. 

When playing indoors, vary your games. Hide and Seek is fun. But doing it every day can be tedious.

You can try games like Find the TreatsTug of War, and other indoor games.

Also, provide them with something to play with, including chew toys, teething toys, treat-dispensing toys, and more. 

So, what is your thought? If you are hesitant to have toy poodles, they are indeed a great pet you should have.

They are smart, easy to train, adaptable, and strong despite their small size. They are also affectionate and friendly.

But before adopting toy poodles, be sure you love what you do. Plus, you know how to take good care of them, from food, shelter, nutrition to grooming.

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