Top Ten Benefits of Having a Toy Poodle Dog

Dog lovers unite, the debate has been settled once, and for all, the best dog to own is the poodle, and that’s the universal verdict.


You may ask why this particular dog has been awarded such an esteemed position, well here are ten scientifically researched and proven facts as to why these adorable “walking clouds” are the best breed to own.

1. They are knowledgeable

They are the second most smart breeds right after the Border collie, although some researchers argue that the poodle’s intelligence is no match to a Collie’s, we are going to let the Collie win this round.

The poodle remains unparalleled in many other ways.

2. They do not shed over time


Ever had to deal with a family member who kept denying you the pleasure of owning a dog because they have “allergies”?

Well, you can cross that argument off the list because Poodles are hypoallergenic Dogs. They do not shed and hence do not leave dander on your furniture or your floors.

Their lack of saliva production is also a major contributing factor.

In the case of most dogs, their saliva is known to contain a bacterium that triggers allergies for highly sensitive people.

3. They have a strong sense of immunity


One of the most tiresome things a dog owner has to endure is the time to time visits to the veterinary hospital.

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Post the age of 5, and it is recommended by most veterinarians to increase the dog’s annual checkups because they are prone to a lot of infections and diseases.

With poodles, we do not have the constant dread hanging over us because they have fantastic immunity.

This is where the hypoallergenic part plays a vital role because, unlike other dogs, they are not prone to allergies or infections that may be caused due to insects or mites that infest their bodies.

This is also a plus because they live longer, goodbyes are never easy, but at least we are buying ourselves time.

4. The training and maintenance is not that tough

Poodles are the best dogs to train. They are natural athletes and love to play.

They quickly learn how to follow instructions, and they’re preference as show dogs are higher in comparison, because of their ability to adapt to the environment.

They are well behaved and loyal.

It is also quite cheap to maintain them since they do not need to visit the vet every so often, it is easy enough to give them a trim from time to time.

5. They are extremely friendly


Poodles get along with every other animal, including the assumed enemy of dogs, cats.

If you are someone who is a non-dog owner, you needn’t worry when buying a poodle because its ability to adapt quickly will make your life much more comfortable.

6. You can travel with them anytime

Dog owners could all relate to the absolute dreadful feeling of leaving your pet at home when you have to go long hours.

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It may not be the ideal situation to drag your dog along with you on long trips because they tend to get sick.

It makes it harder to look into those puppy eyes and tell them to stay while you leave feeling miserable.

With poodles, you don’t have to put yourself or your dog through that. They are travel-friendly and do not get restless during extended hours.

Especially teacup poodles, which are easy to carry because of their size.

Haven’t they already proven they are the best dogs?

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons as to why they are the absolute best.

7. They have a lot of beauty


The breed of standard poodles is known for their beauty, which is why they are preferred as show dogs.

You can shape and style their fur; however, you see fit, and they will outshine all the other dogs.

8. Least aggressive breed

Their lack of aggressiveness may be a disadvantage to some, but most owners seek a family-friendly dog that also mingles well with small children.

Dogs instinctively know how to react around small children, but sometimes they may out of momentary aggression hurt the minor child by accident, with poodles the chances of wild assault are very slim because they are very calm breed.

9. They come in different shapes and sizes

Their cuteness level is unmatched, plus they come in five different shapes and sizes…. five!

The toy poodle, the standard poodle, the miniature poodle, the Klein poodle, and the teacup poodle.

All these poodles aren’t different breeds, and they vary in the sizes. If ever you’re stuck wondering what type of dog you want to buy, you have five options to look into.

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10. They are photogenic


Last but not least, perhaps the most crucial benefit in this day and age that we need to mention.

Poodles are incredibly photogenic. Do you want to increase your Instagram fans by posting a cute puppy picture?

Well, they are ready for you; from every angle, they ooze unmatched cuteness. There is practically no competition.

Is a poodle a good pet?

There you have it ten reasons as to why you should genuinely consider buying a poodle and how it will benefit you in the long run.

Dogs are the most precious beings on earth. Theirs is the purest form of love. The fantastic qualities of a poodle aren’t unequaled.

They have the upper hand in terms of how beneficial they are to us.

The other dog breeds are all beautiful and pure in their way, and we must learn how to respect our pets (and all animals) because they teach us lessons every day.

To conclude, Poodles are beautiful breeds, and they are lovely to own.

We must always keep in mind that owning a pet is not an easy task, so before you decide to buy a pet, you must ask yourself if you are ready to undertake this responsibility.

Only if you think you are in the right headspace in life to keep a pet must you only buy it, otherwise, postpone your pet ownership plans for a later date when you are fully prepared. Love your dogs and be kind to them.

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