Top 10 Benefits of Pomeranian Dog Breeds

The fact that you’re reading this article means that you are perhaps the proud owner of a Pomeranian or are soon to become one.

A Pomeranian is the right choice for a family pet, and these dogs aren’t just cute but are also fun-loving and extremely smart. 

What is Pomeranian?

Pomeranian is a small dog weighing three to seven pounds, 8-12 inches in height, short nose, and wedge head.

The color can be different depending on the fur’s shade. They have a copious double coat, while the outer layer is made of long hair with a super thick downy undercoat.

They are available in different colors with a long-haired tail. Pomeranians are dainty dogs with the front evocative of a fox, whereas, from the back, they appear like an enormous ball of feathers with legs. 


History of Pomeranian 

Pomeranian is a descendant of the Arctic dogs, which used to be sleigh or sled pullers, even if they were initially bigger than the breed as we know them at this point, weighing some 28-33 pounds.

During her trip to Italy, Queen Victoria fell in love with Pomeranian and brought it to England.

It’s Queen Victoria that bred Pomeranian down to today’s size, so even if they come from the Arctic, the dog as we know then at this point was, in fact, a product of the UK.

Queen Victoria is also renowned for having entered these dogs into shows.

Pomeranian became an admired pet and was owned by renowned people like Marie Antoinette, Mozart, and Queen Victoria.

Pomeranians were first recognized in the year 1888 by the AKC.

What are the Benefits of Having Pomeranian as a Pet?


If it is the right time to purchase a pet dog for your family or home, there are many breeds to select from.

Each breed of dog has its requirements and needs; therefore, you must get the one you can properly.

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From diet, size, and shedding to its everyday needs and expenses, you must be able to think of all vital aspects before bringing a pet into your home

One amazing breed of dog is the Pomeranian. This is considered a toy dog, having a very small size as one of its main features.

They are also fluffy and loved y many due to their cute and adorable facial features.

However, besides those inarguably tempting and appealing assets, there are some other reasons why having this dog is a remarkable thing. Keep on reading to know the benefits of having a Pomeranian dog

Due to their Small Size, They are Ideal for Those with Limited Space 

One of the main benefits of having this dog is that it is the perfect choice for those with limited space or living in a condo or apartment.

Moreover, you don’t need a big or wide backyard. That is something that many pet owners have to think of when getting a pet.

Pomeranians can stay inside your house. Still, you need to ensure that you have sufficient area for your dog to play and exercise

1. Unique Temperament 


If you are looking for smart and intelligent dogs, Pomeranian is a perfect choice.

Pomeranians are proud, intelligent well as very loyal eggs, which are usually eager to learn—provided that the overall breed’s Temperament is affectionate and laidback in nature.

They are extremely popular in the toy dog breeds. This breed of dog has an active and curious disposition, and it’s an independent and free-thinking dog.

As for these tendencies, it’s needed to have a serious but gentle approach to training.

If overindulged, Pomeranians can become domineering, even if cute and fragile. This breed of dog is robust for essentially taken over your home.

While they need a daily workout, because of the size, this isn’t a chore as it doesn’t need to be walked great distances.

Normal play session can take care of a part of their exercise needs and requirements. 

2. Doesn’t Consume Too Much Food 

white teacup pomeranian dog

Research reveals that purchasing a Pomeranian is about USD800 to USD4000.

The cost is a little higher; however, the good news is that Pomeranian doesn’t eat a lot. It is not like a bigger breed of dogs that need more food intake to sustain their bodies’ needs.

Smaller breeds of dogs like this do not need so much daily consumption. Puppies’ usual diet is two cups a day, while adults need one-half cups for each pound of their weight. 

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3. Easily Available 

Pomeranians are one of the easiest breeds of dog to find in the market or pet shops.

A lot of pet stores, as well as adoption facilities, have this breed of dogs.

They aren’t considered a rare pet, so you shouldn’t have any issues looking for this cute, loveable, and adorable dog anywhere you are. 

4. They Are Very Friendly 


This breed of dog is playful, very active, and outgoing dogs, which can form a platonic, harmonious form of relationship with other pets.

Even if this dog’s friendliness is a remarkable factor, these small and very cute puppies shouldn’t be around young kids as they might not be handled gently.  

5. Endearing Companionship 

Pomeranian is a remarkable lap dog. This breed of dog is extremely loving and caring, and the affection this dog offers make you feel that they are more than willing to be your companion or lifetime buddy.

Having this breed of dog around your home makes you feel at ease and relax while reading your preferred book and watching your favorite movie. 

6. They are Watchful Breed of Dogs 

Yes, you are right; this breed of dog is a good watchdog. This is very bright, attentive as well as energetic.

Don’t get tricked by the small size as this dog pack a mean, they loud bark once they sense something is wrong inside the house.

Pomeranians are a clever breed, alerting you if someone is at your backyard or doorstep. 

7. Athletic Breed 


This is one of the most energetic breeds of dogs. They are likely to possess high energy levels and compete in dog shows or sports.

Pomeranians excel in agility, freestyle, tracking as well as obedience. 

8. Prone to Break Items in Your Home 

Another remarkable thing about this dog is that it is less prone to break items in your home as it is very small.

This breed of the dog leaves smaller messes once it ends up going while indoors.

9. Not Prone to Fat or Obesity

This is an active bunch and can get most of the exercise needs easily met by keeping indoors.

Of course, you need to take this dog for walks now and then, but it is nice to know he would not tend to get fat as many other breeds of dog.

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10. Cheap to Medicate

cute teacup pomeranian dog

Pomeranians are cheaper to medicate than bigger or larger breeds.

Other Advantages Offered by Pomeranian Dog

  • Pomeranians are very cute and are known as big personalities in a small and miniature dog.
  • Pomeranians are miniature and easily meet the restrictions for hotels and airplanes.
  • This breed of dog does not require lots of space and makes a remarkable condo and apartment dog.
  • Pomeranians are very light, only weigh three to 10 pounds, making this dog easy and stress-free to carry around.
  • This breed of dog never drags you around if you go for strolls since this is very light.

Despite the many benefits this dog offers, it also comes with some small drawbacks, such as training challenges as they are an independent-minded breed.

Possible owners have to be ready to be patient during obedience training. They are small and can be vulnerable around young kids.

This is one of the disadvantages related to this small breed of dog. Pomeranians make remarkable companion dogs for seniors and families with older and sensible kids.

They love to bark, which is also an issue for those living in a condo or apartment.

Pomeranians have a very fluffy double coat that needs daily care.

Pomeranian is a high maintenance breed that is ideal for owners who do not mind the high grooming requirements of this demanding breed of dog. 

Pomeranians are precisely a top option breed with regards to pet dogs. Yes, this breed has its share of undesirable features.

However, you have many reasons to outweigh the disadvantages and make you love this dog even more.



As a whole, Pomeranians offer lots of benefits. They have an upbeat and active temperament and are the best companions, which require lots of attention from the owners.

This dog offers unconditional love and affection to his or her family. They are bus, small dogs that love to be involved in the whole thing around them.

Despite their small size, they are active and love long walks. They are alert as well as protective character.

They make good and reliable watchdogs and ready to let owners approach strangers with a loud bark.

They are smart and fast to learn; however, their independent Temperament makes Pomeranian rather hard to train.

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