Best 12 Mixed Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens

If you are a senior and interested in getting a fur friend, age alone shouldn’t be a factor that must stop you from owning a dog. On the other hand, factors associated with your lifestyle and wellbeing can affect your capability to care for a pet properly.

With lots of mixed dog breeds or crossbreeds out there, you can find a mixed breed of dog that suits best your lifestyle and abilities, despite your age. However, you have to ensure you can meet or give your dog’s needs like health care, food, grooming, and exercise.

Certain crossbreeds of dogs are perfect for a more relaxed lifestyle which is ideal for seniors. Also, remember that dogs can live from ten to fifteen years, so you need to consider this as well.

Here are the best dog crossbreeds ideal for seniors. You better check this out if you plan to buy one or plan to purchase a gift to seniors. 

1. Pomchi


Pomchi is just nine inches tall, however, considered a tough pup. This dog adores his master and will do the whole thing to be with him. If taken care of properly, this can live up to 18 years. 

This cute and lovely dog loves to play. This just needs a couple of minutes outdoors. You can leave him alone with his toys. This makes a perfect dog for seniors living in an apartment. 

Porches require a special diet, which includes dry kibble. The fur has to be combed twice a week using a gentle brush. A regular dental checkup is also vital to keep him happy and healthy. 

2. Dameranian 

dameranian dachshund pomeranian mix dog

Dameranian is a perfect dog for an older adult. This breed of dog is small with a slender body and a slight head like his parent. As a mixture of Pomeranian, this dog is relatively loyal and alert. 

Damaranian also develops a fondness for strangers and other pets. But he will put his master first. This dog grows up to fifteen inches and has a lifespan of 12 to fifteen years.

He loved to run around chasing mice or toys. This is an active dog so that it can work up an appetite. He requires a strict diet of 2 meals per day and snacks in between. 

When it comes to training, this dog is very trainable. However, it would help if you showed him that you are the master. But don’t be harsh as he has a fragile ego. You need to be very patient during training and provide treats for the whole thing he does right. 

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3. Shiranian 


Shiranian a crossbreed between the Pomeranian and Shi Tzu. Loyal, adorable, and small, these dogs got some of the best features from their parents. 

This makes a good companion pup for almost anyone; however, older adults would most likely be a perfect match. This breed of dog loves humans who pamper and give time to him.

It is a very versatile dog and can survive in all types of environments- apartments, small country houses, or family homes. 

A big family or single person just ensures your dog gets enough attention and love. He must never be kept outside and will need a regular checkup, grooming sessions, and dental cleaning.

4. Puggle


Puggle, a perfect dog for older adults as of the remarkable company puggle offer. Since they are considered one of the smaller crossbreeds of dogs, they can live comfortably in small senior housing. They are very affectionate and have a sweet temperament as well.

This lovely crossbreed has floppy ears, and his wrinkly nose comes from a pug parent. But, he might also have the persistence of both parents with regards to training.

This breed of dog is smart and very active, social, curious, and normally getting along well with humans and dogs.

They choose to spend time with their master and must not let alone for long hours. This breed of dog also needs a daily workout and enjoys going for a short walk outside.

This breed of dog loves to get along with human beings, especially seniors and kids, to make a good family companion. You need to be aware that puggle might enjoy or love barking, and even if they are very loving and smart, they are not always want to please with regards to training.

5. Cockapoo


Another ideal crossbreed ideal for seniors is a cockapoo. This is a tiny dog that adapts to all living environments. Cockapoo has a laid-back disposition can be trained easily.

With the best diet, this dog can get by with less exercise than many dogs, and the amount needed is small enough to support senior owners to get out for their exercise daily with no pressure and strain. This might assist keep both the owners and pup unstressed and healthy.

In general, the cockapoo is a slow-shedding dog. A lot of cockapoos are scarcely shed at all. They have hair rather than fur, and small of that hair comes off between grooms.

Also, this can encourage the company, which comes from brushing the dog, to keep clean and unmated between grooming. Older adult owners will also acquire the added perk of a day out once taking this dog out to a groomer.

This is also a very loving and smart dog. They will aim to gratify in all aspects of training as well as learn amazingly fast. A cockapoo is quick to wave a tail and loves to be around people. Even if this is available in various sizes, with seniors looking, you are able o find a good match and bring so much fun and happiness to the whole family.

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6. Sprocker Spaniel


Sprocker Spaniel is a sweet breed of dog which loves their owners and each person he encounters. Both the English and American varieties make an amazing family pet.

However, is cocker spaniel an ideal dog for seniors? Well, the answer is yes. Older adults will find that this dog works well with their way of life, even if there are some possible hiccups they must be aware of.

This breed of dog is ideal for seniors who can brush their dog every day or have regular professional grooming weekly. This is also ideal for seniors who can exercise their dog for half an hour a day and seniors who aren’t searching for a service dog or a guard dog.

A sprocket spaniel is a mix of two renowned spaniel breeds such as cocker spaniels and springer spaniels. This might look like a new mixture of pure breed, but it goes back to when cocker and springer were selected from similar litters based on the size.

Sprocker often got their parent’s high work drive and energy and made remarkable working and nimbleness dogs.

This breed of dog is very friendly provided that he was socialized properly when puppies. You can look forward to your cocker getting along well with family and strangers as well. The deep love for and a desire to satisfy humans is a remarkable perk for older adults, as it also makes them simple to train.

7. Goldendoodle

Miniature Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Dog

Another remarkable pet for seniors is the Goldendoodle. If there are seniors in the family suffering from allergies, then this one of the best choices. A golden retriever and a poodle mix, the golden Poodle, is a very smart and playful companion.

They got golden curly fur, which can have hypoallergenic properties, and love their master bits. If you live in an apartment, condo, or any place with limited space, then this one is for you.

8. Cavachon


Cavachon is a perfect pet for older adults. This is a small breed of dog whose parents are a Bichon Frise and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They keep their puppy-like look well into maturity and love to spend quality time with their masters, whether lying on a sofa or outside playing in the backyard.

This dog inherits a hypoallergenic fir from Bichon Frise that makes it ideal for seniors suffering from any types of allergies. They are also small, making them a perfect choice for seniors living in a flat or a smaller home.

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9. Springer

Best 12 Mixed Dog Breeds for Senior Citizens 1

This dog is a mix of two renowned pooches, the Labrador retriever and the Springer Spaniel. Also called the labradinger or the Spanador, these dogs grow relatively big and with a solid color.

Both parents have origins in retrieving, making a superb working dog and a loyal family companion, most particularly seniors who need safety and security inside the house. This is a good and reliable guard dog.  

10. Cavapoo

cavapoo cavaliers poodle mix dog breed

Cavapoo a seriously loving and cute pooch that keeps a real puppy-like look well into maturity or later life. This is a mix of a poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They have a remarkable temperament and low shedding fur, making them an ideal pet and companion and family dog, particularly for seniors suffering from allergies. They are playful as well as a small cute dog who is also very kid and adult-friendly.

11. Sollie

Sollie a very seriously clever and energetic puppy. This is a mix of a springer spaniel and border collie, inheriting a good wish to work along with lots of energy.

This breed of dog is specifically common as agility dogs due to their desire to satisfy and a strong connection with their master. Usually, this is a mid-size dog with marking common to their parents and fluffy ears usually inherited from springer spaniel parent.

12. Jackapoo


Jackapoo is considered a humble breed of dog. A mix between the clever or smart Poodle and the spunky Jack Russell Terrier, Jackapoo is a happy and energetic tiny puppy.

While they might inherit some obstinacy from their parents, they also get a clever feature of Poodle, which makes them simple to train and a good pet for seniors. They have a hypoallergenic coat which is ideal for people with allergies.


As a whole, these are just some of the best mix-breed of dogs ideal for older adults. But, remember that the best breed of dog for older adults takes account of a wide array of mix-breeds, both small and large.

These loveable and affectionate pups can give companionship, enjoyment, and entertainment for many years to come. Picking the best one is about knowing your needs and the needs of the dog you want to have.

Ensure you can give the grooming care and level of exercise needed for the pet you are considering. Also, it is vital to consider the disposition, age, and size of the dog you are adopting.

As you get older, it is essential to look for a way to connect. Getting a pet or dog is a superb way to look for companionship as well as keep active.

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