Top 21 Best Lap Dogs

What is better than sitting down on the comfy sofa with an adorable and cuddly dog on your lap? Perhaps you have considered getting a small or lap dog to bring home and be a part of the growing family, but you are not sure which one will meet your needs.

We have good news for you as we have done the job for you and have made a list of the best lap dogs, including enough information for you to know these fantastic small but terrible puppies.

Breed Characteristics

Pups that weigh about 20lbs or less are regarded as lap or small. Small lap breeds are incredibly compact, while some can be skinny and tall. Not all small breeds love being lapdogs, and some are energetic and can adapt to life in a small apartment, ensuring you choose one known for its calm demeanor.

A small breed dog often makes up for his size with a fantastic personality, which he gains from consistent training and positive reinforcement. Some small, low-energy pups still require daily exercise and activities to encourage the body and mind.

1. Yorkshire Terriers


With a height of seven to eight inches and only weighing 7lbs, Yorkshire Terriers is one of the most sought-after lap dog. They have a compact body, silky coat and are available in different colors like blue and tan, tan and black, and many others.

Many Yorkshire terriers enjoy sitting on their master’s laps and are fine with being cuddled and carried. However, they aren’t wimpy dogs and make up for the small stature with outstanding personalities.

They can be superb watchdogs, vocally announcing any movement in the house. They are affectionate buddies and don’t need a lot of space to get enough exercise.

2. Dachshund 


Weighing up to 32lbs and can grow up to 5 to 9 inches, Dachshund are the perfect lap dog to have. It has a low, long body, short legs with available colors such as black, red, chocolate, and many more.

This dog has lots of nicknames such as sausage dog, wiener dog, doxie, hot dog, and a whole lot more. Indeed, these names are more often than not associated with the distinct appearance of the breed.

Dachshund comes in miniature or standard size; the miniature is perfect for small dog fanatics. They are affectionate and sweet with their families but are wary of strangers.

3. Poodle


Poodles are available in various sizes such as toy, miniature, and standard. Toys grow up to 10 inches while miniature grows from ten to fifteen inches. When it comes to physical characteristics, they have a dense and curly coat and are available in black, brown, white, and apricot colors.

The smaller type is known for longevity together with intelligence and curly coats. This is a loving companion but requires activity to keep them busy.

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4. Shih Tzu


This dog is the poster child for lap pups that it is not surprising as the breed originated strictly as a buddy. They can weigh up to 16lbs and grow up to 11inches. They have long double coats, and colors include white, silver, blue and black.

5. Affenpinscher


This isn’t a terrier but had the job of one in seventeenth-century Germany. Their role was to eliminate pests inside the house and stables.

They look like Ewok due to the thick, rough, and hairy coat and are available in many colors, such as black and dark brown. This breed of dog is a fearless, devoted, affectionate, and stubborn dog from time to time.

6. Schnauzer 


The miniature schnauzer is a spunky lap dog with a very friendly character but a tough personality. You can easily recognize this dog by its signature bearded haircut. This has a strong sense of faithfulness and resentment toward its family.

7. Chihuahua 


This is considered one of the tiniest breeds of dogs worldwide, but it has amazing personalities. While loyal and lovable, this is also sassy and active with the main tough dog characteristic.

8. Pug


This is around a lap dog with a cheerful soul. This was once the pet of royalty and a companion of Tibetan monks. Affectionate and even-tempered, this dog can fit into different living conditions, which include small homes.

9. Pomeranians 


This looks like a cross between a small lion and a studded animal due to the long and fluffy fur. This dog is likely to be alert and bossy with an intense loyalty to the owner.

It requires consistent training and boundaries to keep this dog’s strong-willed spirit in check. Because of its small size, a few daily walks and playtime must be enough to meet the exercise needs.

10. Boston Terrier 


This is a loyal, cheerful and tempered dog. This came from the mix of white English terrier and English bulldog, and its name was derived from the place where it was created. This dog breed is likely to be playful, even if he also loves to spend time in his master’s laps. This dog is very adaptable to condo or apartment living.

11. Maltese


This breed of lap dog is likely to have a gentle yet brave disposition. Maltese is playful and very friendly, and it bonds closely with its masters or family. This breed can be traced back to old times, where it was the adored companion of nobility and royalty. At this point, Maltese stills love to be pampered and do not need much space to roam.

12. Bichon Frise


This is considered one of the most outgoing dogs on this list. Though these puppies can be social butterflies, they are highly adaptable and strive well in all forms of households and locales. The fluffy white fur does need regular grooming; however, brushing daily won’t be tricky if your dog is always on your lap.

13. Biewer Terrier


This is one of the rarest breeds of lap dogs that can grow up to nine inches in height and weigh six pounds. This is a friendly and calm dog, easy to train but needs regular brushing and trimming.

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This dog became popular with it was officially recognized by the AKC in 2021. Their hair needs to be brushed regularly (keeping them trimmed short makes life easier). 

They are also smart and will take pleasure in games indoors and also love long walks outside—whatever you are in the mood for.

14. Bolognese


Bolognese can grow up to 11 inches and has an average weight of 7 pounds; the size makes it a good lap dog. Never expect this dog to be forgiving once you leave him home alone all day.

Bolognese is a breed of dog that loves its master and needs to be around them often. If the coat is kept short, then grooming is simple. This dog doesn’t shed, which makes it ideal for people with allergies.

15. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


If you are searching for a perfect lap dog, then this one is a perfect choice. This is an adaptable, affectionate, and low-maintenance dog. This dog is also easy to train.

This is one of the most versatile small dogs that will always be by your side if you want to live on your sofa or at the park. Cavalier King Charles is very athletic yet calm, energetic yet gentle.

16. Italian Greyhound


Though this breed of dog is prone to being lazy, cuddly couch potatoes, they can go 0 to 60 at the drop of a hat. In general, these small puppies are content chilling in your lap as well as basking in your warmth.

17. Brussels Griffon 


This breed of dog had its amazing beginnings as a ratter in Belgium in the 19th century. You can find Brussels Griffon in a black, red, black, and tan color and has a smooth or rough coat. They are trainable and don’t do well being left alone; however, they are devoted, friendly, and very affectionate dogs.

This happens to be a playful and energetic kind of dog. If you’re searching for a watchdog, then this is the best option. This is extremely loyal, and training isn’t that hard, but you will have to be a little bit patients with him.

18. Cotton de Tulear


For the sweet and smart-natured Coton de Tulear, or Coton for short, is an ideal day that consists of nothing more than being with the family.

It doesn’t matter if it is lying at their feet while working, following from one place to another, not even your bathroom is sacred or will joy ride in the auto; this breed of dog adores clinging to their families.

19. Havanese 


This breed of dog sets it apart from the rest due to its affectionate personality on all, including kids, strangers, other pets, and cats. However, their family will acquire the lion’s share of their affection, provided the option, they will stick closely to their master.

The possible downside to this devotion is that if you leave him alone, he can be anxious. This is surely a lap dog and isn’t a happy pet if left in your backyard or anywhere far from his master.

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20. Beagles


The most popular beagle in the world is Charles Schultz, and Snoopy captured this breed’s spirit for adventure perfectly. They are very sociable small dogs with a taste for wanderlust.

Those who bring a beagle into their family should be prepared to give them constant stimulation. Beagles are ideal for families who have lots of yard space and who enjoy outdoor activities. Renowned for having a short attention span, Beagles don’t take to training well, but some training is surely required to keep their stubbornness in check.

As beagles love exploring, you will have to keep a close eye on them and give enough fencing and a tough leash when out walking. They have a propensity to chase cats, rabbits, squirrels, and many more.

21. Papillon


This is a good all-around pet. It is very simple to train and is full of energy which he lows to spend time with you during games or exercises. It is also common just because it is dependable around kids.

This dog can be a superb watchdog but is also well-mannered around guests. Papillon dog has a height of nine to ten inches, weighs about nine pounds, and has silky flowing fur, which requires to be brushed daily.

Why Consider a Lap Dog?

Sometimes we feel we’re alone in this world. Our love life just does not work out; our friends and loved ones always go away in the end. This left us alone and no one to comfort us. So, what will you do?

Do you mope around alone in the dark? Do you go around choosing a member of the opposite sex in a bar? Certainly not! You just get the best and cutest thing in the entire world that you are certain will love you unconditionally as a dog.

And not only will any dog do. A lapdog isn’t cut, but it’s also easier to take care of than the bigger counterpart as they do not need as much space and exercise. And you also have the perk of most of them being good with little ones. A cutie with a soft heart and feature, undying devotion, and who is good with your little ones?


A lap dog can be calm and sweet, or energetic and aggressive, and most of all, they are cute and lovable. On the other hand, they will all need to fit in your warm lap for a cuddle.

The list of the dogs mentioned above, on the other hand, doesn’t include extra big dogs like the German Shepherd or Saint Bernard, which would love nothing more than to sleep on your lap.

Therefore, if you are planning to add a lap dog to your household, w are hoping that list we have created can assist you in starting the journey of looking for the best and ideal companion. Regardless of your choice, the fact that they are small, they will surely have a space in your heart.

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