Best Ways to Feed Puppies: Some Tips for Caring for Your Little Creatures!

Nothing can be better than having a little pup at home, whose happiness is the greatest thing that you care for.

A small puppy can provide you lots of happiness, and there are endless fun memories as well.

However, one thing that always stays critical in relation to having animals at home is to care for them successfully.

Nutrition is necessary and is a vital aspect that owners should think about before getting a puppy.


Feeding of puppies will determine how well they are able to survive and their body health.

Owners should feed their little puppies at the time, so as to keep them excited and happy. 

Similar to human babies, even puppies need your attention, and feeding the right quantity of food is mandatory.

If you are unsure about the nutritional value of your puppy’s food, you need to consult a vet today.

It is extremely important that owners make the right choice when it comes to feeding these pups.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of patience to understand the nutritional needs of your puppy before you can finally stay assured of the whole process.

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Thus, some of the best ways to feed puppies are detailed below.

What is the best way to feed puppies?

Your puppy is now going through a training phase, and feeding is important here.

You must let your pup know the appropriate times of eating through feeding instructions.

Puppies tend to demarcate their own territories, especially when feeding is concerned.

While training, it is important that owners should teach their puppies to sit in one place while their food is being served.

This is a good feeding process and keeps the puppy disciplined too. Therefore, some of the basic feeding tips that will help owners with puppies are as follows:


1. It is critical that you fix one decent spot for your puppy to have its food and drink water.

Feeding starts with some of the essential conditions of a fixed place of keeping the food and water bowl.

Once the puppy starts to learn that place, it will automatically be present on that spot every day.

Also, make sure that the place is easy to access, without bothering your little one. 

2. Puppies vary in size according to their breeds.

Therefore, the feeding portions also vary.

Sometimes, when you consult about feeding safety to your vet, you are supposed to feed at least three meals a day to your little pup.

This should continue up to 6 months. However, you have to be careful that the puppy is not overfed.

The portions and nutritional value must be strongly nurtured well. Important probiotics must be fed to your puppy as well.

Always follow some of the most important feeding instructions that you vet recommends, so as to avoid an overweight puppy!

3. Never mismatch the timings of feeding your puppy.

Keep the schedule the same and avoid too much food at one single time.

Since your puppy has a small stomach, digestion will also take time.

However, food training will change things slowly, and your puppy will learn to cope up with feeding habits. 

4. There is a quick trick to removing the bowl after the puppy has finished eating.

You should know the trick of doing so, in order to avoid over-feeding the pup.

This is also considered to be an important part of puppy training. This will also prevent unnatural weight gain in your puppy as well. 

Best Ways to Feed Puppies: Some Tips for Caring for Your Little Creatures! 1

5. Over-feeding is a concern that owners should know about.

When monthly check-ups are scheduled for pups, half of them are found to be obese or overfed.

Therefore, it is really important that you should feed your puppies, as per the nutritional requirements.

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During the first stages, feeding should concentrate on more protein and fibers.

As the food starts suiting the puppy, you can include other healthy options as well.

To keep your puppy healthy and grow up to be a strong dog, avoid all kinds of unhealthy snacks too.

The growing rate of puppies should be optimized, only through its feeding process. 

6. One of the best ways to feed your little puppies is to serve the food at ideal room temperatures.

Too hot food cannot be digested by your dog, leading to a loss of fur.

Even when feeding cold food, your dog seems to lose interest and might not be excited at all to eat.

Therefore, the food must be at perfect temperatures, with all the nutrition, to keep your puppies happy. 

7. One of the major feeding tips that you should not be missing out on your puppy training is to keep some fresh water beside the food bowl.

Drinking enough water is mandatory and keeps your puppies fit. Always change the water in the bowl, if it is there for too long.

Again, keep the water bowl in one place. Clean the water bowl and keep track of changing the water bowl often. 

8. An important nutritional and feeding fact that you need to pay attention to is to take care of all essential nutrients.

Your puppy is growing day by day, and the food is given also changes with time. Never feed too much amount of food at one time.

Feed accurate portions that are necessary for your puppy. Also, the food that you feed the dog should be digestible easily.

Avoid too much solid food in the beginning, and try to mix one or more nutrients for better growth!

9. Feeding milk to your puppy is necessary.

It is good to suck on their mother’s milk for the first four weeks.

However, for adoptive puppies, you must ask your vet about the milk quality that you should be feeding your puppies. 

10. When feeding treats, try to do something special for your puppy.

Since your puppy is a slow but steady learner, you must make sure that you give treats that are healthy.

Never threaten your puppy in any way, while feeding. With treats, try to do something special.

You can hide the treats and let your puppy find it. Also, you can drop the treats and let your puppy search for it too.

This will arouse a sense of anticipation within your puppy every time you come forward to feed the animal!


11. Your puppy’s food should stay the same in the first few days of feeding.

Since these are the most challenging feeding sessions, you must make sure that the food is getting adjusted to the body.

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Changing food will stress out your little pup. Thus, slowly and steadily, try to make the food interesting for your puppy!

12. Supplements are never a good idea when it comes to feeding puppies.

The nutritional value is not that same, and internal injuries are quite common as well.

All you can do is to provide natural and wholesome foods or anything raw to your puppy.

This will give you an average idea about the feeding requirements of your puppy.

13. For easy digestion of your puppy, try to introduce some good protein like beef pulp, at least once in your puppies food.

This will build the bones and make them stronger too.

14. One of the greatest feeding tips that will help you give your puppy the right nutrition is to keep the food consistent.

Although it is tough to fall into the trap of those drooly and loveable eyes, you have to be a little strict with the food regime for your puppies.

Ultimately, you will see the results, and your puppy will feel energetic and healthy!

15. If your dog is having vomiting issues and other digestive problems in the feeding process, do not hesitate to take a trip to the vet.

Maybe you are caring for your puppy, but the food is not accurate enough.

Thus, you have to be sure of all feeding points before bringing a puppy home!

Always follow the rule ‘’less is more’’:

This is an important aspect of feeding your puppies with just the right amount of food required.

There is no need to shower love with food, which will be pretty unhealthy.

In order to manage the weight of your puppy, you must ensure that a clean feeding routine is followed.

Always avoid complex items and keep all things simple and natural.

Clean the bowls after your puppy finishes its food and return it back in the same place.

When it comes to feeding snacks, opt for healthier options. 

The final thought on feeding your puppies:

It is essential that you keep your puppy happy all the time, whilst it is being fed.

Therefore, you have to be careful about understanding the requirements of your puppy before you feed them.

With the right training, your puppy will learn more about foods, and the right time for feeding should always be maintained by the owners.

Therefore, analyze your pup’s needs and keep track of their food count to maintain their health! 

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