18 Adorable Bichon Frise Mix Dog breeds

The Bichon Frise dog breed is commonly considered a companion dog that can just be about anyone’s happy and energetic friend.

These dogs are very smart and playful, as many of their pet parents may know. Their small build is perfect for any apartment and travel.

They typically require a lot of your attention and can get sad whenever left alone for a long period. On the other hand, you can expect an equal amount of love and attention from these dogs whenever you spend time with them.

1. Bostchon


First on the list is a combination of the Bichon Frise and Boston Terrier. This breed has an uncanny resemblance to both of its parents.

These dogs are very energetic and tend to nibble on things in the environment. They also love exploring the outside and digging holes. 

Their personality allows them to learn quickly and easy to train. Being a very curious breed, these dogs do well with children and even other dogs.

Additionally, their fur’s coats vary from black and white but can also have a dash of brown given their parentage. These dogs are lovable animals that just want your attention.

2. Glechon


This dog is a mixture of the Beagle and Bichon Frise breeds. This hybrid is seen to have a relatively short snout similar to that of his Bichon Frise parent, while it may have a Beagle-like muzzle.

These dogs have a very firm and sturdy build. Anyone who owns a Glechon will find that they have typically large and defined round eyes that complement their head.

Like their parents, these dogs tend to be very brave and intelligent, sure to be loyal to their owners. Although the Glechon tends to chase smaller animals, they are very sociable and interact with people and other dogs alike.

3. Kashon


Like every other dog on this list, the Kashon is a combination of the Bichon Frise and Cairn Terrier breed. These dogs are on the smaller side but still having a very sturdy demeanor.

They tend to be elongated dogs rather than tall, with a head more rounded and broader than other dogs.

Their beautiful round eyes can vary from dark brown to black. This crossbreed can inherit either upright triangular ears or drop ears from their parents.

The kashon is very charming and has all the good qualities of their parents. They are very intelligent as well as trainable.

They also get along well with children and adults. For the most part, these dogs are gentle and affectionate but can develop a terrier’s stubbornness, which you may have to look out for.

4. Bichon Yorkie


As its name may imply, the Bichon Yorkie is a hybrid breed that resulted from mixing a Bichon Frise and Yorkshire Terrier.

These dogs have become quite popular in the United States as amazing and friendly companions. These dogs are simply bustling with energy and are very curious.

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You can expect these dogs to be extremely loyal to their owners and fond of other animals.

This breed is a toy-sized breed which means that these dogs are generally small. They are very compact and well proportioned.

Their round head also compliments their dark-colored eyes. You can expect a combination of gray, cream, gold, brown, and black in terms of their fur.

5. Goldichon


What do you get when you mix a golden retriever and bichon frise? You get a Goldichon. The goldichon is a very rare and majestic breed.

These dogs typically take after their Golden Retriever parents with their golden brown fur as well as their irresistible dark eyes.

As you may have expected, the Goldichon is a very friendly and extremely playful breed and loves adventuring. These dogs are perfect for children and will make one of the best fluffy companions out there.

6. Papichon


The papichon is what you get as a result of breed the Bichon Frise and Papillon. Both parents have their charms individually.

However, when you combine their adorableness, you get the cutie that is a Papichon. They have very silky and white fur as well as large butterfly-shaped ears.

These dogs are very calm with a lovely and sunny nature. They love staying at home with their owners, who they will grow to adore.

Although they may have destructive behavior such as chewing and barking, they can certainly be trained and disciplined.

7. Cavachon


This breed is what happens when you combine the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. They tend to have creamy white and pied fur.

They have very firm and solid builds with medium-length coats. These dogs are very hypoallergenic, although there are longer-coated ones that may not be as allergy-friendly.

The Cavachon is a very cool and well-mannered dog that simply loves to play with children and generally loves the company of others.

They are very behaved and disciplined as long as they are given enough attention from their owners.

8. Chonzer


The chonzer is simply an adorable combination of the Bichon Frise and Miniature Schnauzer.

They typically inherit and largely resemble their parent’s appearance while having a well-muscled body. They have quite a thick outer coat that is usually very curly to wavy.

This breed will ask for a couple of hours out of your day to attend to their playfulness. As they are very energetic, these dogs love to exercise and do well in agility and obedience practices.

They certainly adore their human family and hate being left alone.

9. Bichpoo


Although its name is a bit funny at first glance. These lovely designer dogs are very delightful and friendly.

They make the amazing family pet as they take up the personality of their poodle parents. Although small, they are very sturdy in stature.

The Bichpoo is extremely intelligent and eager for attention. This allows pet owners to train them and earn their trust easily. If you have never owned a dog before, then this breed will certainly be ideal for you.

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10. Zuchon


No words can describe how incredibly adorable these balls of fluff are. The moment you lay eyes on their creamy white and fine coats and small stature, you immediately fall in love.

These dogs are comparable to a teddy bear that you simply just want to hug. As a mix of the Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise, they are perfect dogs for hugs.

Just like their parents, the Zuchon is loyal and sweet. They tend to have all the qualities of a good companion and even do well as a family pet. No matter where you may go, the Zuchon can adapt and enjoy their surroundings.

11. Maltichon


These dogs are quite a popular mixed dog breed. As their parent breeds are closely related, the Maltichon has all the personality pet parents look for in a small white dog, such as affectionate, lively, playful, gentle, and peaceful.

Their parents’ mix makes them a generally friendly and lovable dog that can get along well with most people.

This breed was made for their companionship and big personality so that you can expect an amazing companion from your Maltichon.

Although quite rough and clumsy at times, they have quite a curious and energetic behavior unmatched.

Most dogs of this breed are outgoing and engage with their environment but can also be shy and stubborn toward unfamiliar people and animals.

12. Chi-Chon


Yes, you read that right. The Chi Chon is a combination of the Bichon Frise and all too well-known Chihuahua.

This breed rose to popularity rather recently and is considered a designer breed with its tiny size yet affectionate personality.

These dogs have a compact and small body that is filled with nice and fluffy fur. Their deep brown eyes are complemented by their ears that hang down like that of a teddy bear.

The energy of the Chihuahua can be seen in this breed as they love the outside. On the other hand, these dogs also are very loyal and affectionate to their owners, which they inherited from the Bichon Frise.

This small hybrid makes for a good playmate and family pet.

13. Sheltie Bichon


The shelchon, more commonly known as Sheltie Bichon, is a medium-sized hybrid of Shetland Sheepdog and Bichon Frise.

These dogs typically have white, cream, black, and even tan fur about medium-length double-layered coats. These hairs tend to be very soft and a bit wavy.

These dogs love children and are perfect family pets. Although they are quite energetic and curious, they can also be protective and be prone to barking.

Because of their breed history, they are prone to herding and can try to boss around smaller dogs. Generally, however, they are happy around people and love receiving affection.

14. Frenchie Bichon


The Frenchie Bichon is a well-balanced hybrid that takes after the Bichon Frise body while having French Bulldog characteristics. Its coat is of medium length as well as soft and slightly wavy.

These dogs have a huge variety of different colors: cream, white, fawn, and apricot with brindle patterns and markings. They have bat-like ears as well as soft and round dark eyes to match their cute black noses.

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This breed is particularly affectionate and cheerful, especially when in the presence of its owners. They even go far as territorial of their owners and even toys, although not aggressively.

Just expect these dogs to stick around whenever you decide to go on walks.

15. Bichon-a-ranian


Though their name is quite a mouth-full, these dogs make up for it with their jaw-dropping cuteness. The Bichon Frise is a relatively puffy dog with a thick coat containing loose curls, which this hybrid took after. 

These dogs have black noses and eyes that are very defined and expressive.

These dogs are fast to adapt to their surroundings and do extremely well, even in small apartments. They are very intelligent and obedient creatures.

Generally, they need about an hour of exercise a day. Just as they are to their pet parents, these dogs are sweet to other dogs as well.

16. Doxie Chon


This designer dog is unique, being a mix of to completely different dogs in both temperament and features.

Despite this, the result is a clingy and adorable dog that inherits its parents’ best traits. These dogs come in white, black, or brown and belong to the low-medium size of dogs. 

It is important to note that these dogs are very affectionate and clingy. They may even panic if you leave them alone for an extended period. They are all sweet, adorable, and their energy is perfect for a family with children.

17. Jackie Bichon


The Jackie-Bichon is the perfect combination of the Jack Rusell Terrier and Bichon Frise. Although their parents could not be any more different, the resulting hybrid is adorable.

Their face tends to accompany folded triangular ears that match their fine and thin coats.

This breed is fairly energetic and loves to be the center of attention. Their smart and attentive nature allows them to be trained and fun to play with easily. On the other hand, they can be a bit too hyper, which results in them being unable to practice. This dog is perfect for people looking for a playful yet not overwhelming companion.

18. Corgi Bichon


This peculiar hybrid does not have a breed standard which means they can inherit either parent breeds’ distinct traits. Generally, however, these dogs will have a small body with erect ears.

On top of this, they have dense medium-length coats that are quite curly. Their demeanor and stance are simply perfect for their tan and white color.

While they can be fierce and mischievous, they make up for it with their unwavering loyalty and craving for attention. When not trained enough, they can be a bit loud and prone to barking.

You must give them enough training and let them explore their environment to make sure they don’t misbehave. That being said, these dogs are good companions with consistency, determination, and time.

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