10 Things You Need to Know About Bichon Poodle Mix

Bichon Poodle (Bichon Poo), Also known as a Poochon or a Bichpoo, is a designer dog that’s created by crossing the Bichon Frise and the Poodle.

The aim of this is to meld the best characteristics of these two pure breeds. The result of this crossbreeding is a small and sturdy bundle of joy that’s very energetic, friendly, and snuggle-worthy.

Bichon Frise, which is one of the two pure breeds used to create the Bichpoo, is fluffy and small, and their name means ‘curly lap dog.’

Poodle, which is the other purebred parent, is very skillful and intelligent and can take part in dog competitions. Mix this two, and you get an adorable and intelligent dog that you’ll want to cuddle with all day.

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Bichon Poodle originated in Australia.

bichon poo bichon poodle mix

The history and origin of most hybrids are mostly unknown because they are relatively modern.

The easiest way to piece together their story is to learn more about the history of the two breeds used to make the dog.

Bichon Frise can trace their roots back to the Mediterranean.

They made their way around the world and became a favorite among Italian nobility in the 1300s.

By the 1500s, they were owned and treasured by the French.

white bichpoo puppy

They became very popular in the Canary Islands around the 15th and 16th centuries.

However, their popularity waned in the 1800s, and there were efforts to re-stabilize the breed after World War I.

Poodles were very popular in Germany, Spain, and France, and were skilled in sniffing out a type of mushroom known as truffles.

Although they were considered a regal or fancy companion pet, they are quite skilled at canine sports and love spending time outdoors.

There are three different types of poodles, namely standard, toy, and miniature.

Bichon Poodle is thought to have originated in Australia in the late 1990s.

They bred for families that want an active and robust dog that does not shed, and that plays well with children.

Bichonpoo = Bichon Frise + Poodle Mix

poodle mix bichon poo

A cross between a purebred Poodle and a purebred Bichon Frise results in a first-generation Bichpoo.

First generation hybrids are usually a lot healthier than both of their parents.

Some of the health problems that affect their parents, such as Addison’s disease for Poodles and liver shunts for Bichon Frise, may bypass first-generation Bichpoo pups entirely.

A cross between two first-generation hybrids results in a second-generation Bichpoo.

Second generation hybrids are also a result of a mix between one first-generation hybrid and a pure breed Poodle or Bichon Frise.

Second-generation Bichpoos are not as healthy as their first-generation counterparts.

Furthermore, the litter is likely to have more variety regarding physical and behavioral characteristics, especially if both parents are first-generation hybrids as opposed to purebreds.

bichon poodle puppy brown

A cross between two second-generation hybrids results in a third-generation Bichpoo.

Most breeders do not offer them, as the issues present in second-generation hybrids are often more accentuated in the third generation.

Any cross after the third generation is not considered a hybrid.

Your best bet is to get a first-generation hybrid as they are stronger and more robust.

This can be hard, as there is no apparent distinguishing factor between the first and the second generations.

Therefore, it’s better to work with a reputable breeder to ensure you get the first-generation hybrid you want.

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Bichonpoo’s Pedigree

Since Bichon Poos are hybrids, they did not recognize by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

For the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) to acknowledge a Poochon, he or she must be a first-generation cross breed between a purebred Toy or Miniature Poodle and a purebred Bichon Frise.

This direct lineage is a requirement by the ACHC, which insists that all hybrid dogs must be products of two purebreds that are registered by the AKC.

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The Designer Dogs Kennel Club recognizes these dogs under the name Poochon, the International Designer Canine Registry recognizes them under the names Bichpoo or Poochon, and the Designer Breed Registry recognizes them under the Poochon name.

Poochon will weigh between 6 and 12 pounds.

bichon poodle dog on ice

The weight of Bichon Poodle is determined by whether the Poodle side of the family was Toy or Miniature.

If one of the parents were a Toy Poodle, the Poochon would weigh between 6 and 12 pounds.

If the parent was a Miniature Poodle, the Bichpoo could weight up to 18 pounds.


Size of a Bichon Poodle varies, especially because Poodles come in three different sizes, namely, small, medium, and large.

On average, a Poochon can stand at about 9 to 14 inches tall.

Physical characteristics

bichon poodle dog

Crossbreeds are like a lottery, and their physical and behavioral characteristics can be hard to predict. This is Because the hybrid can inherit more or fewer traits from either parent.

Furthermore, if both parents are not purebreds, the offsprings will have even more variable physical and behavioral characteristics. Even immediate siblings can have a variety of looks and colors.

First generation Poochons tend to inherit more of the solid colors as opposed to patterns. With every subsequent generation and crossing, patterns may develop.

Both Bichon Frise and the Poodle are small animals, so Bichpoos do not grow very big. The Bichpoos may inherit Bichon Frise’s soft and wavy coat or the Poodle’s curly coat.

However, since both purebreds are non-shedding, The Bichpoo’s coat does not shed and is hypoallergenic, making this hybrid ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

The coat color often varies depending on the colors of the parents, but the most common ones are apricot, grey, white, cream, brown, and light shades of red.

white bichon dog smile

Both Poodles and Bichon Frise contribute their pointed muzzle and fluffy ears.

Bichon Poos may get the black nose and dark eyes of Bichon Frise or the dark or amber, oval-shaped eyes of the Poodle. They may have tails that hang over their back and are plumed.

Poochons have a lovely facial expression, and often medium-length ears, a medium muzzle, rounded skull, and a wider face than a Poodle. Poochons also have a very fuzzy face if their coat is not clipped.

Bichon Poos’ physical characteristics make them ideal for families that want a small, fuzzy, and cuddly dog.

 Bichon Poodle Temperament

bichon poo poodle mix dog

Both Poodles and Bichon Frises are very active dogs. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Bichon Poodle is very active as well.

Bichon Poodle is also very intelligent, as both his parents, especially the Poodle, is considered in the top quartile of smart dog breeds.

This makes Poochons rapid learners, and house training will be a breeze. Bich-poos are very friendly, eager to please, and family-oriented.

They are quite adaptable when it comes to living with other animals, making them ideal for families that already have other pets.

Bichpoos also very alert and can make excellent watchdogs.They will bark to let you know that someone is at the door.

However, they are also prone to excessive barking, so you need to downplay this personality trait when your pooch is still young and learning socialization skills.

cute bichpoo dog brown

Because of their friendly nature, Bichon Poos easily bond with their owners. They are high-spirited, sweet-natured, and loyal, and tend to follow people around. They also like to impress their owners by doing tricks.

However, they can get too attached to their owners and become attention-seekers when spoiled.

Bichon Poos’ intelligence and activeness means they need to get regular mental and physical stimulation.

Because they become very easily bored when left with nothing to do for long periods, especially if they inherited the Poodle’s sporty traits.

They also tend to get nervous in stressful situations or when left alone for long periods. These dogs fit well in homes with older children or with children they have known since they were puppies.

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However, if you have small children, ensure they handle the dog with care, as he can quickly get hurt when dropped or stepped on.

Life expectancy

Bichon Poodle has a life expectancy of between 12 and 18 years.

Bichon Poodle usually has a litter of four or five puppies.

Grooming and maintenance

bichon poo puppy

Though Poochons do not shed, they still require much maintenance.

This is because their coats tangle very quickly and need regular brushing. Some of the steps to take to ensure your Bichpoo is well taken care of include:

  • Brush your Bichpoo daily to prevent matting and tangling. This is because avoiding matting is a lot less painful than removing it. It is essential to get your puppy used to the brushing as early as possible. Use slicker brushes on puppies, but be careful not to scratch their delicate skin with the bristles.
  • Bathe and shampoo your Poochon at least once a month with puppy shampoo.
  • Brush your Bichpoo’s teeth at least once a week. Like most small dogs, Bichpoos are prone to dental disease.
  • Brushing their teeth regular prevents the buildup of tartar and plaque. This prevents serious health problems, as the bacteria on the dog’s gumline can enter his bloodstream.
  • Play with your dog’s feet and ears regularly. This is because your dog needs regular grooming, and playing with her helps her get used to being touched in areas that she finds uncomfortable when she goes to the groomers.
  • Rubbing her ears and feet helps her get used to nailing clippings and ear cleanings.
  • Grooming is best done by a professional. This is because the fur around the eyes must be trimmed regularly.
  • Only a trained professional can perform such an intricate task properly without harming your dog.
  • Your dog’s nails need to be clipped at least twice every month. You will know your dog needs clipping if their nails make a clicking sound on the floor when they walk.
  • Ears should be cleaned at least once a week, as this hybrid is very prone to ear infections. Because of the risk of allergies, it is essential to get your pooch’s skin checked regularly by a veterinarian. Cleaning the eyes and keeping the ears dry are also essential grooming requirements.
  • If your Poochon spends much time outside, it is crucial to administer heartworm preventative once every month. This helps prevent heartworm disease on the off chance that a heartworm-carrying mosquito bites him when he is outside.

Food and diet

bichpoo dog smile

These dogs usually have much energy. Therefore, they should be given small, frequent meals throughout the day.

Because most small dogs are prone to dental issues, dry foods and treats are best. Do not give Poochons too much food, as they are likely to obesity.

It would be best if you gave Poochons high-quality, all-natural foods to reduce the risk of allergies, which is a health concern that plagues both Poodles and Bichons. Visit a reputable pet store to get a good selection of quality foods for Bichon Poos.

Bichon Poodle Training

poochon dog poodle mix

Poochons are intelligent and grasp new commands very quickly and easily, making them a delight to train.

They respond very well to praise and positive reinforcements but will detach if yelled at. The best way to get an enjoyable training session is to be kind and gentle to your dog.

Even if you think your dog needs training, you will get the best results if the dog wants to participate in the training. Bichon Poo is prone to small dog syndrome where he thinks he is the boss of the house.

This is why obedience training is essential. Establish your dominance and be the pack leader. Do not treat your Poochon like a small baby, or he will become demanding and stubborn.

white pooshon puppy in box

Socialization training is also vital for small dogs, as they risk becoming nervous and timid.

To ensure your dog is confident, secure, and great with children, interact with your neighbors and their pets, or enroll your Poochon in a puppy kindergarten.

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Always note that a mentally and emotionally healthy puppy is a happy puppy.

Crate training works best when house training your Poochon as they like to go to the toilet away from where they sleep.

However, make sure you open the crate and let your pup out as soon as possible.

Make training sessions short, and space sessions out to multiple times in a day. Do not repeat the same command over and over. Poochons love mental stimulation and challenges as these ensure they do not get bored.

This hybrid does not respond well to heavy-handed or harsh training methods. For best results, be firm, fair, patient, and consistent.

Activity or exercise requirements

poochon dog

Bichon Poodle is not a couch potato and can be as energetic, active, and feisty as its size allows him to be. However, because of his small size, moderate exercise tends to tire him out quickly.

These dogs enjoy lots of play time to burn off extra energy, and they need at least 30 minutes of activity each day to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.If you do not have a yard, take your pooch out for walks at least once a day.

It would be best if you also kept a toy or two around the house for your dog to play with.Another characteristic of this dog is that he tends to have sudden outbursts of energy.

Poochons may start running fast around the house without any warning, but this random energy is short-lived, and often ends as abruptly as it begins.

This is not something that should concern you, as it is a widespread trait among Poochons.

Suitable home

bichpoo dog

Poochons are great indoor pets and can thrive in cities and apartments. However, they do best in homes with fenced yards where they can enjoy some off-leash play time.

If you live in an apartment, you have to walk your dog more than once every day and find a suitable doggie park where he can get some extra playtime.

Bichon Poodle Health concerns

First generation Bichon Poodle do not have the health problems that affect their parents.

However, it is always important to know the health issues that affect the parent breeds to know what problems to watch out for in your dog.

Poodles are susceptible to progressive retinal atrophy, skin allergies, gastric torsion volvulus, and cataracts. Bichon Frises are susceptible to liver problems.

bichon poodle puppy playing

Bich-poos are prone to ear infections if their ears are not dried within minutes of getting wet. Like other small animals, Bich-poos can suffer fractures when dropped from any height.

Therefore, it is important to supervise your young kids whenever they play with this small dog.To ensure you get bichon poodle with lower health risks, find responsible breeders who only breed first-generation hybrids.

It is also important to ask for the medical records of your puppy’s parents to know which issues they may have.

Your Bichpoo should even get occasional physical examinations, thyroid tests, blood tests, and eye tests to ensure he is healthy.

What’s good about them:

  • Very small but sturdy
  • Good with children and other pets
  • Great alert watchdogs but are not aggressive
  • Very playful and fun to hang out with
  • Poochons have hypoallergenic coats that don’t shed. This makes them great for allergy sufferers.

What’s bad about them:


Bichon Poodle is very kind, intelligent, active, and friendly. They are a great dog to bond and play with.

However, they require a lot of maintenance and exercise. It is essential to consider these factors before deciding to get this adorable pooch.

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  1. Our very first dog in my wife and my life was a Bichon Poodle. She was difficult in the first 4 months with some destructive behavior and difficult to train. We stayed at it though with calm loving attention and she quickly changed into a well behaved super intelligent extremely loving and sensitive member of our family. She gave non stop love to us for nearly 16 years. Please be sure to get yours blood tested once a year after age 10 for bun and creatine levels. This will alert you quickly to the fact your baby has kidney failure. We didn’t find out until she was stage 3 and believed Science Diet K/D (kidney care) food was best for her. She was overdosed with Vitamin D which caused her to quickly go to stage 5 kidney failure and we lost her. We should have fed her low protein natural food prepared by us. Please don’t make the mistakes we did.

  2. I am so sorry to learn about your fur baby. I have had 2 Bichons.Both had stones. Our first, tore her ACL, had stones and died of liver cancer at 15. Our second baby had stones and was plagued with lumps. She just passed 6 months ago. She had a tumor disease called Schwan Cell. It forms non stop tumors inside the nerve canals and ultimately outside. She was on Hills CD dry and wet food. We are devastated that we lost her at age 10. We are now thinking about getting a Bichipoo. We hope maybe some of the Bichon health problems would be less. We currently have a Maltipoo who has been super healthy but she misses her friend. Do you know anything about Bichipoo health conditions maybe being less than the purebred Bichon? They are my favorite dog in the world. Thank you.

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