7 Tips to Build Strong Bond Between a Child and a Dog

Most of the millennials today have a fairytale image of their children and dog getting along.

But one of the questions that arise is that is the dog, and the perfect children match?

We, the answer to this question, would be that it depends. The recent trend and on a global basis, too, it is seen that children are fond of dogs; they find them exciting.

Dogs, on the other hand, also enjoy the children’s company. But then again, the relationship equation depends on children to children and dogs to dogs.


How are the benefits called out?

This is very exciting to know that keeping your children’s with your dogs has many advantages.

Yes, you heard it right. It has many benefits. Some of them are stated below:

Dogs teach many things to your children. Here are the words.

  • Dogs teach your children to have compassion for other living beings.
  • Dogs also teach your children’s to be responsible.
  • Children can learn to remain physically active from dogs. And this is very good for them to stay healthy and fit. 
  • Your children learn many of the valuable life lessons from your pet dog.
  • Dogs help your children to increase their self-esteem.
  • Children get close to nature by staying with their pet dogs.

It is their inherent attitude which can work for them

It is seen that the children who live with their pet-dog learn many valuable life positive lessons that stay with them for a lifetime.

Which dog lover will not want that his child should also be with their dog after knowing so many advantages?

But, what concerns the people is the fact that it has been found that every year thousands of people report to the doctor for treatment.

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They all suffer from dog-bite. Most of them are children, which clearly shows that children are more prone to get hurt by dogs.

They can burn in their legs, hands, or even face. In this way, a dog can majorly affect a child’s life.

They can change a child’s life in both directions that are physically and psychologically.


How to bring your child and your dog closer to each other?

What needs to be done then? In order to bring your child and dog close, keeping both of their safety in mind.

We must develop certain habits in both of the children and the dog in order to create a strong relationship between them.

Here is the list of 7 habits that you must develop in both the child and the dog in order to create a strong relationship between them:

1. Make them learn to have empathy for each other:

Children and dogs both can prove to be dangerous for each other away. Children don’t understand the dog’s sentiments.

Toddlers can’t control their aggression and might put the dog into danger. The children tend to make some abrupt movement, which is not understood by the dog.

It can be threatening the dog might attack the children, or the child can hurt the dog. Children learn to have empathy when the start is going to school.

Therefore, it is essential that you must make your children and the dog learn to have compassion for each other.

Introduce them to each other and make them feel comfortable around each other.

This can help in building a strong relationship between both of them.

2. The proper introduction can be helpful for them

This is one of the most important things to do in order to build a strong relationship between a child and the dog.

This is recommended by many experts that you must have a proper introduction to your child and dog. You can do it in various ways.

You can bring any of your child’s belongings close to your dog to sniff. As we all know, a dog’s smell is very vital.

Doing this will help the dog to understand more about your children, and it will help to bring them close.

Maintain some safe distance between the two (the child and the dog) in the initial days of their encounter.

Instructions to be followed while supervising a meeting between the two:

  • First of all, talk with your dog in a loving and calm voice. You can also stroke him for reassurance. This must be kept in mind that the dog is comfortable before you make him meet with your child.
  • Keep your child close to you when you are making an encounter with your dog. This will show your possessiveness for your child, and this will help to understand your dog that he must not harm the child.
  • Even if things go well, it is advisable to keep your eye on them just to be sure that everything is fresh in the hood.
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How to forget their friendship together?

Allow both of them to indulge in certain activities together. It will help them to come closer.


Give both of them your equal attention. So in no case, they feel jealous of each other.

Allow them to get close, but make sure you are around so that you can intervene if the situation arises.

Scold both of them when necessary. Make them learn things like how to treat others and how to handle each other.

Make them aware of their likes and dislikes.

In order to have a healthy relationship between your children and your dog, it is very important that they must know about their likes and dislikes.

The dog must know what the children’s likes and dislikes are, and the child must understand what dog’s likes and dislikes are.

It is only after this they can come close. If not follow this, there are high chances that either one of them would end up doing things that the other one doesn’t like.

This will lead to the problem.

Respect for each other.

It is essential that you must teach both of them to have respect for each other. They both must know things about them.

As the child must know how to gently stroke the dog.

The child must understand that anything in the range of 6 inches belongs to the dog, and he must not try to take things away from him.

The dog must know that the child is very fragile, and he must treat him properly.

Making them know something will help them to understand and trust each other in a much better way.

Include your child in the daily care of your dog.

Children love the feeling of helping their family.

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And dogs love to be loved and cared for. Therefore, involve your child in the chores that include taking care of your dog that can consist of giving him food or making him a bath or filling the dog’s water bowl.

These little things will help to come close to each other. The best thing about the involvement is you will be near them to tackle situations if in case anything goes wrong.

The more you allow them to mingle, the more close they will come to each other.

Don’t allow the child to disturb the dog.

It is essential to understand that no matter what, no matter how much you love your pet. An animal shall remain an animal.

And therefore, proper measures must be taken when you are trying to bring your dog and child closer.

You must warn your child not to go close to the dog or must not disturb him while he is eating food, holding the bone in his mouth, or holding a toy.

This may trigger the dog’s anger, and he may bite the child. That is why it is always advisable to take proper care of these little things.

Can they ever become best friends forever?

There will be an endless list of how to make your child and dog BFFs.

The above-written points are the major ones that are must to follow in order to achieve your desired result.

The other things to take care of may include knowing your dog’s stress and anger signals.

This can help. Understanding body language is also critical. Let them come close, let them mingle, but make sure to be around until and unless you are assured there is no risk involved in leaving them alone.

It will take time for your kid and your dog to come together

If you are the one who thinks that your child will lay on the same floor as your dog and they will have fun together.

Then, you are mistaken. You are not mistaken because this is not possible; this is possible. But this will take time.

And soon you will see that they started getting soon and they will not be far when your dream comes true.

Soon they will be playing together and will have fun. Till then, take care of both of them.

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