16 Calmest Dog Breeds

Dogs are considered to be the most popular pets of all time. They provide the best companionship, comfort, and joy to people. They are great therapy pets because they can reduce stress, anxieties, and depression by showing off their cuteness, care, and loyalty to their owners.

As we all know, dogs have several breeds with different personalities. Some people prefer perky, fun, and charming dogs, while others want the type of dogs that are gentle, low-maintenance, and very sweet.

Despite the wide selection of dog breeds, finding which one will suit you the best is not hard. You just need to learn which type suits your personality and environment. 

If you are looking for a gentle four-pawed friend, you need to learn your options. Here are sixteen dog breeds are known for their calm, smart, and quiet personalities.

You can find your fur soul mate in these selections because each of them still has distinct qualities which set them apart. There are gentle giants and small calm dog breeds; knowing their different qualities will help you choose your new fur baby!

1. Bernese Mountain Dogs


This dog breed is mostly seen in Switzerland. They are playful and live the best life in the province. Even though they are big, you do not have to be scared of them. They are well-behaved and will not bite you. 

These dogs are trainable, so you will not have difficulty teaching them some tricks. You just need to ensure that they will have the exercise they need. This is a great pet for your home and is very friendly to everyone.

2. English Bulldogs


When we hear the name bulldog, the first thing that comes to our mind is a lazy dog. However, this is a common misconception because English bulldogs require daily activity. You must ensure that they get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy. They will remain active and pleased in this manner.

You should not additionally believe that frowning is one of their characteristics. They are one of the most well-mannered, loving, and affectionate dog breeds. You will adore having them as your company. So, if you want a courageous, kind, steadfast, and peaceful dog, you should adopt one of these breeds.

3. Greyhounds


Due to their big size, greyhounds are known for their agility and speed. Despite this, they are quiet, and you will most often see them relaxing on your couch rather than rushing around inside or in your backyard. They are brave, strong, and fast, but they also have fantastic personalities since they are loyal, patient, and a good companion for your home.

If you believe they demand more space in your home, you are mistaken since they require less space. Their peaceful attitude makes them ideal for dog-friendly places. So, if you want an affectionate and sweet dog, a Greyhound is your great option.

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4. Scottish deerhound


This dog breed resembles Greyhounds in certain ways, as they have similar personalities. Scottish Deerhounds like to be indoors rather than out in the yard. They are very quiet dogs, recognized as Scotland’s Royal dog. They are well-mannered and polite, which is why so many people adore this dog breed.

Even though they are not the ideal dog breed for flats and apartments, they still have good qualities. They also need more space in your backyard if they are in the mood to run around. If you want company when you exercise or jog, this is the dog breed for you. They are not just calm dogs but also sweet ones.

5. Golden Retriever


This breed is one of the most popular in the world. This is due to their bright and happy personality. Along with its friendly nature, this dog is one of the calmest breeds with which your children may get along. Despite their huge size, they are an excellent companion for anyone because they are adorable and caring.

Due to their lively and joyful disposition. Some exercises, like walking or running, are required to live a healthy lifestyle. If you have a fence in your yard, this wonderful breed is ideal for you. If you want a jogging companion that is both intelligent and quiet, this is the breed for you.

6. St. Bernard


A dog breed like this one requires a lot of areas; therefore, if you have a lot of space at home, this could be an ideal choice. This enormous fur dog is patient, well-mannered, and loving. If you have children, they will undoubtedly enjoy Saint Bernard’s presence in your home.

Saints have already been known for carrying cheerful smiles as just a part of their creased brows, even since they never handled brandy barrels. Saint Bernards benefit from practice sessions because these dogs are prone to knocking people down, particularly children. Saints are very kind and have good hearts, will easily react and respond to directions and follow their owners. 

These lovely creatures would indeed be better suited to households that can dedicate a considerable amount of time towards them, as they want to be with their parents all the time.

Adult St. Bernard prefers slow woods walks and may find it a wonderful addition because they will not need much intensive exercise. So if you want to have a wonderful dog with a personality of calmness, then this dog breed is the best for you.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which dates back to the Later centuries, is noted for its great dignity and kind nature. Their charming smile and wide eyes developed over centuries of the royal family, such as King Charles I and his successor Charles II, making them difficult to resist.

Due to its friendly attitude, Cavaliers create special service dogs. Enlisting a Cavalier in socializing and education lessons will result in a very good partner who is comfortable in many community settings. This dog thrives in a household with kids or many household members. 

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Cavaliers adore being lapdogs, and they also love exercising, thanks to their common ancestry with Athletic spaniels.

8. Great Pyrenees


Despite their large size and the fact that they can be scary at times, this dog breed is one of the calmest. If you live on a snowy mountain and have sheep, they will keep them from getting there. They enjoy defending those they care about. Furthermore, they will be very loyal to you and your family.

Another advantage of having this dog breed is that it does not require you to train them. They are already friendly dogs and will make an excellent family companion. The only thing you need to do is keep them active to stay healthy.

9. Pekingese


The royal Pekingese, also called Pekes is a Chinese breed that Buddha produced some belief. While it is unlikely that Buddha mated the modern Pekingese, the species has been there for generations. Pekes are sociable, and they have the character to prove it. 

Pekes have close ties with their parents, which can also be quite individualistic. It is significant to remember that Pekes could survive in a house without kids since they would adjust to youngsters, but they might not enjoy them. Pekingese were some of the quietest, friendly, and very kind dog friends for people who gained the trust of this faithful dog.

10. Bergamasco Sheepdog


The Bergamasco is brilliant, faithful, and watchful on mountain trips. These characteristics hold since this breed is one of the most peaceful dogs. They may need some time to become used to being around people they do not know.

They are incredibly bright and would like to know why they are being asked to do something. Sheepdogs used to defend their owners from hazardous creatures on the hillsides of the Mountains. The Bergamasco’s characteristic banded coat needs shockingly minimal upkeep, making it a great low-maintenance dog breed.’

11. Clumber Spaniel


Clumber Spaniels are also one of the Athletic Team’s calmer breeds of dogs, recognized for being excellent hunters and devoted buddies. Clumbers are respected companions since they are part of the culture’s elite ranks and were born with the help of the royal family. 

This breed is dependable and enjoys carefully considering all options. Like every other breed, they could enhance learning, yet they are incredibly devoted and dedicated to their dog work. If you are looking for a strong and behaved dog, you might consider having this breed as your new fur baby.

12. French Bulldog


The French Bulldog is another small dog breed. They are similar to English bulldogs but have quite different personalities. Since they are one of the calmest dogs, they enjoy sleeping, and not just at your house, but any place they want to. They are also not as energetic as an English bulldogs.

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Even though French Bulldogs are not particularly energetic or vibrant, they have a lovely attitude. When it comes to their owner, they are highly alert and affectionate, so you will adore them as your future dog. Furthermore, if you wish to travel, you can easily carry them with you wherever you go.

13. Basset hound


The term “basset” means “low” in French. The Basset Hound was created when Disciples from the Monastery of St. Hubert started mating elderly French hounds to produce what is now called the Basset Hound. 

They have shown to be quite autonomous and, as a result, may be difficult to teach. Such hounds have indeed been commended for their ability to track odors without disturbance and to stay calm by doing so. 

This breed can create a close bond with its owners throughout the teaching, but it will take time and effort. Once taught, these adorable puppies will fulfill your demands and stay by your company, frequently willing to nap on the couch.

14. Boerboel


Boers are traditionally geared to household protection, and enormous police dogs such as Bulldog and mastiff breeds frequently stay by their sides. Crossbreeding between the two bigger groups produced the Boerboel, the gardener’s dog.  

These guards had to distinguish between enemies and allies and became recognized for their patience with youngsters.

Although this loving and clever breed gets along well with children, it’s vital to emphasize that Boerboels are not suitable for inexperienced dog lovers. So if you are a new pet owner, this may not be your best choice.

15. Irish wolfhound


This massive Irish Wolfhound has been the consequence of crossbreeding among larger British canines and Middle Eastern dogs. Foxes had invaded the Irish farmland by the fifteenth century, and Irish Wolfhounds drove these animals up to near extinction.   

Irish Wolfhounds are extremely intelligent and adapt fast. They are also both quiet and attentive to human feelings, making them suitable for various therapeutic activities. So if you want to have a smart dog and can protect you at home, you can choose to have them as your next fur baby.

16. Bichon Frises


The Bichon Frise is a peaceful and elegant dog adored by the European royal family. Even though they are short in size, they have huge personalities that you will adore. They get along with everyone they associate with and make an excellent friend. You will love to have them as your next fur dog.

As they have a positive personality, everyone admires them for being friendly dogs, even simply passing by. They are a peaceful, cute, and affectionate dog breed. So, if you want a fashionable dog that is also kind and peaceful, you should choose a Bichon Frise.

Although the calm dog breeds on this list differ widely in size and appearance, they all have a relaxed attitude. These peaceful dog breeds may make excellent beloved pets for many types of individuals, households, and communities with appropriate socialization and education.

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