Chihuahua Dogs Colors and Markings

Do you want to know more about the different colors and markings of Chihuahua? Perhaps you are wondering what color your Chihuahua dog is. This dog breed may come in different colors.

It is quite confusing to know what specific color your Chihuahua has since it changes over time.

Besides wanting to know your pets’ exact color so that you may also tell others about it, it is also important to provide a specific color of your Chihuahua when registering it.

Sometimes, the names of the dogs may be quite misleading and confusing. One typical example of it is the blue Chihuahua, which is not color blue. 

Does the Color of Your Chihuahua Matter?


If you are about to register your dog, then the first thing you need to do is understand some pieces of information about their colors.

In any dog show, all various forms of Chihuahuas can join, and the dog is not judged based on the color itself.

For example, a black color type of Chihuahua is not considered more valuable than any dog color out there. Of course, you may have other preferences for certain colors. 

If you want to buy a Chihuahua based on your preferred color, then it is advisable to look for some reputable dog breeders in your locality.

You can ask them if they have plans to breed some specific color based on your preferred color choice.

Some well-experienced dog breeders carefully pair dogs to produce perfect color results for the dogs that they want. 

List of the Colors of Chihuahua Dogs and Its Descriptions


One of the best and interesting things about Chihuahua is that this type of dog has a wide variety of colors. Chihuahua is a unique type of dog because of its markings and different color combinations.

Because of Chihuahua’s different markings and colors, lots of dog owners are wondering about these things.

If you want to know some information about those colors, then keep in touch with the succeeding discussions, and you will able to understand the true meaning of those things.

Here are some of the colors of Chihuahua and its descriptions:

  • Black sable fawn – Sable refers to the black-tipped hairs of Chihuahua. If your dog has its color, then your dogs’ base color must be light tan (fawn), and the tips of their hair are black. This color combination creates a bumpy appearance, which is quite stunning.
  • Black – A full and solid black is one of the rarest types of Chihuahua. Most of these dogs in black color have some kinds of marking on their body. 
  • Red – This color of Chihuahua ranges from orange/brown or dark orange. This is usually referred to as mahogany. 
  • Brindle – this is a pattern on your dogs that comes with stripes. Most of the brindle Chihuahuas are in color black with a little combination of a fawn. This is somewhat like the stripes of the tiger, which could be thick or thin. 
  • Chocolate – Chocolates have brown furs. A genuine chocolate-colored type of Chihuahua is based on its skin color. So, instead of having a black nose, pad paws, lips, and eye rims, these parts are brown. 
  • Merle – It is somewhat a splashed type of pattern that is usually black or blue in colors. The eyes of Chihuahua may also have this kind of color. Aside from that, the genes that create this color produces random reductions to the Chihuahua’s coat. You must understand that the two dogs with Merles should not breed since it may produce puppies with issues with hearing, sight, and even some other health conditions. 
  • Fawn – A Chihuahua with this kind of color features a light tan that has a red undertone. 
  • Gold – This color is quite shinier than fawn. Your golden Chihuahuas will be notified when they are outside because of the bright light. 
  • Blue – This color is also being determined because of its skin color. Though it is named blue Chihuahuas, its coat might appear to be in any variance or shades of black. The pigmentation of their skin is the one that recognizes a Chihuahua as blue. Hence, the lips, pad paws, nose, and eye rims are blue as well. These parts may have a black appearance for most of the Chihuahuas, but under the shiny light outside your home, this bluish tint color will be noticeable. 
  • Gray and silver – Some of you might ask about the difference between silver and gray on dogs. The only component that makes it silver is that the flakes on whites will slice through the coat that is in the color gray. Then, it produces a color that is shinier than a standard gray color. 
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What is the Rarest Color of Chihuahua Dogs?


The rarest color of Chihuahua dogs is snow white. Those pure white Chihuahuas without markings are said to be the rarest because these types are difficult to produce.

To have a pure white Chihuahua, it is a must that both parents are white. Their parents must have no black pigments on their genes.

You may notice that even the nose, nails, and ears of this Chihuahua are light in color, like pink.

The nest in lines based on its rarest color are those with lavender, Brindle, Merle, and solid black. 

What is the Most Common Color of Chihuahua Dogs?

Chihuahua dogs come in a wide range of color combinations. Chihuahua dogs’ most common colors are red, fawn, chocolate, cream, white, black, and brown.

Some Chihuahuas have color combinations, which include:

  • Chocolate & tan – This type is predominantly chocolate in color, but it displays tan patches on Chihuahua’s face or in their chest area.
  • White & chocolate – This type of Chihuahuas is mostly chocolate, but some white areas are on their chest, legs, or face. 
  • Chocolate brindled fawn – It’s a variety that features a brown coat with different shades of light brown from shadowy, and a medium to light color that gives brindle appearances. These Chihuahuas may have streaks of some other colors. 

What Color Chihuahua Dog is the Most Expensive?


Chihuahua dogs are more expensive to buy than any other type of dog out there. But, do you know what color Chihuahua dog is the most expensive? Well, it’s a pure white chihuahua.

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It is because this color of Chihuahua is not that easy to produce. Many people tend to produce this kind of color, but they failed.

The only way to produce a perfectly pure white Chihuahua is to find two Chihuahuas that are also pure white. This pure white breed’s parents must be the same color to transfer the genes to their offspring.

Ensure that the parents don’t have any black pigmentation or any color markings since these may affect the desired colors for their puppies.

And since this pure white type of dog is the rarest color among the Chihuahuas, it is considered the most expensive among Chihuahuas. 

What are the Different Types of Color Markings on Chihuahua Dogs?

chihuahua puppy

Several types of color markings may appear on your Chihuahua dogs. Some of these color markings include:

  • Tan markings: These types of markings don’t necessarily require falling on a solid-colored dog’s coat. These tan markings can be found in white & black Chihuahuas. Bear in mind that this kind of puppies could also be categorized as tan & black with some sorts of white markings. 
  • Black mask with white markings: These color markings are one of the rarest ones for Chihuahuas. Puppies with these markings have black colors around their muzzle (mask) and eyes. Then, they also have some white markings on their chest. The baseline of their coat may be in some other colors. Most of the puppies with these markings have a base of a fawn. 
  • Kiss marks: These types of markings on Chihuahuas are not recognized as official markings, but these markings are quite spectacular to look at. Kiss marks refer to the color patches on your pets’ eyebrow area, which emphasizes their nice face. 
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Eye Colors of Chihuahuas


According to the American Kennel Club, Chihuahuas have luminous ruby or dark eyes.

Some light tan or white dogs may have hazel-light eyes. If Chihuahuas have ruby eyes, you may notice that their eyes may appear red under some lighting conditions.

In most cases, Chihuahuas with light or white colors contain ruby eyes. Their eyes appear to be dark red during the nighttime, especially if the lights directly hit them.

There are some instances that blue eyes can also be found on this dog breed. 

Color Changes in Chihuahua Dogs

It is common for all Chihuahua dogs to change their coat color. It usually happens from the first years during puppyhood since their fur loses and transforms into the adult coat.

Brindling may deepen or lessen, sable color may also darken or lighten, and some specific colors like tan may brighten to gold or lighten to beige.

When the Chihuahua is already 1-year old, the color of its coat will stay the same until they grow older.

You may notice that there will be a slightly grayish color on its fur for some old Chihuahuas. This is not a dramatic change.

The gray colors usually involve the facial hairs. Then, these are scattered on its coat and sometimes noticeable during the exposure to the bright sunlight. 

How to Find a Chihuahua Dog Online?


If you want to have this dog breed, Chihuahua, you may attempt to buy this breed from some reputable dog breeders?

You can also request a specific color of Chihuahua based on your preference. If you can’t easily find some dog breeders in your locality, you may also try to find them online.

There are lots of online sites that offer this kind of dogs that are for sale. 

However, if you don’t want to spend any amount of money on it, you may also choose to adopt a Chihuahua dog from the rescue shelters. They may find a specific type or color of it that would be suitable for you. 

For more information about these Chihuahua dogs, you may also visit online sites like the American Kennel Club since this is an avenue where you can find puppies for you.

AKC is visible online since they have a website that is always available to access.

Furthermore, they have lists of different puppies from American Kennel Club registered litters, and you can even find some Chihuahua puppies from their sites.

You can explore their offers and learn how to take care of them properly. 

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