Cockapoo | What’s Good and Bad About ‘Em?

A Cockapoo is a designer dog which came from a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. American dog breeders initially bred this crossbreed dog to make a vigorous companion dog; since it is thought that outbreeding enhancement prevents the crossbreed dog from inheriting the majority of health deficiencies of the two-parent pedigree breeds.

However, Poodles and Cocker Spaniels have been mostly crossed since the 1960s in the United States of America.

The lifespan of a Cockapoo is from 18 years to 22 years. This type of dog enjoys being around its owners, and its intelligence makes it effortless to train.

Although it is an active dog, a Cockapoo does not need huge spaces outside of the house to run around in. Additionally, the dog owner must walk the this designer dog at least once a day.

Even unattended or left alone for long periods, this type of crossbreed dog is not destructive, although it can be anxious.

Hence it is recommended for the dog owner to buy or make a crate once the dog is left alone at home for a certain period.

Generally, a Cockapoo is affectionate and loving, in addition to its laidback nature. Although alert, this poodle mix has a sweet characteristic.

This type of dog, crossbreed, is an extremely sociable and energetic dog that is quite eager to entertain its owner. A Cocka-poo is an ideal companion pet, as it easily gets along with children and its owner.

A poodle mix needs to be trained well even during its early or puppy years, or else the dog owner will find it hard to deal with its anger issues as it grows old.

As with other pets, a Cockapoo tends to get jealous once their dog owners pay close attention to people or other animals.

This type of dog’s most advantageous characteristic is it is extremely trainable since it is an intelligent animal.

These are the types of ideal companions since it is easy to take care of, trustworthy, and smart. 

What Does Cockapoo Look Like?


Like many dog crossbreeds, there is an utmost deal of inconsistency in the appearance and dimensions of a Cockapoo, in which color combinations or every color is present, and this type of crossbreed coat can either be curled, wavy or straight.

A Cockapoo that weighs below 5.4 kilograms (12 pounds) is named a mini Cockapoo.

In contrast, those that weigh at an average of 5.9 kilograms and 8.2 kilograms (13 pounds and 18 pounds) are called a miniature Cockapoo, and those that weigh more than 8.6 kilograms (19 pounds) are billed as a standard Cockapoo.

A Cockapoo’s fur ranges from a shaggier, looser coat to curls similar to a tight poodle.

However, all variations of this type of crossbreed are incredibly soft (provided that the Cockapoo owner regularly grooms them).

Cocker spaniel mix is a curious type of dog crossbreed. The temperament of a usual Cocka-poo is fun-loving and happy and thrives on responsiveness, providing a loyal life companion.

How Big Do Cockapoo Get?


A Cockapoo is raised in four types: Teacup Toy, Toy Cockapoo, Miniature Cockapoo, and Maxi or Standard Cockapoo.

The Teacup Cockapoo weighs less than 6 pounds and stands for not more than 10 inches.

The Toy Cockapoo can be more than 10 inches in terms of its height but has a tougher build, weighing more or less 12 pounds.

On the other hand, the Miniature Cockapoo weighs about 13 pounds to 17 pounds and stands for about 13 inches to 14 inches.

The Maxi or Standard Cockapoo weighs beyond 19 pounds and stands approximately 15 inches.

Do Cockapoo Shed?


Certainly, a Cockapoo sheds since all types of dogs shed to a certain extent. But, this type of dog breed can significantly shed less than the others.

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The majority depends upon what type of coat a Cockapoo inherits from its parent dog breeds. Besides, a Cockapoo has a pup coat that falls through as they age.

Knowing how much this type of dog breed shed is mainly dependent on the heredities. There are many methods that the dog owner can use to lessen the amount of hair fall.

Another basis that a Cockapoo shed is due to its inherited coat. Like human beings, dogs are individuals with distinctive tendencies for hardly shedding and shedding more often.

Depending upon which coat a Cockapoo inherits, they might shed a lot than others. Significantly, a Cockapoo sheds due to the season.

While this characteristic is specifically found among other dog species, this type of dog crossbreed is likely responding to the weather changes.

For instance, during the summer, when there is an increase in the temperature, this poodle mix sheds more to lessen the insulation amount it gets.

By shedding, the Cockapoo keeps itself cooler. However, this also means that more hair falls due to the rising temperature.

A Cockapoo is quite a high maintenance kind of pet and should be combed and brushed regularly. This type of crossbreed dog does not shed a lot once they are brushed regularly.

For people who are dealing with allergies, a Cockapoo is an ideal pet to buy or adopt. A lot of dog owners advised that it should be clipped once yearly.

How Often Should You Bathe a Cockapoo?


When it comes to bathing the Cockapoo, the owner can bathe them regularly, provided that the owner does not use shampoos with detergents or soap.

Regularly bathing a dog is gentle on the skin and does not dry out the coat. To make sure, the dog owner can take the Cockapoo to a professional groomer for a bath.

Every Cockapoo has a distinct grooming necessity, which hinges on the coat. A Cockapoo with a straight coat – not wavy or very curly – only needs to be brushed at least three times weekly.

When it comes to bathing, the dog owner can bathe it once for at least three months. On the other hand, the dog owner needs a professional groomer to cut its hair.

Do Cockapoo Dogs Bark a Lot?


This type of dog crossbreed is not recognized as a barker. However, Cockapoo bark once they see a person walking or running towards the house or when the dog owner leaves them once in a while.

This designer dog sometimes barks when it seeks attention. It also barks when it is boring or frustrating.

Attention-seeking kind of dogs is a difficult task for a dog owner to raise. Hence the dog owner must make sure to understand this type of personality of a dog.

Are Cockapoo Hypoallergenic?


Since one of the parents of a Cockapoo is a poodle, it still produces some dander that causes allergic reactions to people. Even most dog breeders do not present this type of dog as hypoallergenic for many reasons.

Because every Cockapoo differs in their coats, it can be difficult to choose the appropriate coat and advertise it is hypoallergenic.

Besides, it is difficult to know which coat type it develops as it ages. The kind of coat a puppy Cockapoo gets hinges on the kind of cross – F1, F2, or F3.

Many individuals are not just dander-allergic, but the fur and saliva of a Cockapoo as well.

Are Cockapoos Easy to Train?


Even though a Cockapoo can easily be trained, it is also likely that the owner will have housebreaking problems.

Cocker spaniel mix needs lovingly, firm, and consistent caretaking but are extremely commonly obedient and loyal.

Due to its Poodle genes, a Cockapoo is stubborn. However, with proper guidance and training, it will eagerly respond to its owners.

Regular exercise, like walking, can be helpful for mental and physical activities.

The first thing that a dog owner must do to successfully train a Cockapoo is to win respect and assurance.

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Setting this type of basis is extremely important to successfully train a dog since it is very social and commonly respects an authoritarian example.

Like a dog, the Cockapoo usually goes along with the dog owner’s command. Attempting to instruct a Cockapoo without even establishing the self-confidence or admiration it needs will likely cause problems.

As the dog owner interrelates with the Cockapoo as the bunch leader, it instinctively gives the owner dependence and loyalty.

Once a Cockapoo innately trusts the dog owner, it understands the responsibility to follow directions and instructions effortlessly.

A lot of dog owners misunderstand affection and love for respect and loyalty.

Since a dog only wants to be loved, the dog owner must be certain not to provide affection to the dog at an unfitting time. Sometimes misinterpreting an improper and acceptable behavior and imposing it is difficult.

By creating certain rules for the Cockapoo to follow, the dog owner can appreciate what people need.

By creating clear-cut restrictions and instructing the Cockapoo to respect them, the dog owner lets the dog logically act in a crowd.

In most times, a Cockapoo is now aware of the rules and the consequences of breaking the rules.

Cockapoo Behavior Problems


Like other kinds of dogs, one of the most intuitive behavioral problems of a Cockapoo is digging since it enjoys digging.

  • Like other behavior problems, a this dog digs due to boredom or anxiety, but because of fear for some reasons.

A Cockapoo is attempting to escape from certain things or maybe looking for something.

Besides, a Cockapoo digs when it wants to hide possessions like bones or toys. Otherwise, a it digs since it wants to seek comfort or possibly to cool down.

  • One of the most disappointing signs of a behavior problem of a Cockapoo is inappropriate defecation and urination.

This type of behavior can easily result in damage within the dog owner’s home and often causes the dog to be unwanted in other places or homes.

However, if this is a dog owner’s new behavior problem for many years, the dog owner must seek assistance and advice from a dog expert.

This type of behavior problem may be caused by a medical condition and must first be established.

Once it is found out that this problem is not medical, the dog owner must think of other possible causes for the dog’s inappropriate behavior problem.

The Cockapoo has the possibility of becoming overly excited or can be anxious for a lot of reasons, which may lead to inappropriate urination.

  • Like other dogs, a Cockapoo needs to mark its territory, possibly if other animals are nearby.

Besides, the Cocker spaniel mix is simply seeking the dog owner’s attention and is not aware of the correct way of attracting the dog owner’s attention acceptably.

Otherwise, the Cockapoo simply has not yet received the proper training to behave appropriately.

Naturally, every dog chews on things, which is an innate tendency of a dog.

Conversely, if left uncontrolled, too much chewing, which leads to destruction or damage, can be a behavioral problem and a Cockapoo’s bad trait.

Puppies are likely to chew once they are teething, but once a this poodle mix dog grows older, it chews because of boredom or anxiety or the need to release extra energy.

Besides, a Cockapoo tends to chew because of curiosity. This is frequently true to puppies, who are just trying to acquaint themselves with new things.

  • Another behavior problem of a Cockapoo is separation anxiety, which is usually in many dogs and manifested in many ways.

A dog owner may find that a it is more vocal, like chewing a lot more often even though the dog hardly chews previously.

Although a Cockapoo has been well-trained, the dog owner may see that the dog inappropriately defecates or urinates.

A lot of kinds of uncommon destruction are caused by separation anxiety by the dog.

Common symptoms of this kind of behavior problems once the dog sees that its owner will leave it for a certain period.

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The Cockapoo will recognize these signs once it sees that the dog owner has the car keys.


Any disobedience of the dog caused by separation anxiety will often occur within the initial 45 minutes once the dog owner leaves the house.

The dog will continually follow the dog owner and regularly make physical interaction by touching the dog owner regularly.

  • The third common behavior problems of a Cockapoo is aggression.

Some dogs tend to exhibit aggressive characteristics by showing their teeth, lunging, growling, snarling, orbiting.

Despite the upbringing and training, a Cockapoo can be aggressive if mistreated or provoked.

  • Another behavioral problem of a Cockapoo is the tendency to chase moving objects or things.

Since dogs are predators, a Cockapoo will likely chase cars, other animals, and people. Uncontrolled, the possibility of chasing objects or things may lead to a tragic result.

While the dog owner has the capability of preventing the dog from chasing thins, the dog owner can prevent the dog from hurting others or even itself.

Many dogs jump when they greet people, probably to seek interest, and seldom in an attempt to exert domination.

While jumping seems to be an endearing characteristic for a Cockapoo, a huge jumping dog is dangerous and annoying, as the dog can hurt itself and the persons it jumps on.

  • Yet another behavioral problem by all kinds of dogs, even a Cockapoo, is biting based on instinct alone.

Little dogs may nip and bite as their way of familiarizing the surroundings. While still young, the dog owner can train the puppies that biting is not allowed and unacceptable behavior.

As the dog grows older, a Cockapoo may turn to bite for a lot of reasons. The dog can be defensive and fearful, and its natural tendency is to bite.

Otherwise, the dog can be in pain or is sick or simply protecting what the dog thinks is its property.

  • Lastly, many dog owners encourage the habit of begging for dogs, even though it is regarded as a bad habit.

However, rewarding a Cockapoo that begs for scraps of food from the table results in digestive problems and obesity in the long run.

It is often easy to give the dog a treat, recognizing that it is only for one time.

On the other hand, the dog will repeatedly return to beg for more food, understanding that the look on the dog’s face will lead to the dog owner to give in and give the dog more food to eat.

How Much Does Cockapoo Cost?


Averagely, the price of a Cockapoo ranges from 900 dollars to 2,500 dollars per puppy.

However, the price greatly varies from one dog breeder to the other. The price range varies due to the dog’s age, the parents’ bloodlines, genetics, health history, and coat colors.

While it costs expensively, it should be kept in mind that many breeders of a dog do not earn money by just selling puppies.

An expert breeder who considers the well-being and health of the animal invests a lot of money for each puppy.

The price of a this dog starts even before the puppies are born. The price tag of the parents of the Cockapoo includes genetic disorders, medical screening, quality nutrition, and care.

Where to Buy / Adopt Cockapoo Dog?

There are a lot of sellers of Cockapoo these days. For people who want to buy or adopt a dog, the best way is to search online.

Nowadays, many sellers turn to the World Wide Web to sell their things, possessions, house and lots, and even their dogs.

A lot of crossbreed dogs are available online for selling. Choosing to buy or adopt a Cockapoo dog is not as complicated as most people realize.