Corgi Dog Colors: A Complete List Of All 12 Recognized Coat Colors

Corgi is one of the most sought-after pets today due to its fantastic personality, remarkable appearance, and unique color.

Yes. You heard it right. You can find them in different colors. But, before that, let us give you first a short overview of this breed of dog.

Originally bred to horses, sheep, and herd cattle, Corgi is an intelligent and active breed of dog. What makes this breed of dog apart from the rest is that training is easy and always eager to learn. Corgies are ideal for seniors, kids, and other pets, and you can find this in many markings.

Even if this is a purebred dog, you might find Corgis in various dog shelters, rescue groups, and other institutions that care for a dog. Keep in mind to adopt and keep away from buying if you wish to bring a new dog for your family.

What Makes a Corgi a Perfect Pet for the Whole Family?


Loving and adaptable with the family, this breed of dog can fit into just about any family. It doesn’t matter if you reside in a large home with a big backyard or a small apartment or condominium unit.

On the other hand, Corgis do have relatively a bit of energy for a miniature dog. They will need lots of strolls and exercises as well as active play sessions.

You may be astounded by how fast and quickly this short-legged puppy can move. For those who can meet the needs of this dog, Corgis will make a superb household companion or pet, even for newbie pet parents out there.


  • This breed of dog is very vocal, which has a propensity to bark at everything and anything.
  • While Corgis are very smart dogs, they can also be stubborn sometimes. If housebreaking is an issue, then crate training is highly suggested.
  • This breed of dog has a strong herding instinct that may lead them to nip at the heels of kids once they’re playing.
  • This breed of dog is susceptible to overeating. Therefore, food intake must be tracked and monitored closely and always.
  • Even if this is a small dog, a Corgi has lots of energy and has a good workout and exercise every day.

To acquire a healthy and active corgi, it is highly advisable to never purchase a dog from irresponsible breeders, puppy mills, and a pet store.

Rather, search for a reputable and reliable breeder out there of tests his breeding dogs to ensure they are free of genetic issues that they may pass onto the pups and have sound temperaments.

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Corgis Dog Colors: What are they?


As mentioned above, Corgis are considered one of the most renowned breeds of dogs in the world. This lovely, cute dog originated from Wales, where it evolved as a herding dog in England.

And with time, they have found their way to people’s hearts. These small furballs are very friendly, playful, outgoing, protective as well as bold.

Corgis are divided into two different sub-breeds, Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. So, in this article, we will be going to share with you the exciting colors Corgi you can find today. So, what are you waiting for? Sit down, relax and let’s start!

What is the Popular Color of a Corgi Dog? 

Red Corgis

A red Corgi does not have spots or black on its hair; however, there might be some white parts. The paws and underbelly are normally white, while his nose is black. His coat color comes in an array of red colors, from pale to intense red called fawn.

There are some Corgi puppies born that have sable spots or markings. On the other hand, as they age, it slowly fades to red. It is really hard to tell during puppyhood if they are a real sable or fade later on as they grow older. However, no matter what, they are still gorgeous and loveable. Red is one of the most sought Corgi colors.


Red Headed Tri-Color Corgi

In red-headed tricolor corgis, the mainstream of the coat is the color black. However, the head has a continuing combination of red coats on it.

You will find a white and red coat on other portions of his fur and combined or blended well. So, the underbelly and the paws have a white coat whole nose is color black in this event. This is also one of the most popular colors of corgis.

Black Headed Tri-Color Corgi

The mainstream of this Corgi’s coat is black, which includes the head. Also, the coat has some patches of red. On the other hand, they are blended well and look like spots. Corgis with this color have white paws and underbelly and black noses as well.

To consider a black-headed tri-color Corgi, he should have black coloring over his head, across ears, and surrounding the eyes, which make him appear like a raccoon. Popularly called BHT in the world of Corgi, he has copper markings in some parts of his body, which include the face.

The undercoat might be copper; however, the mainstream of the topcoat is color black. Black-headed is considered one of the rarest and exceptional colors of Corgi. This is also one of the most sought-after.

What is the Rarest Color of Corgi Dogs?


Here are some of the rarest colors of Corgi dogs that you need to check out!


One of the best colors of Corgi is Sable. When you say Sable, it combines different shades such as black, brown, and red. It is considered the most exceptional coat color of Corgi today. Their shoulders and back are mainly black that is popularly known as a black cast.

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A Sable Corgi often has something called widow’s peak that is a black spot that arches beyond his eyes down to his muzzles. There are instances that red spots are color brown and chestnuts.


Fawn Corgi mainly has a light and dark shade- however, it has some white spots on the fur. There is not black color on some parts of the body.

His underbelly is white together with the paws, while his nose is color black. Fawn is considered one of the rarest colors of Corgi today and also one of the most expensive. 


Brindle is also a popular color of the coat. When you say Brindle, it has a brown base shade overlain with black or dark stripes. Brindle is sometimes called tiger coat, as it looks like the hair of the tiger. This can have flashes of copper in some parts of his body as well.


Brindle and White

This is one of the rarest colors of Corgi. While its base color might be yellow, black, and red, white and Brindle has a brindle stripe outline or marking on his coat. His underbelly coat is color white, while the nose is black.

Brindle Merle and White

Corgis of this color are also known as ginger merles. They have casual gray spots all over his fur. There are some Corgis that have chestnut color to his hair but with big merle areas. His underbelly is color white, while his nose is color black.

Red and White

This dog has a bit to no black spot on his coat and is primarily red with white spots. The underbelly is covered with a white coat, while his nose is color black. This is also one of the popular Corgi colors today. A lot of homeowners prefer this kind of color. You can try this as well.

Red Merle and White Corgi

These Corgis have a little bit of merle in his red coat that expresses itself on the liver and black shade with the conceal merle. Corgis which are Homozygous red, don’t have merle on their furs.

So, it only means that the Corgi gene is from any of its parents. Corgi with this color has a white coat on the underbelly, and the paws have black color.


Sable and White

However, these Corgis are largely sable and white in the shade, and it depends on the genetic makeup, might have black or red markings or spots. Black tipping might emerge as Window’s Peak on his head.

You might also be capable of noticing some black shade on his saddle and tail as well. His underbelly and paws are color white, and his nose is black.

Sable Merle and White

Popularly called Cinnamon Merle Corgi, this one comes with a primarily sable and white coat but might also have red, merle, and darker spots in specific parts of this body. His paws and underbelly are color white, while his nose is color black.

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What is the Most Common Corgi Color?


Corgis aren’t black and white in the shade- they might also have a few Brindle and white coloring. A real white and black corgi does not exist. You will find diverse color spots or markings on the coat.

The paws and underbelly are white, while the nose is color black. Black and white is the best color for Corgis and one of the most sought after as well.

Merling means the pigment which would have been 100% pure liver or color black is diluted. It shows itself as uneven spots, markings, or patched on the fur, which looks like a tie and dye shirt.

Blue Merle and White dogs are firstly black and white with blue or grey on their fur. The underbellies and paws are color white, while his nose is color black.

The most common Corgi color is red and white, even if the red shade can differ in strength from canine to canine. While they might have some markings of black as puppies, the red shade can appear to the front as the black reduces once the dog grows up.

This color is self-explanatory. However, it can come in an array of strengths and differ from very pale and very dark. 

All Corgis with red color exhibit few Sable attributes when they’re puppies. In a lot of instances, the black cast lightens to pure red once the pup reaches adulthood.

Occasionally, it’s hard to tell if the pup will grow into a Sable or red coat. Corgis, considered a fawn, is technically red; it is only a pale faded color of red. 

What is the Best Color for a Corgi dog?


This is considered the best color for a Corgi dog. A black cardigan is mainly black; however, it comes with white patches on his body. Black cardigan Corgi looks like small border collies.

They can have flashes of copper in some parts of his body. This is one of the best shades as of its rarity as well as uniqueness. The color appears patterned with black and gray or gray that has piebald marbled black patches.

Black Corgi is permitted to have blue eyes or diverse colored eyes. Also, they can have a butterfly nose instead of standard black, where the nose has patches of pink. This isn’t permitted in any color Corgi.

What You Need to be Aware Of

If you show Corgis that you can enter into AKC conformation shows, just specific shades can take apart. All known colors are permitted in performance events and companions as well.

If show Corgis matters a lot to you, then ensure to visit the Cardigan Corgi and Pembroke Corgi breed standards. Here, the whole thing is explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

When dog breeders provide a Pembroke Corgi with a merle coat, this isn’t 100% purebred. It’s either a hybrid or another mixed. This indicates that the dog breeder is not concerned or reputable on their dogs, well-being, therefore keeping away from them.

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