Amazing Things About Corgi Husky Mix – Horgi Facts

Corgi Husky Mix (Horgi) is an exotic mix of Corgi and Husky, and it is fast becoming the most preferred designer dog.

Dog breeds have changed from the traditional German shepherd and Bulldogs to incorporate new ‘designer’ breeds that merge two favorites into one.

Talk about the Cockapoo, Aussiedoodle, and the adorable Labradoodle that have unsurprisingly become a hit among dog lovers. Just when we thought dogs couldn’t get any cuter, the stunning Horgi came into the scene.

What is a Corgi Husky Mix?


Corgi Husky Mix is a hybrid dog that result from cross-breeding a Siberian Husky and a Welsh Corgi. Most breeders prefer crossing purebred Horgi parents to maintain certain qualities in the resulting litter.

However, it is not uncommon to meet a Siborgi that is a cross between a purebred Corgi and a Corgi-Husky mix. The same desirable qualities are almost always realized in the puppies.

To understand the Corgi Husky mix personality, we have to look at the traits of the purebred parents. However, note that characters will differ significantly in a litter.

Observing the parent’s personality only gives us a glimpse of what we can hope for in the Horgi puppies we adopt.

The Siberian Husky was initially bred as a working dog. Several Huskies would help pull sleds over ice to transport goods or people during winter.

For this reason, Huskies were bred to be big dogs with strong limbs for pulling heavy loads. The nature of their occupation also warrants them to be very alert especially when traveling in a caravan at night.

The Welsh Corgi was also bred to be a worker. However, he did not have much to do but chase herds of sheep, goats, or cattle in a field.

So, it is safe to say he is adventurous like the husky as well as playful. On the other hand, unlike the Siberian Husky, the Welsh Corgi has a tiny body and trademark small limbs.

However, don’t let his small body fool you, corgis are very swift and alert which is what makes them great herding dogs.

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There are other great traits to love about a Corgi Husky mix dog. They are very friendly and like to play with anyone they meet. They love their owners loyally and will do anything to make them happy.

Horgi pups are very easy to live with and make the best family dogs especially if there are kids or seniors in your home.

corgi husky mix dog

A Husky Siberian is a beautiful breed too with fox-like looks and eyes smaller than the Welsh Corgi.

Its lifespan is 12-14 years while male and female breeds weigh 23 and 27kgs respectively.

This breed is alert, generally friendly, and intelligent. Their coats are various colors, and they are usually beautiful dogs.

This breed has such high energy that some find it could weigh them down. Additionally, it is quite friendly and lovable.

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Separately, both breeds don’t grow very tall. They are stout and lovely, and both have bushy tails.

They are expressive and playful with the Husky being a little mischievous. Both are lively with alert eyes, but Corgi and more expressive ones.

Corgi Husky Mix Temperament

corgi husky mix horgi

Since this breed is not pure, it adopts the best of both worlds. Corgi Husky mix is not shy, thanks to its herding genes and it is quite playful, thanks to the temperament of the original breeds.

This breed is a bit too friendly and playful since both original breeds are, and so it may not make the best guard.

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Borrowing features of both parent breeds, these little cuties have adorable, blue eyes that most pet lovers can love. They are a bit mischievous too but will have you swooning in no time with their innocent puppy looks.

Corgi Husky Mix takes more after the Corgi in size as it can grow up to 22kgs in maturity. This works well for dog owners who prefer this smaller size but still want the qualities that come from the Husky.

Color is probably the biggest winner for those who prefer this cross breed as they get the agouti color, black, or grey from the Husky as well as the red, sable, or tan that they inherit from the Corgi side.

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The color will mostly show better on the face and tail.

How Big Does a Husky Corgi Mix get?

The height and weight of a Corgi Husky mix will depend largely depend on the parent genes.

A purebred corgi husky mix should grow to a height of 13 to 15 cm and weighs between 20 pounds.

A Horgi whose genes are from a dominant Husky parent can weigh as much as 50 pounds. The height will always be under 15 cm as the Corgi gene is still dominant when it comes to height.

Husky Corgi Lifespan

A well-cared-for Corgi Husky mix should live for 12 to 15 years. This is just an estimate; the little fellow may have two more years in him to give nothing but fun and mischief to the master he adores.

Is a Corgi Husky Mix Right for Me?


If you are looking to burn some calories, forget the gym and get a dog to run you down!

This breed is so playful it weighs some people down with its energy. He eats quite a lot too, and so the workout is excellent for both you and him.

Training Challenges

Being part herder makes it harder for this breed to settle down. He wants to play by his rules, and so it will take lots of patience and a bag full of treats to get him to obey.

They are super intelligent, and so learning new tricks is not the problem, but they like rules.

Horgi Minds the Cold not

corgi husky mix dog

The Chukchi people from whom Husky comes is a lover of the cold.

She came from what is currently Russia and Ukraine and so she is used to the cold weather, which is what she prefers even as a mix – being as the Welsh Corgi is also used to harsh conditions.

The think fur is a testament to the kind of weather this breed is used to, and so she won’t do well in Texas or any other humid-hot location.

Intelligence Lives Here

Herding dogs are assertive and highly intelligent – the best way to describe the Corgi. Husky is just as smart and so mixing the two you have a brilliant breed.

It is part of this intelligence that makes it a little tricky to train them. Also, they are quite good at tearing things down, meaning your fence is probably not going to hold them in place. You may want to mend fences – literally – before you learn the hard way.

Cuteness Overload

Take those two little breeds with their respective features, and you will undoubtedly have one of the cutest breeds in town.

Add the cuddly size, and full fur to the mix and strangers are going to stop you down the road to pet him. They are even cuter when they make a mess and look at you with their doll eyes for pity.

Check their Diet

The original breeds are quite the likely weight gainers, and so you want to counter the possible weight gain by carefully watching their portions.

Huskies and Corgis are naturally hyperactive since their ancestors ran after sheep and pulled sleds and so the sedentary life of the city will not provide enough exercise.


Unless you can sufficiently work him out, Horgi is likely to be overweight. Important note: since Horgi is a hyperactive breed, lack of exercise makes him cranky and destructive.

He also likes to roam and make friends and so you want to let him off his leash to interact with other dogs and to play with you. He likes that a lot, by the way.

Cost and Adoption

The cost of a Horgi depends on the original breed. Pure breeds will certainly attract higher prices, but generally, you can expect to pay anything from a couple of hundred thousand to $1,000.

Dog will need regular care and vet visits just like any other dog, but they are not that expensive to maintain.

Do corgi husky mix shed?


The origin breeds shed quite a lot, and so their mix is just as much a shedder. The Welsh Corgi has a double coat, and so it sheds quite a lot.

Since the mix has an equally think coat, this shedding makes it imperative for the owner to brush their fur at least once a day.

They shed even more during summers, and so you may want to brush their coats more per day during this season.

The breed is not hypoallergenic either. When it comes to grooming, only wash him when he needs a bath and use dog shampoo to get to his fur. The coat takes a while to lather as the coat is water-resistant and takes quite long to dry too.

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Behind Corgi mix’s ears, you may need to continually check and clean them – as often as once a day – as well as brush his teeth thrice a week.

The nails grow fast, so you need to trim them as often as you need but consult your vet first to be sure you are doing it well not to harm his paws.

Corgi Husky Mix Health Issues

Fortunately, the corgi-husky mix is one of the most durable toy breed dogs immune-wise. Rarely do Husky Corgi inherit the health issues suffered by the purebred parents.

However, They may suffer common physiological problems that affect most toy breed dogs depending on the lifestyle they lead.

They may suffer hip dysplasia because of their heavy body weighing down on their tiny legs. The thick coat of a Horgi is also prone to skin diseases if not cleaned properly.

Another prone health issue is ear and eye infection which may result from poor hygiene or living conditions as well. Perhaps the most common health issues you will find in Horgis is back problem.

This is because the little fellow tends to gain weight fast which results in obesity. The spine may droop under such weight leading to back problems or the development of what is called degenerative myelopathy.

The only way to ensure your Siborgi pup does not develop any of these issues is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle for them.

This involves maintaining a proper diet and exercising your Horgi regularly. Exercise is paramount for a Corgi-Husky pup because they are descendants of very active parents.

Is Corgi Husky Hypoallergenic?

Corgi Husky mix dogs are not entirely hypoallergenic because they shed heavily. However, you can control the amount of shedding by regularly grooming your Horgi’s coat.

How much grooming will be needed depends on the type of coat your Horgi inherited from his parents. A purebred Welsh Corgi has a thick waterproof coat while a purebred Siberian Husky has a double-thick coat.

Expect your corgi mix pup to grow either a medium or lengthy coat that is all-weather proof. Medium coats should be groomed once a week while long coats can be groomed biweekly.

You should up the grooming session during shedding season. This will help control fur buildup and prevent excess hair from mixing with breathing hair.

Frequent grooming makes it easier to live with a this dog even for someone with pet hair allergies. Regulate play time during shedding season to prevent him from leaving fur all over the place.

Do not let him jump up and down a lot or sit on couches. Confine him to areas that will be easy to clean up after him when he sheds.

Feeding and Training Corgi Husky Mix

horgi dog breed

If you own a Corgi Husky mix, ensure you keep the little fellow on a strict low-calorie diet. You will have to monitor their eating habits because Horgis tend to overeat a lot.

Besides, it is impossible to tell whether your Corgi-Husky pooch is overweight because he is covered in too much fur.

Quality dry kibble is best for toy breeds such as the Siborgi. His meals should be packed with lots of proteins and carbohydrates to help build muscle and fuel his active lifestyle.

Add healthy pet supplements, and doggy treats to make his meal complete. Come up with a feeding schedule that helps regulate your pup’s food intake.

Let him enjoy his snacks too but do not be overly generous with the treats. If you set a proper diet for your husky corgi while they are still a puppy, then they should not have any weight issues as adults.

Your Siborgi pooch needs tons of exercise for their physical and mental well-being. Remember they are products of very active parents, so they need to live up to those standards.

Moreover, exercising does not have to be too complicated for a Horgi. If you love jogging in the morning, let the little fellow tag along.

Weekends can be spent at a public park playing a game of fetch or allowing the tiny pooch chase after squirrels in the woods.

Back at home, play a game of wrestling with your Corgi Husky puppy or let him chase after a squeaky toy if you are busy at the moment.

Training sessions are also great opportunities for exercising a husky and corgi mix. You can teach him various tricks as a puppy and continue the training sessions as an adult.

Play combined with training exercises is enough to use up all the pent-up energy your Horgi is storing. Yes, he will be quite tired and sleepy after, but as they say, a tired dog is a happy dog.

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On the other hand, you do not want to wear him down too much. During summer, Horgis are vulnerable to overheating given their thick coat.

Let the fluffy lad cool down when you see him panting a lot. Moreover, ensure you keep him hydrated as he loses much water through sweating.

Dogs lose lots of electrolytes when they sweat so ensure you feed him supplements that will make up for this deficit.

How much does a Corgi Husky Cost?

How much a Corgi Husky mix cost depends on how much value a breeder puts on them. Generally, breeders will value their husky corgi pups based on the quality of the purebred parents.

It is a common trait for breeders to cross specific purebred parents to control some desirable characteristics in the puppies.

Also, the overall cost of a Horgi pup will depend on how much the breeders spent in to raise the puppy. A Corgi-Husky mix pup that has gone through various medical checks and received all the necessary vaccinations will often cost more.

Generally, it should require as low as $300 to as high as $1000. Alternatively, you can get a Corgi-Husky pup from a rescue or animal shelter which should be cheaper.

Corgi Husky Mix Adoption

corgi husky mix

Corgi Husky mix is a very rare toy breed dog to find. A purebred Horgi is still being developed by a select number of breeders.

So, you will have to do a little bit of homework before you find a suitable breeder to buy a Horgi puppy.

The first step to adopting a Siborgi dog is to find a breeder who rears Siberian Huskies and Welsh Corgis. Such breeders are more likely to experiment with the Corgi-Husky mix.

Build rapport with such breeders and ensure they add you on the waiting list of prospective buyers.

Do not forget to keep in touch either. The more interest you show, the higher the chance the breeder will call you first when the first litter is born.

Visiting the breeder’s home gives a chance of getting up close and personal with the Horgi puppies. The best time to visit is two weeks from the day of birth. By this time, the puppies have already interacted with their mother and developed a personality.

These dogs are very jovial right from when they are born. However, it is also possible to bump into a litter with a few hot-tempered pups.

This will happen if the purebred parents are very aggressive in nature. Visit a breeding home where the dogs are well-fed, exercised, and socialized.

Observe the puppies as they play with each other to gauge their temperaments. The friendliest puppy in the litter is what you are looking for.

A good-natured puppy will immediately wag its tail when you approach and even run to greet you if you beckon it.

Besides, observe how each puppy interacts with the rest of the litter. A pup that is overly aggressive or too timid is not what you want to adopt.

horgi corgi mix dog

Interview the breeder and ask them if you can see the parents of the litter. This will help you know what quality traits to expect in the litter when they grow.

Also, asking questions helps you understand whether a breeder knows what they are doing.

A breeder experienced with Corgi-Husky pups will know how to advise you should you want to adopt a puppy.

Horgi from Shelter or Rescue Groups

Besides breeding homes, your next option for adopting a Horgi is in shelter homes or dog rescue centers.

This is an excellent option if you do not want to spend more than $500 on a dog. However, you have to be cautious of the type of dog you are adopting.

Find out the history of the dog and how it came to be in the shelter. Some shelter dogs were rescued from abusive homes or found wandering off the streets.

Since the animal spends most of its time in a cage, it does not have time to interact with other dogs or human beings.

Besides, not all shelters can provide quality services to the animals they house. Only adopt from a shelter or rescue home if you are ready to put in the work of rehabilitating a troubled Horgi.

On the other hand, you might get lucky to find a Corgi Husky puppy that has not yet lost his charm. He will be happy to be re-homed by you if you promise to love him unconditionally.


Corgi Husky Mix still has the brave face of a husky with the cuddly body of a Welsh Corgi. Ensure you spend lots of time with your Horgi and feed him a healthy diet to keep him strong and happy.

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