16 Corgi Mixes Full of Fabulous Personality and Energy

Corgis are loving, cute dogs and regarded as achondroplastic, meaning this breed of dog is a true-small breed. Corgis have two types. One is the so-called Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and the other is the Pembroke Welsh Corgis. The latter, among others, is the common one and is frequently breed utilized when breeders grow hybrids.

These dogs have tall ears, short legs, long bodies, and pointed faces. You can find corgies in black, copper, cream, brown, tan, and white colors.

The personality of this dog is sweet and very loveable. This is a happy-go-lucky and fun-loving puppy. They are faithful to their master and also full of intelligence that can bring an obstinate band during training from time to time.

Mixing this breed with other breeds can result in an energetic, active, and charming crossbreed. They can highlight the most excellent features of both parents.

1. Auggie (Corgi and Australian Shepherd)


Augie, or sometimes spelled Auggie, is a combination of a Corgi and Australian Shepherd. Both are relatively popular, so the mixture is well-loved too. Augies acquire the small size of the parent Corgi; however, there are instances that they are a little bit smaller.

The face of the Augie is often identical to Australian Shepherd, even though with the ears of the Corgi. Corgi and Australian Shepherd is both a happy and intelligent dog; therefore, it doubled in this cute package.

The speculation comes if this breed will love the Corgi’s level of activity calmer in general or Australian Shepherd, renowned for having a high-energy dog.

This crossbreed can acquire remarkable different colored eyes, which are common to the Aussie. As a dog owner, you have to be aware of any issues with their wellbeing and eyes that might come up due to their exceptional build.

2. Horgski (Corgi and Husky)

horgi dog breed

One of the most popular Corgi mixes is the Horgski or also known as Siborgi or Horgi. This is a mix of Corgi and the Siberian Husky. Who wouldn’t care for a dog with a sociable name? Therefore, the inclination to be naughty and playful lies in both parents, paying attention to the sneakiness to surface.

Both the Corgi and Siberian Husky are social and playful dogs, loving the whole thing they come across. Training this dog is tricky as both parents are smart and sometimes stubborn. They want somebody with years of experience in dog training.

This crossbreed is likely to appear like a small wolf with multi-colored hairs. The colors can be cream, red, white, grey, brown, and black. They have mixed eyes or bright blue eyes.

3. Corman Shepherd (Corgi and German Shepherd)


The German Shepherd is renowned as a structured breed of a dog, while the Corgis is fun-loving. Even if this may look like a strange combination, the blend results in a stunning and fantastic balance.

This dog crossbreed has a coat that is usually tan or dark brown, sometimes has white speckles. Corman Shepherds appear softer featured, cute, or miniature German Shepherd and act like them too. This is an active and alert breed of dog with a down-to-earth approach.

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This breed is also packed with cleverness, and sometimes training is easier than Corgi, particularly if he favors the German Shepherd. Still, Corman Shepherds insists on attention and affection and will love human companions as frequently as possible.

4. Spitzgi (Corgi and Spitz)


Spitzgi is not a popular hybrid; however, it is a sought-after mix due to its wolf-like appearance. This is a mix of a Corgi with a Spitz. They have big, pointy ears as well as long hairy black, tan, or white coats.

Spitz dogs are very energetic. They are a clever breed. However, they have an obstinate and flexible streak. Mixed with the vigorous Corgi, this leads to smart and enormous pups with a personality, which can be annoying if he chooses to do or doesn’t want to carry out something.

5. Corgidor (Corgi and Labrador Retriever)


This is considered one of the most common Corgi mixes. Corgi is mixed with Labrador Retriever, resulting in a happy and friendly dog. This is very common firstly because of the popularity of the Labrador Retriever, proofed by the fact that the dog experts named it the most common breed for almost two decades straights.

The sensitivity and kindness to human feelings make Labrador Retriever such a dearly loved and favorite breed. Mixed with the active and energetic characteristics of Corgi, they create an ideal family companion or buddy.

Because there are many different shades of Labrador, it’s hard to precisely predict what their fur will be. On the other hand, it typically is one solid shade with other hues washed out into it. You can find it in black, cream, brown as well as tan color.

6. Corgi Inu (Corgi and Shiba Inu)


This is an unfamiliar mix of Corgi. This breed is gorgeous and dignified from the East, most particularly in Japan. Corgi Inu has short, red, and dense fur and a curly Q tail, and has a face that looks like a fox.

They are known to be calm and independent. This is mixed of Corgi and a Shiba Inu. This is a playful dog, however eminent when in repose.

Corgi Inu is likely to favor one parent’s features. It depends on which they prefer, and it may be mild-tempered and less active or more naughty and always ready for a thrill and excitement.

The physical outcome when Shiba Inu and Corgi mixed is almost an ideal mesh of the parents. This crossbreed has a white and short coat and smaller ears, and a bit more foxlike appearance. In short, it looks like the sober sibling to the mischievous, active as well as blundering Corgi.

7. Beagi (Corgi and Beagle)


The most apparent way of seeing Corgi crossbreed is the face. This tendency stays true with the Beagi. This is a mix of a Corgi and the Beagle. This crossbreed has softer characteristics like Beagles, and the ears are likely to be tinier, even if not usually floppy like Beagles.

Beagi is playful and is likely to be more active than the purebred Corgi. It has outgoing social characteristics and is hard to train as the Corgi could be intractable, while the Beagle can be abstracted and diverted as a scent chaser.

The fur looks like the shade of Beagle furs with a tan leg, a black corpse, and a white chest. On the other hand, it has long hair, and the body’s structure is acquired from Corgi’s parents.

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8. Corgitian (Corgi and Dalmatian)


When Corgi is mixed with Dalmatian, it results in an incredible mix. A Dalmatian is a taller dog with, athletic body, long legs as well as floppy ears. Being a cute and small breed, Corgis are roughly the contradictory of the Dalmatians, so that the mix may be confusing.

The mix is superb and extraordinary, partly because of the price. Both are friendly and smart. The mix makes them a bit more serious, however also relatively cheery. It depends on which parent this crossbreed favors; training is not an issue with this breed of dog. A Dalmatian dog loves to know new things or tricks and is likely not to bend over toward inflexibility.

Corgan fur is considered the most exceptional factor of this mix. This is a short dog with tall ears, which looks like the Corgi, apart from its usual white and black spotted fur of the Dalmatians.

9. Pigi (Corgi and Pit Bull)


Pixie is a combination of Corgi and Pitbull. This is an exceptional Corgi mix as this dog often looks a lot like the Pit Bulls parent. Still, he is short and has short hair close to his face and skin, like the Pit Bulls.

Pit Bull breed is renowned for being a violent dog as well as overprotective behavior. Combined with a Corgi, you will have a cute type of this cruel mutt. Pigi is very loving as Pit Bulls in a tiny package that many people considered as safer.

The coat of the Pigi is a combination of colors which include brown, red, white, black, cream, tan, or a speckled mixture. The ears of these crossbreeds can be pointed and shorter or tall and a bit floppy; it depends on the preferred parent.

10. Cohuahua (Corgi and Chihuahua)


One of the most popular pure breeds of dogs is Chihuahua due to its distinctive features. They are small with compacted faces and pointed ears.

Mixed of Corgi and Chihuahua is called Cohuahua- a gorgeous, loveably, sweeter mixture of the two breeds. It has an elongate face and a bit bigger than Chihuahua but a bit smaller than Corgi.

If you are searching for Corgsi, which looks cute eternally, then this one is for you. This crossbreed is more laidback compared to the protective, aggressive feature of a Chihuahua enables them to be. The parents are intelligent, and the mixed stubbornness signifies they are hard pets to train.

The hair can be cream, tan, black, brown, white, and a combination of many colors. Most often, it favors Corgi in both shade and length.

11. Corgipom (Corgi and Pomeranian)


A Pomeranian dog is renowned for its remarkable companionship ability. This is a sweet and friendly dog. When mixed with a Corgi, it can result in a very loving and energetic dog. Oddly, this crossbreed is very hard to find because it hasn’t grown in fame.

It is easy to train; this trait is perhaps acquired from Pomeranian parents; however, the mix of two parents makes for a Corgipom which loves and enjoys showing its opinion. Both parents have broad double hair; however, Pomeranians have long hair.

When combined, this signifies it may take some patients to keep this breed dog well-groomed. Still, it will successfully win your heart with its loving and adorable features as well as overall lovability.

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12. Schnorgi (Corgi and Miniature Schnauzer)


This is a crossbreed of the Corgi and Mini Schnauzer. Both have specific features which define them. Once come as one, it signifies that there are several diverse ways in which this dog can appear.

This crossbreed got his look from Schnauzer’s parent, while the body is from Corgi. This is shorter and very energetic as well as sociable. This is a happy and very alert dog ideal for the whole family. However, this is a stubborn dog which makes it hard to train.

Most of the time, the coat is identical to the Schnauzer parent, so the fur is shaggy and available in different shades such as grey, cream, white, tan, brown, and black.

13. Chorgi (Corgi and Chow Chow)


Chorgi is a mix of a Chow Chow and a Corgi. This is a very loveable and beautiful dog. This crossbreed manages to keep the loving and cute looks of Chow Chow, which are renowned and popular for a long, thick fur and blue-black tongue-mixed with a short body for a tiny and smaller type of a Chow Chow. This one is ideal for kids as this is not stubborn. It is easy to train and maintain as well.

A Chow Chow is renowned for its aggressive and overprotective nature, even if it can be relatively calm. It depends on which parent he favors; you can end up with relatively a mixed feature of personality. Keep in mind that consistency and the quality of training while it is still young are important in this breed of dog.

14. Corgoyed (Corgi and Samoyed)

Corgi-Samoyed mix-corgi-mix-dogs

A Samoyed dog is a Russian dog deriving from Siberia’s cruel environment and the nearby area. This is renowned for its long, thick, and white fur resembling plush wolves with a shorter muzzle.

When Corgi and Samoyed combined, this leads to a very delightful and lovable but shorter pup. The mix can bring out a variety of fur colors. It has long, white, black, grey, tan, brown, and red mixtures of fur. This is also a very energetic and active dog.

15. Golden Corgi


Like the Corgi mixed with an array of breeds, a Golden Retriever is also mixed with diverse breeds of dogs. Because of the fame of the Golden Retriever, the Golden Corgi crossbreed is becoming one of the most popular amongst other hybrids of Corgi mentioned in this article.

A Golden Corgi is considered a perfect example of an almost-perfect dog to many possible owners as it is friendly, loving, calm, energetic, and easy to train.

The propensity of this crossbreed when it comes to looks is to acquired from the Golden Retrievers, which makes it appear like a small and shorter version of the Golden Retriever.

If you want a small version of a Golden Retriever dog, we highly recommend the Golden Corgi. This is easy to maintain and a very energetic and active crossbreed.

They have the same coat colors; therefore, they often possess a golden coat which is a bit longer than a standard Corgi.

16. Borgie ( Corgi and Border Collie


When Corgi is mixed with Border Collie, a herding expert, it will result in Borgi. This crossbreed is smart and energetic. Borgie has a bit long double fur acquired from Border Collie, so there is a chance of shedding. This is a very lovable crossbreed that rather opts to stick with you all through the day. This is also very energetic and easy to train.

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