Facts About Coton Tzu Dog Breed

When it comes to Coton Tzus, several people can describe what they look like but tend to have trouble regarding their breed and origin. What exactly is a Coton Tzu? Through this article, you will find out all about their breed, preferences, temperaments, etc. Let’s get started!

What’s A Coton Tzu?

A Coton Tzu is essentially a mixed dog. You can trace back their origins to two different purebreds— the Coton de Tulear and the Shih Tzu. Both of these purebreds are extremely familiar and sought-after pets in different countries. When bred together, we get the lovely and affectionate Coton Tzus. 


What Does A Coton Tzu Look Like?

You might know that a Coton Tzu is usually white. However, what exactly does it look like? Some distinctive features separate a Coton Tzu from other breeds. A way to easily spot them is to look at their size. They are usually extremely tiny and adorable. 

Besides that, the Coton Tzus are silky and fluffy in their look and demeanor. While they are commonly white, they can also be black, brown, cream, or gold. Sometimes, the Coton Tzu can also be an amalgamation of all these colors!

Their coats usually tend to be medium or long and are almost like clouds or cotton candy. This is also why they need to be brushed, combed, and taken care of regularly. Their flowy hair is also their most distinctive feature, combined with their heart eyes. 

How Much Does A Coton Tzu Weigh?

Both males and females tend to grow at different rates and differ in height and size. The males tend to grow as tall as about 8 to 12 inches and weigh anywhere between 9 to 16 pounds. 

Whereas the females grow as tall as 7 to 11 inches and weigh anywhere around 8 to 15 pounds. As you can see, the differences in height and weight are not that distinctive. However, these minute differences do continue to exist between a male and female Coton Tzu. 

Moving forward, you will also notice how these differences tend to translate much deeper into other things too. 

How Old Does A Coton Tzu Get?


When it comes to this breed, you will be shocked about how long it can live up to. When we compare other breeds and dogs to a Coton Tzu, we find that the latter has a significantly longer life span.

While the true cause of this is unknown, this undoubtedly means that they make a wonderful pet. 

These dogs live up to around 9 to 16 years. While the older and more aged dogs tend to experience health complications and issues sometimes, they are rather active and energetic in their youth. Keep in mind, though, that no two Coton Tzus are the same. 

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Some may tend to develop maturity as well as age-related issues faster than others. When compared to their purebred origins, they are much healthier. However, they are still not devoid of problems.

A rather important factor in determining the health of your Coton Tzu is to look at how their parents’ health was. This is true not just for dogs, but for other species too! Genetics plays an extremely important role in the passing down of diseases. 

Therefore, while your new Coton Tzu will usually be extremely strong and resilient in nature and health-related issues, they could still develop certain problems at different stages in life. The best way to know about this is to check for the parents. 

Do Coton Tzus Shed?


The first thing that people tend to notice is their flowy and silky hair. Their hair and coat are their pride, and it sometimes looks even more majestic than the mane of a lion. However, a common question that irks potential Coton Tzu keepers is about their shedding. 

Because they have a large and bulky coat, it is only fair for people to assume that they shed a lot. However, the truth is that this is not essentially true. While they have a thick coat, they shed quite less as compared to other breeds. 

When it comes to some breeds, the quantity and quality of the coat decide how much they shed. With Coton Tzu, shedding does not tend to become much of an issue. Therefore, you do not need to go out of your way and worry about this with your dog. 

However, their hair needs to be brushed frequently. Since it is quite fluffy and long, it means that you need to take care of it regularly. Therefore, your Coton Tzu will require you to run a brush along with their hair at least once every single day to prevent any knots and entanglements. 

How Often Should You Bathe a Coton Tzu?

No matter what sort of dog you own, frequent bathing is a must. While most dogs might not have that strong odor and not get dirty easily, some do.

Therefore, depending upon your dog, it is best to decide whether to indulge in regular, frequent, or not-so-frequent bathing. 

In this aspect too, we must look at their parents and how they indulge in grooming. A Shih Tzu requires regular grooming and a weekly bath, and needless to say, a Coton Tzu is no different when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

You must make it a point to keep taking care of their hygiene and hair so that they stay fresh and feel good too. Along with that, there are also certain other things that you should do.

This includes clipping their nails regularly so that they do not hurt themselves or anybody else. 

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Not only that, but you should also check for any dental issues regularly and keep cleaning any dust or dirt that has accumulated under their ears. Doing all of this makes sure that your Coton Tzu is happy, healthy, and playful at all times. 

Do Coton Tzu Dogs Bark a Lot?


There is a tendency that prevails amongst all small dogs. As compared to bigger and older dogs, the smaller ones tend to bark a lot. Sometimes, the barking could even get excessive or unstoppable, which could be a sign of trouble. 

A Coton Tzu, too, will essentially bark when a newcomer comes home or meets a visitor. Somebody standing at the front door, too, could sometimes set them off. However, there are ways that you can stop this from becoming an issue. 

This constant barking habit is known as chronic barking and can turn out to be a problem not just for you but for your dog too. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, train your dog the right way from the beginning itself. 

This includes establishing your position as a leader and letting him know that he is to follow you. A few lessons in respect training should make him good at following instructions in no time. 

Is Coton Tzus Hypoallergenic?

The first question that a lot of people have is whether a Coton Tzu is hypoallergenic or not. When your dog is hypoallergenic, this means that he or she expresses greater compatibility with others that are allergic to it. 

This means that if you are accustomed to allergies, then a hypoallergenic breed will make a great pet. When it comes to Coton Tzu, both the parents and their respective breeds are extremely hypoallergenic. 

Similarly, this trait is passed onto the Coton Tzu too. However, these allergies can sometimes cause great disruptions to their everyday lives.

They could be allergic to fabrics, textiles, pollens, fleas, etc. If things get out of hand, it could also result in them constantly chewing onto themselves. 

Is Coton Tzu Easy To Train?


Coton Tzu constantly looks for ways to make their owners happy and satisfied with their behavior. Hence, they are also extremely easy and fun to train. 

What you do need to keep in mind, though, is the fact that not every single training approach will be the best for them. Depending on your Coton Tzu and their level of adaptability, you will need to decide which approach you wish to take on. 

For instance, most of them do not respond well to a harsh and strict leader who believes in negative reinforcements and punishments.

This further pushes them away from the idea of training. What you need with them are a positive outlook and some great rewards. This is sure to work!

Make sure that you start from the essentials such as shaking hands, guarding the door, etc. Once that is done, you can also teach them the most difficult things you like. Rest assured, they will learn quickly and surprise you!

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Coton Tzu Behavior Problems


Coton Tzus are always active, excited, and ready to win hearts with their big brown eyes. Their friendly and amicable nature is such that they never turn hostile with somebody easily. 

Furthermore, a Coton Tzus’ loyalty lies first and foremost with you. They are extremely affectionate towards their owners, which could also result in massive separation anxiety sometimes.

Dealing with that requires a different training which you can speak to your vet about. 

However, to put it simply, they are loving, sweet, and goofy, just like their parents. They will interact with anybody and never let you down when guests are home. Therefore, you can count on them for performing the best tricks and entertaining everybody.

How Much Do Coton Tzus Cost?

When it comes to a dog, the chances are that you will have to spend some amount of money to ensure that the place you are buying from is legitimate and authentic.

You must be certain of many factors before buying a Coton Tzu because the expenses do not stop there. 

Since this is a designer dog breed, the chances are that the breeder or owner will quote a higher price. This is not just true for Coton Tzu, but for a lot of other breeds too.

Therefore, you should be ready to pay the price anywhere between 600 dollars to 1000 dollars. 

The parent breed itself is extremely rare to find, and the Coton Tzu is no different. Depending on the availability and circumstances, the owner could perhaps charge you more than this too. This high price essentially stems from the uniqueness of this breed. 

Where To Buy/Adopt a Coton Tzu Dog?


As mentioned above, Coton Tzu breeders are extremely hard to find. Since this is a rare breed, ensure that you verify their name and company first to prevent trouble later on.

Furthermore, ensure that they provide a health guarantee and all of the official documents at the time of buying. 

That being said, you can check your nearby pet homes and sheds for any information about a new Coton Tzu. You will usually find more than one Coton Tzu seller in most states.

In case you still cannot find one near your area, look out for somebody looking to give theirs away. You can always adopt one, which is also a great option!

Canine Corral, a company based in New York, has Coton Tzus for sale almost year-round. Make sure to check them out in case of any doubts or further interests. 

Summing Up 

Now that you know all about Coton Tzus, the only thing left is to go ahead and welcome one into your family. Rest assured that this friendly and loving breed will make a wonderful pet and never let you feel alone. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get one today!

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