16 Cutest Pitbull Mixes Dog Breeds

Finding the best dog to play with is a reasonable cause for staying at home. Dogs are often called man’s best friend. They are the most loyal friend we can lean until their last breath.

They offer unconditional love by the willingness to take care of the security of our family.

Dog breeding has become a genuine style to adapt to human personality because of dog’s outlook and manners for over the generation.

Without the knowledge of some, Pitbull was not at all a class of dog. They are combinations of Bully dogs together with dogs of Terriers class.

Terriers are recognized for their swiftness, cleverness, and militancy. While on the other hand, Bully dogs are recognized for their combativeness besides the monstrous face.

However, because of the mixing of two genes, this type of dog is manipulated to wrestle with each other. The dogs were trained for brutal and cruel sports arena with betting options.

Evolution of the Pitbulls

Pitbulls arise from ancient times in Great Britain. It was never known to man when the breeding once occurred. The post-civil wars allowed British people to migrate to America along with their Pitbull dogs.

Thus, here comes an introduction of these types of dogs in America. It was when dog owners of America demand a massive, athletic, and rugged type of dog.

That is why they generated Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the known Bully of America.

On the other hand, some come across to deliberately train this type of dog in which they find them loyal and reliable in taking custody of homes.

For some changes, in 1935, by the Cruelty to Animals Act, different states petitioned to ban Pit bulls’ use as fighting hound.

Others find it more exciting to mix Pit bulls with other fondly and adorable dogs alongside the changes. So, here are the 16 cutest pitbull mixes dog breeds you might like:

1. Labrabull (Labrador + Pitbull)


This is a combination of two originally from Great Britain. This breed is suitable for those humans who want their dogs to accompany them during hiking and swimming marathon.

The two genes are recognized because of their physical fit nature.

2. Golden Pit (Pitbull and + Golden Retriever)


Retrievers have soft mouths with attractive colors of their furs. Mixing the two genes that also came from Great Britain place may enjoy those who want someone to follow them during their exercise.

Also, a golden pit may be good for those people with eyesight problems. The combination of caring and massive-built type of dog is what you can get from this mix.

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3. Pitsky (PitBull and Husky)


With very distinct eye-colors, husky and pit bulls mix are a good combination. One thing to know if the breed of whichever the two combinations are greater in genes is by looking in their eyes’ colors.

Husky dogs came from the North location. That is why they sometimes thrive on digging holes during summer to get themselves cold.

Also, don’t be amazed if the mixed breed may still howl. Husky dogs don’t bark as they howl, just like wolves.

4. Pit Shepherd (Pitbull + German Shepherd)


With both breeds having canine roots, this mix is good as police dogs. The German shepherd is good for sniffing and with long legs for running.

You may find an attractive part of the mix is their feet. It may not get desired elongated feet of a German shepherd, but I assure you that the mix will steady fast guardian behavior.

5. Beaglebull (Pitbull + Beagle)


Scent hounds and with the distinct asset of having elongated ears, still, these two mixes have their marked feature.

Beagles are a lovely breed of dogs; however, they are hard to train. We hope that the two lovely breeds will allow pet owners to upskill the coaching with the combination of two strains.

6. Pitweiler (Pitbull + Rottweiler) 


The mixes of two are hard to contain for some humans. The characteristics of the two being both aggressive and dominant make it hard for some to control and train the mix.

However, this mix should be on your list for those wanting a secure buddy at home and a protective family companion.

7. Pit Dane (Pitbull + Great Dane)


Both dogs have strong bones and good legs. Great Dane dogs, on the other hand, uses their legs for jumping.

Because of the mixing of two breeds, some owners may not find it suitable to take home if they are in an apartment as the other breed- Great Dane is of great structure.

8. Pit Pug (Pitbull + Pug)


The two dogs are never too far on their faces. Both dogs are distinct for their monstrous faces. However, pugs, on the other hand, are very funny inside.

They are known to show off on their owners, making them laugh at times. With the two mixes of being reliable and funny, this breeding is useful for those oldies needing a companion.

9. Pitkie (Pitbull + Yorkshire Terrier)


Furrier breed is the distinct feature of the two. To maintain those wanting furs, often, the Yorkshire terrier is combined with other breeds.

One of which is with pit bulls. Even with the mixes, the combination of the two dogs needs proper coaching. Yorkshire terrier often barks same goes with pit bulls. Thus, it needs great patience and tolerance to train this breed.

10. PitCorgi (Pitbull + Pembroke Welsh Corgi)


Cute stuff came along with the two mixes. Some owners find pit bulls difficult to train, so they find a suitable partnering gene, the Pembroke welsh corgi.

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Not only are they cute enough to cuddle, but this kind of breed is also easy to teach. Despite being cute, the combination is still good to secure a home.

11. Doxiebull (Pitbull + Dachshund)


Words to define these mixes are intelligent, playful, but hunters. Dachshunds are known for their short but long bodies. But its cute ears make them more suitable for hunting.

So, the mixing of two breeds is good for hunting season. The pit bulls are fast, while the ears of Dashschundare a great asset.

12. Pitmatian (Pitbull + Dalmatian)


The Disney 101 Dalmatian movies make the world of dalmatian dogs generation change. Because of the movie, from being used as circus players, dalmatian dogs were adopted by many as home buddies.

However, still, some find it more amusing when mixing them with other breeds. One of which is the Pitmatian.

Where the combination of Pitbull and dalmatian makes a significant change in their color. The dalmatian’s multi-dots make a distinct feature, but its legs and face may still get the pit bull genes.

13. Pitchihua (Pitbull + Chihuahua)


Cute but fierce are the characteristics of a chihuahua. They are small in size but with great charm. This charm also affects the breed of pit bulls.

Captivated by their charm are some pet owners. That is why they decided to combine the two. With the mixed breed, they can be excellent consort even in small apartments.

14. Poodbull (Pitbull + Poodle)

16 Cutest Pitbull Mixes Dog Breeds 1

In every dog show, there comes a poodle as an awards getter. Women taste always choose poodle dogs as they are easy to be styled.

The mixing of two genes may simply quite capture the attention of many. Their furs may look extravagant, and their body built from the massive muscles of pit bulls to be the feminine style of a poodle.

15. Pit Chow (Pitbull + Chow Chow)


Chow chow is known for its hairy furs with good trimming may look like a lion. The mixing of genes may not be significant in one’s look.

Minimal changes are observed. The slight gene affected is the fur itself of Chow Chow. Many may like the style as it lessens the fur in the head. Others may still like the changes like the blue coloring of their tongues.

16. Bullypit (Pitbull + Bully)


Bullypits are a combination of two dogs. With another gene of the same inheritance to came along, it is likely to make significant changes.

Though their faces are crumpled, some still find them like they are always smiling. And that changes the mood of owners.

Despite their monstrous face and stereotypes, many may find them fierce, but a misconception of many, these two breeds are very kind and gentle.

Along with the many characteristics their owners like are that Bullypit is very easy to train. They do not need aggressiveness to be taught. They are also very intelligent and may understand the mood of their owners.

What does Pitbull look like

Mixed dogs will have a different color of fur outputs. Some will most likely change their coloring. However, most pit bulls will have black and brown coloring.

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Rarely, they have at least two color combinations. Sometimes, the color combination of dogs may increase their prices when sold. This is for the reason that their schemes are hard to be mutated.

When browsing the internet, you may like some dog breeders whose products of dogs have two-sided eyes. Please, do not have to worry.

Mixing different breeds to pit bullies may give you this product also. Some of the mixed breed for this outcome came from husky.

The pit bull that is well recognized for its distinct features is the red and blue nose pitbull terrier. Though the nose’s coloring does not give it more smell features, simply staring at its nose will attract anyone’s attention.

However, despite the attraction it offers to many, this coloring of the nose is just a product of a hereditary problem.  


A different course of action for Pitbulls may change their temperaments. Temperaments stand as the ability of animals to adjust behavior and characteristics.

Pet owners must be cautious with breeding choices as some mixes may not give a positive product to an animal’s temperament.

It is better than when training dogs. They should go together with other types of dogs for socialization. Pit bulls’ nature is fierce, so they need to have more socialization to associate themselves with other breeds.  

Food tolerance

It is always better to ask your veterinarians about your dog’s mixes, including their habitat and food tolerance precautions.

pocket pitbull puppy

Some dog food may cause diarrhea and food poisoning to some mixes. Others may not want some dog food. The observance is the key.

To take care of your dog, you must find time to check their behavior, their liked food, minimal gestures, and preferred habitat.


Dog’s habitat is a need to consider when mixing. Most of their behaviors are the product of their adaptation to their environment.

If you are keeping a dog at home, you need to consider your dog’s size should depend on the wideness of your house.

Smaller dogs are suitable for apartment size houses and those living city life. If you are a hiker and swimmer, you might like dogs that are good with hunting skills.

Some dogs may find it hot in your location. This will cause them to adjust their fur and may lessen their agility. So, always try to figure which type of dog mixes would suit your location and lifestyle.

Remember that dogs are like humans. They serve as our trusted friends, so we need to take care of them also. Always be grateful for their service, and they will serve you unconditionally.


Some may find these mixes by accident as these breeds are not commonly available. However, some will always have good chances of finding one.

Try to check your dog mixes and see the results. You may find it odd in the first place. However, despite those changes, try to lift your spirit and check what characters you might like.

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