Dachshund Colors: A Complete List Of All 13 Recognized Coat Colors

Dachshunds are tiny puppies with amazing big personalities. They are little charmers, which are very popular worldwide; this is due to their long bodies and short legs. They are even renowned by various names such as Wiener-Dog, Sausage Dog, and Doxie. 

However, are you aware that this breed of dog has a huge array of colors as well as different lengths of coat? You might have seen Dachshunds with short, long hair, smooth coat as well as wiry hair. 

Dachshund Color Genetics and How it Works 

All Wiener dogs, whether miniature Dachshunds or standard Dachshunds, originally have soft and downy coats and were black or red. It was not until later that dog breeders begin to work in newer patterns and colors. 

All puppies have 39 pairs of chromosomes, and these are what determine the coat and color type a canine will have. The wirehair gene is dominant. A pup that looks at one color might carry genes for another. 

Seasoned breeders ensure to know their dog’s history to make sure that they are aware of what type of colors their dogs might end up with. 

Doxies with single or one shade have one color with no making, shading, or overlays. These colorings are also known as Self colors. On the other hand, overlay or shading is when a pup has solid black furs on top of a diverse base coat color. 


Before jumping into the recognized colors, let us clarify some things first. First and foremost, there is a difference between patterns and colors. You have to keep this thing in your mind.

Colors are the diverse shades to which a dachshund fur can come. Patterns are the different ways in which the colors combine. Red is a hue, while brindle is a pattern, which involves two shades. 

What’s the most popular Dachshunds color?

Dachshund is one of the most popular dog breeds all over the world. You can easily recognize this dog to its distinct and unique features. Due to its long body and short legs, and floppy ears, Dachshunds is also a preferred pet due to its smart and loving personality.

The most thrilling thing about this pup is that no two doxies are the same. This is because of the disparities in patterns, marking, colors, and type of coat, and you have lots of choices when choosing the right dog for you and your loved ones. 

When picking a doxie puppy, you have the option to get what type of patterns, coloring as well as marking that you like to have, together with the type of coat. There is an array of hair types, markings, and patterns, which this breed had, and this depends on the parents’ breed genetics. 

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1. Red Dachshund


The renowned red doxie has a rusty red tint and brown hair. They have black tails and black noses and can be shaded and clear. This is considered the most popular color. The clear Dachshund does not have white markings, and the coat does not have a black tint as well.

Shaded red dogs have a black tint; normally can be seen at the back and on the tail and ears. Many people confuse this shade with the sable pattern; however, it is far different. 

2. The Cream Dachshund 


This is also one of the most popular and recognized colors of Dachshund. This color ranges from almost white to dark golden. A clear cream dog doesn’t have black tinting on its hairs and doesn’t have dark points. The coloring derives from the Chinchilla dilution gene.

A shaded cream dachshund has black tinting on his fur and often comes up on the tail or ears. The black might fade in due course, or it may not. A cream doxie is less popular compared to other hues, however not as uncommon as black color. 

3. Black Dachshund


A lot of people don’t believe that black doxies exist. But, believe it or not, there’s a 100 percent pure black doxie. However, it is rare. Dog experts call this a non-standard coloring, and it normally does not come in a dog bred by a careful breeder. 

That is simply because the black hair happens once a canine is bred to have the usual tan points. However, he is repressed as of genes that the dog breeder must have weeded out before breeding. That is not always the case. However, it is often. A black doxie is just like the more colorful cousin. 

4. Chocolate Dachshund


This is also one of the popular colors of doxie. A chocolate doxie doesn’t have any tan or cream markings-rather solid dark brown. A chocolate dachshund is another non-standard shade, and it is also considered rare. 

5. Fawn Dachshund


Fawn or popular known as Isabella, is considered an unusual shade that falls into non-standard. It appears almost lilac or likes faded out chocolate as of a recessive gene. Some, on the other hand, have a yellow color to their hair or coat. A fawn dachshund is a relatively rare color that you will encounter or come across. 

6. Albino Dachshund


Maybe you are shocked to know that the albino dachshund really exists. Well, I rarely see this kind of color due to the lack of pigment. This dog is often blind or deaf and must not be bred. However, they are also very lovable. 

There is also a white Doxie that is different from the one mentioned above. A white doxie has all white hair, and the skin has pigmentation, such as having dark noses and dark eyes. 

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Tan Dachshund


A wheaten hue or popularly known as the tan, is a very rare color for dachshunds. This coat hue looks like wheat brown or a golden brown and originally just appeared in a wire-haired Doxies. You can find it in long and smooth-coated canines as well. 

Blue Dachshund


A blue doxie has light or steely light blue hair that is gray or silver. This color is extremely different from the previous fawn or Isabella doxie. This is also one of the most sought-after colors.

However, there is no solid blue doxie. This is due to the genetic makeup; the blue hair always goes along with tan points, although they are minimal. This coloring is also not common. 

7. Black and Tan Dachshund


The combination of black and tan Dachshund is very common. What is more, it also looks a bit long, squat Doberman that has tan color over his eye, on the muzzle, legs, tail, chest, and feet. You can find this color in almost every dog breeder. 

8. Black and Cream Dachshund


Another popular and common color of doxie is the combination of cream and black. This has cream in similar places, which a black hue and tan. Black appears on the remaining parts of the body. 

9. Blue and Cream Dachshund


This type of doxie looks identical to the tan and black pattern. However, this one has more faded overall. The cream can be found over the eyes, muzzle, and legs, tail, and chest. 

10. Blue and Tan Dachshund


This is a rare combination of doxie color. On the other hand, AKC is officially recognized, and in fact, many people love it. In this combination of colors, the fur is steel, dark gray that has tan points located over the eyes, face, and some parts of the body like the tail, legs, feet, and chest. 

11. Isabella and Tan Dachshund


This is also a popular combination. Tan and Isabella doxie look like a tan doxie and a sun-bleached black doxie. The main shade will be light gray. The tan, on the other hand, is pale as well as faded. The tan can be found on his legs, tail as well as on his face. 

12. Chocolate and Cream Dachshund

Chocolate-and-Cream-Dachshund 2-colors

Cream and chocolate cots mix cream points in similar areas as the tan on black and a tan dog with dark, deep chocolate covering the ears, tail, back, and forehead. This is considered one of the best combinations of colors. 

13. Wild Boar Dachshund 


This color appears like a combination of three colors, such as brown, black, and gray. The doxie might have a blue, black, chocolate as well as red base. This rare coloring, often common in a wire-haired dog, derives from many hues on every hair. 

For example, the dark shade might come out at the end portion of the tip of the fur. The lighter shade is at the bottom or vice versa. Sometimes the coloring is known as agouti and comes out somewhat grayish when you are far. This dog might or might not have a pinch of color white on the chest. 

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What is the rarest color of Dachshunds?

Maybe you are asking what the rarest color of doxie is. Well, for your information, a doxie has many kinds of patterns and markings. They can also be born with different colors combination, markings as well as coat types.

As a whole, the rarest colors are any non-solid hue or exceptional markings due to too many genes. Though the rare colors are considered stunning, always bear in mind that most of these are due to unethical breeding techniques that lead to lethal health issues in the doxies. 

Sable is considered a hue relatively rare hues which just happen or can be seen in a long-haired doxie. These seldom long-haired doxies have black-tipped furs and normally available in a red sable.

On the other hand, sables can be tan and black or other combinations of color. On the other hand, the furs are multi-colored rather than being a combination of diverse solid color furs. 

It’s often extremely hard to determine a real sable doxie. This is because multi-colored hair is very difficult to pick out from far away and can appear like shading and a combination of diverse colored furs. 

Wheaton Doxie: This color is often seen in a wire-haired dog. On the other hand, you might also see this color in smooth-coated fur from time to time. It looks like a light blonde, like cream shade. This kind of dog has a dark eye, black eye rim, black nose as well as black nails. 

What is the best color for Dachshunds?


So, what is the best color for doxie, you may ask? Well, according to experts, the best color is wheaten as it is rare and unique. This shade falls between light golden brown and whitish colors or just the shade of wheat. 

At first, this color is just a common wiry-haired doxie. On the other hand, in interbreeding the diverse fur types, now you can see a wheaten doxie is either long-haired or smooth. 

Amongst all the colors, wheaten cream is considered the most elegant and beautiful looking. It looks milder, softer than other cousins as it almost looks like bunnies. This color is common in rich people who want to have an exceptional dog. What is more, this is a highly-priced doxie available. 

Like other dog breeds, the coat shade might be extremely light, which virtually white, or golden cream is or a bit darker. This is also available in different varieties. 

What is the original color of Dachshunds?

If you are one of the many dog lovers out there who are asking what the original color of doxie is, then you are in the right place. The original doxie fur, according to professional dog breeders, was red, which is considered the most popular or common, and black, the second most popular that is frequently mistaken for chocolate or brown in its rustier and darker shaded. 

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