10 Amazing Things about Dachshunds Dogs

If you are in pursuit of a warm welcome from a pet, then it is high time you get yourself a Dachshund dog.

Dachshunds are known to be bold and outgoing and are mostly described as faithful, versatile and short-tempered.

They are loved by many mostly due to their body structure (i.e., well muscled), they also make brilliant expressions which makes them better loyal companions especially as family pets.

This review is aimed at checking out on the most amazing things about this breed of dogs.

1. Dachshunds were mainly bred for hunting badgers.

dachshund puppies

Their body shape allowed them to penetrate badger setts hence were very suitable for such operations.

They followed the foresters until a burrowing prey was spotted. The dachshund could then be sent into the underground through the tunnels.

2. Dachshunds are the smallest known breed of dogs used for hunting.

dachshund puppies

You probably would have underestimated their capability due to their size, but the size was even their primary cause of success in hunting.

They are created with elongated, compact and muscular bodies to go underway after a prey.

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3. Dachshunds are excellent guard dogs.

dachshund puppies

They are hyper-alert and can kill rats before they are even alert of what is going on.

They can bark up a storm persistently to raise the alarm when strangers approach. They can also get into an extra temperament to the extent of being destructive.

4. Dachshunds were the favorites of Queen Victoria.

dachshund puppies

Queen Victoria was a well-known lover of dogs. She is said to have owned many different dog breeds, but the dachshunds drew her attention more than any other of her breeds.

This raised the profile of the breed among the U.K and its surroundings.

5. Dachshunds come in two sizes.

dachshund puppies

Those who love the breed, there is variety to choose from, that is, the standard weighing between 16 and 32 pounds and the miniature Dachshund, which is 11 pounds and below.

6. Dachshunds come in 15 different colors.

10 Amazing Things about Dachshunds Dogs 1

The American Kennel Club describes a variety of colors though only the predominant ones.

However, it’s good to know that you can find an utterly amazing and ridiculous genetic color from this breed.

7. Dachshund dogs have inspired the work of famous visual artists.

dachshund puppies

These pets have inspired artists since the ancient cave paintings of deer and bison.

They have aided in developing incredible creativity from their cuteness, companionship, beauty and even humor.

8. They come in three coats.

dachshund puppies

These dogs come in three different coats which determines how you should handle each category. There is smooth or short, long hair and wire hair.

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9. They were the first Olympic Mascot.

dachshund puppies

Waldi, a dachshund is the pioneering official mascot in the history of Olympic games.

During the construction of the stadium in 1972 Munich, Germany, the course of the marathon was designed to incorporate the exact design of the mascot.

10. Dachshunds have a long life expectancy.

dachshund puppies

A dachshund from New York named Chanel holds the record as the oldest living dog in the Guinness World book of records.

She died at age 21 which is way more than any other dog breed. It is a general rule that small dogs have a longer lifespan than huge hounds.

However, in the list of these fluffy little dogs, the Dachshund lives longer.

In conclusion, this breed, unfortunately, hit a downfall during the postwar years but in the recent past, this breed is increasingly growing popular.

However, when acquiring one, do not be talked into taking one because of their color or cuteness. Take great concern and inquire more about their health history.

You can even call in the services of a professional Vet. This is very necessary to avoid future general health problems for your dog.

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