Do Cute Dog Photos Improve Work Productivity?

“Awwwww, look at those adorable puppies! How could you not just want to stop what you’re doing and stare at them for the rest of your life?” That’s what you may be thinking right now, but science has some surprising things to say about the relationship between cute dogs and productivity. It turns out that images of cute dogs may lead to a rise in productivity! 

So, do cute dog photos improve work productivity? A quick search of this topic on the internet will reveal various opinions both for and against, but as of yet.


No one is sure. Some say that cute dog photos help us work harder because we feel that we must do our jobs well to continue to see our favorite pups.

Others say that the cuteness of the photos causes us to procrastinate, distracting us from our work. Still, others believe that cute dog photos do not affect productivity at all. 

Cute Dog Photos. Dog pictures, cat pictures, funny animals, adorable animals. Whatever you call them, cute animal photos have become a global phenomenon, with millions of people searching for and sharing pictures of cute puppies, cute kittens, and other cute animals on the internet.

A recent study showed that the average person spends 45 minutes a day looking at pictures of cute animals and that each of those people has 20,000 cute animal photos on their computer.

Most of us know that staring at cute animal photos has helped us to relax and even get a few laughs, but did you know that there’s more going on behind the scenes? 

A recent survey asked employees if they felt better or worse at work after viewing cute dog photos. 52% said cuter dogs made them feel happier.

37% of the employees felt more relaxed and happy. Over the past couple of years, several research-backed studies showed how pictures of cute animals could improve work productivity. Some of the reasons cute dogs impact your productivity include: 

To improve your workday, you need a few things: a desktop, an internet connection, and a dog. Not just any dog, but a cute one.

And that’s why you need doggone cute photos of dogs. They’ve been proven to improve your productivity and make you happier while you’re at work. 

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It lifts your mood. 

When you are feeling down, sometimes there is nothing that can lift your mood quite like the sight of a cute dog.

A new study sought to find the reason behind this phenomenon by looking at how people react to different emotions (both positive and negative) and how those reactions change over time.

The researchers found that people who look at cute dog photos (a positive, emotional stimulus) for a prolonged period reported feeling “more happy, excited, energetic, and less sad, fearful, and/or guilty” than they did beforehand.

However, this effect only lasted the duration of the time they spent looking at the photos—so once people stopped looking, the positive effects wore off. They were back to their previous emotional baseline. 

It increases relationship satisfaction.

If you have a pet, you might have a better chance of finding love. Why? A dog or a cat might make you a more appealing dating prospect.

In a college student study, dog owners were rated as more attractive, safer, healthier, and more willing to exercise. Those qualities are just what people are looking for in a potential dating partner. The more dogs you have, the more appealing you are. 

Cute photos of dogs can boost productivity.


Dog studies have found that cute puppies can improve productivity. Dog organizations that post pictures of puppies on their office walls report more and better work being done by their staff. 

It seems like there’s a new study every week that proves that cute animals make our lives just that much better. And now, a new study claims that adorable pet photos on social media can be good for your productivity.

According to a study of more than 1,000 participants by the U.K. office 365 app company Wrike, people who use cute animal photos at work report higher productivity than those who don’t.

The study also suggests that the best way to get a productivity boost from cute animal photos is to take a quick break to look at them. 

  • Dog photos have been linked to improvements in office morale, productivity, and even overall well-being. This may be because cute dogs help people take a break from their work and enjoy the moment. They also inspire people to slow down and take a breath, which can be especially helpful for those who work long hours. 
  • As a dog owner, I can’t imagine having to go to work every day without the benefit of cute dog photos. It’s too stressful. I’m always worried if my dog is eating the right type of food or if he is getting enough exercise, or if he’s getting into trouble when I’m not around to watch him. Luckily, plenty of websites feature nothing but cute dog photos, and they are all awesome.  
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While many people may disagree, cute dog photos can improve work productivity. Dogs can make you happier, healthier and even stimulate your creativity.

They’re also known to lower stress, blood pressure, and anxiety. In short, they can make you more productive. But how, exactly, do cute dog photos improve work productivity? 


Most of us have experienced “the cute-overload” phenomenon, in which we come across a picture of a cute animal—usually a puppy—and can’t help but smile, even in the middle of a stressful workday.

And suppose you’re anything like the 4 million employees at Google, Facebook, or other companies who have access to cute animals at the office. In that case, you might even feel a boost in productivity.

Studies have shown that pictures of cute animals can help improve positive emotions, decrease negative emotions, increase focus, and increase overall productivity.

The only question now is: how adorable is a picture of a puppy or kitten to improve your work productivity? 

Do Cute Dog Photos Improve Work Productivity? 

A new survey has found that Cute Dog Photos Improve Work Productivity. Cute Dog Photos Improve Work Productivity is a survey conducted by the pet Web site Daily Puppy to find out if cute pets improve productivity.

It was conducted by sending an e-mail to over a thousand people who had signed up for their e-mail list. The survey found that 75 percent of people believe that Cute Dog Photos Improve Work Productivity.

In total, the survey found that people spend one hour and 16 minutes on the internet per day looking at Cute Dog Photos Improve Work Productivity. The survey also found that 38 percent of people who looked at Cute Dog Photos Improve Work. 

Having a dog increases the amount of exercise you get each day. A medium-sized dog, for example, can burn off as many calories as a person does in a 45-minute aerobic workout.

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Having a dog also helps you meet people since you’ll be taking your dog to the park and other pet-friendly places. If you have a dog, you’ll be more proactive about getting outside and away from the computer. 

Cute dog photos are scientifically proven to improve productivity in the workplace. This means that instead of your employees sitting in front of their computers, wasting time, they will work faster and more efficiently in the office. 

In one study, researchers asked participants to look at a series of cute and non-cute animal photos and rate their emotional responses. Some of the participants had been diagnosed with personality disorders.

The researchers found that the responses of the people with personality disorders were more extreme than those of the people without, with negative responses to “non-cute” photos and positive responses to “cute” photos. 

Do Cute Dog Photos Improve Work Productivity? 1

Dragging yourself out of bed into the office every day can be hard. Doing it enthusiastically may seem impossible. But some companies are finding that cute dog photos can help. Cute dog photos are widely known to improve a person’s mood and reduce stress. 

According to a recent study by the University of Colorado, spending just 15 minutes a day looking at pictures of adorable dogs can significantly improve your productivity.

In the study, participants were instructed to look at cute images for 15 minutes a day and then complete a series of word puzzles. 

Of course, some are tired of hearing about why dogs make great coworkers, but most of us agree that having a dog around the office just makes work better.

Dogs are said to be good for morale, and many employees have confessed that having a dog at work has helped them be more productive while also improving their interactions with coworkers. 

It’s no secret that cute animal photos help improve work productivity. But why? New research from Japan may have the answer.

In a study published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, a team of researchers reports that looking at pictures of cats and dogs may increase performance on a task requiring sustained attention.

The researchers studied 20 students and found that subjects who looked at cute pictures of animals during a sustained attention task performed better than subjects who looked at regular photos. 

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