Why Does Your Dog Eat Rocks?

Why Does Your Dog Eat Rocks? 1

Dogs are generally known as smart creatures that are very curious about their environment and will learn quickly how to figure out how everything works. However, when it comes to eating rocks, dogs are not so well known for their sharpness. My Dog Is Eating Rocks — It’s Fine, Right? (Or Not?) It’s not unusual … Read more

The Reason Why Huskies Like to Talk


Huskies are very intelligent, and they like to converse with their owners. One of the most interesting characteristics of huskies is their ability to communicate with us. This is especially true of huskies raised around humans. These dogs are more alert and responsive to their surroundings. They can easily become like a member of the … Read more

Why Does My Dog Bark at Other Dogs?

Why Does My Dog Bark at Other Dogs? 2

When we think of a dog, we tend to think of them as man’s best friend, loyal and loving. They’re incredibly intelligent and can be trained to do tricks and perform other tasks that make them very helpful around the house. The loyal canine canines of today have been domesticated for thousands of years, and … Read more

10 Most Sensitive Small Dogs Breeds


Any type of dog may be emotional and sensitive anytime. But it is more common to rescue dogs, especially if they have unfortunate past experiences. Dogs in any breed are sensitive because of numerous reasons. Some of these reasons are because of fears, traumas, and just part of their attitudes and personality. It is also … Read more

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