Dog Sleeping Positions Reveals His Personality


An average dog sleeps between 12hrs to 18hrs a day. Unlike humans, dog sleeping positions are spread out over the day. Interestingly dogs have similar sleeping stages to humans from barely sleeping to deep and REM sleep. A dog’s sleeping position also contributes to how much sleep the dog gets. Scientifically sleeping positions have been … Read more

10 Swimming Safety Tips for Your Dog


When your dog needs to learn how to swim, it is important to teach them well and safely. Pre-swim safety tips can help, but many more help ensure your dog has the best chance at a safe swimming experience. Dogs are awesome, and they love to swim. Swimming is a fun thing that they do … Read more

What Happens to K9 Dogs When They Retire?


The companions of our time serve a variety of purposes in our lives, yet we often don’t think about what happens to them when we pass away. If you or a loved one has a dog, you may want to know how they fare after they’re retired, but the truth is that nobody knows for … Read more

Six Incredible Facts about Your Dog’s Sense of Smell


We rely on our noses in ways we often don’t appreciate. The smell is a powerful sense that helps us communicate with our dogs. Remember that smell is the sense that connects us with our dog’s past, present, and future; if you’re lucky enough to have a dog that can smell for you — congratulations! … Read more

Why Does Your Dog Eat Rocks?

Why Does Your Dog Eat Rocks? 1

Dogs are generally known as smart creatures that are very curious about their environment and will learn quickly how to figure out how everything works. However, when it comes to eating rocks, dogs are not so well known for their sharpness. My Dog Is Eating Rocks — It’s Fine, Right? (Or Not?) It’s not unusual … Read more