12 Common Dog Behaviors


Dogs sometimes exude behavior that may seem baffling to both experienced and new dog owners. Some of the common dog behaviors exhibited by them is a way of them trying to communicate with their human handlers. To fully grasp the communication experience, it is vital for the handler to understand such behavior and what they … Read more

Why Do Dogs Put Their Paws On You


Does your dog keep putting his paw at you? Does your furry buddy wag his tail or perhaps make any sound alongside the pawing? Is he pawing at you when you pet him? If so, these things signal different things. How dogs communicate with humans? Dogs are simply smart and adaptable. So, it’s no wonder … Read more

Top 12 Small Guard Dogs


Small Guard dogs are companions in our home that serve as protection from unwanted people or even animals. It is a common mistake that all guard dogs are these beefy, tall, almost human-sized animals that fend off possible dangers. Although this is the case for most guard dogs, appearance in size is not the only … Read more

Why Do Dogs Wink At You?


Have you experienced when your dog winked at you? Do you wonder why your dog winks at you? Well, this post will explain to you why do dogs wink at you.  Most dogs can wink to their family owner to indicate submission, happiness, or if they imitate humans’ behavior. Meanwhile, if your best friend has … Read more