How To Throw Your Dog’s Birthday Party Of Their Dreams

“Birthday Party”… You know how much you are going to be excited when your birthday bells ring. Celebrating Birthday party with your loving buddies in a fitting place is a dream. Like you your doggie also has a birthday. You can celebrate his birthday to make him happy.

Birthday is a special day for him as you. This is the best way to signifying how much you love and take care of him. Below mentioned information can be useful for you to make his day special and make him think he is the special one at home.

Choose Bithday Invitations

dog bithday invitation

It is the first thing you have to do after you choose the date and place of the party. It is the best way to invite others to visit on that day. You can select birthday invitation according to your wish. It can be simple and charming. Attraction is the main point of the card.

Pick the Venue

dog birthday ideas

It is a major problem to solve. You should choose the best place that ever suited to your loving buddy and his colleagues. You have to touch up the place you may select must have safety and freedom.

Because he and his friends probably love to run and play freely. I think the beach is the best place to choose. They love the beach. But you may have to keep an eye on him.

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Select Playlist

dog birthday party ideas

This is the most entertaining part of the party. I know your doggie loves songs. You can select karokies to play on that day. You can list out as his favorite. Most singers are played for doggies. “Who let the dogs out,” “Dogs days are over” are some hit songs, sung by famous singers. Doggie and music are matching pair.

Make the day Fun with Games.

dog bithday party

Oops… Playing games is the favorite part of his party. You can also make the day fun. You can arrange a fancy dress competition and select who is the smartest one on that day. And you can also organize games with balls. The main thing is to make him happy on his day.

Splish Splash

dog birthday party

Are you willing to hold his birthday in summer…??? No worries, you can make them cool by making kiddies pools. You can buy plastic pools and fill them with water and put him on it. You also make him fun by giving tennis balls. They can enjoy with splashing out water like a baby.


dog birthday party

On his Birthday, at his party, you should make him special. Put his head to Birthday hat, and you can make him decorate. The photo shoot is an important way to make his day as a memory for ever. You can take photos in every special moment of him on that day.

Feed Them

dog birthday cakes

You know how much he loves to eat foods and how often he may get hungry. On his Birthday party, you can make special foods they love to eat like Puppermint Fresh Bites and Carob Banana “Brownies.” Make sure those foods are tasty, safety attractive and edible.

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Bring Drinking Water

dog birthday party

As we all know we cannot live without water. To make him hydrated all day you should give him water. You should arrange a water bowl per doggie that attend his party and stay all day hardy.

Make Healthy B’Day Cake

dog birthday party

Do you forget the main food for birthday party??? “Birthday cake”!!!! You should prepare a special, beautiful birthday cake like protein packed peanut butter cake. But you should not add chocolate, raisins, grapes, ice creams, macadamia nuts or sugar as ingredients that toxic to your Dog.

Party Gifts

dog bithday cakes

Gifts are the best things you can give them at the end of the party. You can make doggie bags filled with toys, bones and collars and anything that they loved. This treats also make them happy if the party may over.
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