The Best Dog Breed for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign may be more useful than you think. Your zodiac sign would tell something about your personality and attitude.

Thus, you can also use your sign in finding the best dog partner in your life.

If you want to find a perfect dog that would match your lifestyle and personality, then choose the right breed for you. 

Astrology may also help you find out deep notions about your personality, a compatible lovable partner, the perfect job for you, and even a design for your wrist tattoo.

Do you also want your inner traits and personality based on your zodiac sign to choose a perfect dog breed?

If you are looking for a dog breed that would be suitable according to your traits, then take a glimpse at the next discussions because you will be given an idea about what to choose the right one for you based on your star signs:



Aries-born person is a good match to Border Collies because they share enthusiasm and determination.

Just like you, they also love more physical challenges. These types of dogs excel in sports because of their agility.

You and border collies are just the same when it comes to energy level. They can also perform tasks without any difficulty. One of the most active zodiac signs is Aries. 

That’s why a dog breed that can easily keep up with you will be an ideal match.

Aries is not afraid to take some risks because they are brave enough to face any life problems. This is also the same as the Doberman Pinscher.

This vigilant and powerful breed is one of the best dogs that can protect you. Aside from that, Doberman shares the strength and confidence of an Aries person.

Since you’re a passionate person, Doberman will also be passionate about spending more time with you. 



One of the most prominent dog breeds that would appeal to a Taurus person is the Afghan Hound.

Just like you, this glamorous dog is incredibly loyal. Their aloof nature is an attribute that would also be suitable for Taurus.

This does need to build trust gradually with new people. Taurus people love children just like Boxers. 

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These dogs are playful, patient, and very defensive with little ones.

They even take their whole time watching over their family members, matching the quality of Taurus of always being available for the persons they love.

Like you, these dogs are loyal and could be a good companion for the long-term. 



One of the perfect dog breeds that would match the Gemini person is Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

A small-statured corgi makes an excellent option if you want to have a dog partner in your life.

Like Gemini owners, corgis are smart, friendly, affectionate, and always love to be the center of attention. It is a twin match that was made in heaven. 



Pomeranian is an ideal dog breed that is suitable for cancer people. Cancers have quite an insecurity in their lives, especially if they are consistently kissed, cuddled, and treat special.

These dogs understand the need to be loved and specially treated. They always wanted to be loved by their owners.

They don’t usually need exercise that is perfect for their physical appearance.

Just like cancer owners, these dogs rather choose to relax and curl up in their house. 



Rottweilers are said to be the perfect match for Leos. Both Leos and Rottweilers are playful, courageous, and confident in their lives.

They are both natural-born leaders and always want to be loved. A well-trained Rottweiler is fiercely loyal and defensive toward his family.

Aside from that, these dogs have a big heart since they always care and love their owners.



If you have this zodiac sign, then you may opt to find a dog like a chow.

Since Virgos are calm, calculated, and always cool, a needy or energetic breed would not be a perfect match for them.

So, it would be nicer if you will choose a slight aloof chow.

This dog is reserved with strangers, and they always love his family members, which Virgos could relate to. 



Some guiding principles of Libra are balance, harmony, order, and peace.

Like people with this zodiac sign, they also love to run marathons, making them an ideal partner for an agile and swift greyhound.

The personality and stature of greyhound will both appeal to Libra owners. 

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Scorpions are recognized for being slightly unafraid and energetic to explore and try new things in life.

So, are you also looking for a canine partner who can keep up with your personality and traits?

If yes, then you may also consider a small but mighty Norfolk Terrier. This dog is fun-loving and equally fearless, just like you.

They also love adventure and have a nice attitude while doing the activity. 



If you have this zodiac sign, then you may notice that you want to explore new things and you love to travel anywhere.

So, you might probably need a dog breed who may also be with you while exploring the world.

Since Sagittarians value intelligence, this makes them a perfect match for a wily and smart Australian Shepherd.

They are always ready for any kind of competition since they are lively, energetic, and want to roam around in any place. 



Capricorns with meticulous and well-driven personalities deserve a companion who has equal energy with them.

A St. Bernard type of dog is a perfect match for the Capricorns since they both recognize the value of work every day.

St. Bernardis a type of dog that is considered one of the and most prominent and beloved breeds because of some good reasons. 

This dog is charming, curious, and playful. Aside from that, this is recognized by those dog lovers as one of the toughest working dogs in the world.

You can choose a St. Bernard breed if you want to have a perfect companion for your living.



If you want a type of dog that is just like you, you may choose a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This dog is small but has a great personality. Like Aquarius people, this dog is always flexible, graceful, gentle, and affectionate.

They also want to socialize with strangers and may provide people with the benefit of the doubt, which is a common trait of Aquarian. 



One of the most creative and reflective signs in the zodiac is Pisces.

Pisces people are sometimes misunderstood, same with their perfect dog partner, the Poodle.

Poodles are trainable and highly intelligent. Though some people may see these dogs as prissy, they have numerous offers beneath those furry coats.

These dogs are a perfect match for Pisces owners since they might have the same personality in their lives. 

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As dog lovers, you may want to be accompanied by dogs with the same personality as yours.

So, why don’t you try picking a specific breed that would be suitable for you?

You may also check online if there are still some other dog breeds compatible with your star signs and try to explore the right one for you. 

Choosing an Ideal Dog Breed for You

As dog lovers, choosing a dog breed may not as difficult as you think since you can even choose any dog breeds you want.

You can even make them good to like you since dogs can also feel people who love them. 

However, it would also be important to choose an ideal dog that would always have the same feelings and personality traits as you.

At some point, you may want to consider some factors in choosing a dog companion in life. Here are two common things that you may consider:

  • Physical maintenance: The appearance of your dogs can somehow affect your maintenance needs. Of course, all dogs need hair and overall grooming, but some need more grooming maintenance because of their hair coat types. If you consider choosing a hairy dog, then an advanced-routine type of grooming is important. 
  • Activity level: Perhaps you already know that some dogs are more energetic and playful than some other breeds. So, you can choose a dog that would be suitable for your traits. All dogs require routine exercises, regardless of size and breed. So, you need to make sure that you can give this need to them. 

If you think that you can’t commit to taking them on casual walks every day, you may opt to consider choosing some dogs with lower energy.

On the other hand, if you prefer a playful and energetic type of dog who could be your companion in your daily activity, then consider a breed that would give equally give you the same performance level on your activity. 

You can choose any type of dog breeds depending on your preferences.

If you want to go along with them every day perfectly, pick a dog type that would match your personality and lifestyle. 

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