16 Dog Breeds With Blue Eyes

From what we know, dogs are great companions. Dog breeds come in different appearances, which make them cute and adorable friends.

Some dogs have beautiful blue eyes. This unique feature can be found in some dog breeds. 

Are you curious about what dogs have blue eyes? You’re in the right place. The following is a list of 16 breeds with blue eyes.

1. Siberian Husky


Siberian Husky is among the breeds with beautiful blue eyes. It is estimated that about 2 out of 5 Siberian Huskies can have blue eyes.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that about 15 % can acquire one brown eye and one blue eye.

Siberian Husky mixes like Pomsky (Husky and Pomeranian) can inherit the blue eyes.

This dog has a friendly nature. They can work well with people and other dogs.

However, they come with a strong prey drive, which makes them chase small animals without hesitation.

It is a good idea to have a secure collar and tough leash as you walk with your Husky friend.

This breed is affectionate but mischievous. This active dog needs rigorous exercise.

2. Weimaraner


If you want to have a pet with distinctive looks, Weimaraner is a good choice. This dog can have pale blue or gray eyes or golden eyes.

They are big dogs with a sleek silver coat. A Weimaraner has well-muscled bodies since they are sporting dogs.

They also have a friendly personality. They are easy to train, graceful, and powerful.

A puppy Weimaraner has bright blue eyes. The color of their eyes can change as they grow based on genetics.

Weimaraner is an energetic dog that needs regular exercise like running. They are easy to please, making them a good family dog.

They also need less maintenance for grooming. Thus, they need occasional brushing for removing dead hair, nail trims, and baths.

Keep in mind to check their floppy ears because it can be prone to infections. As you train this dog early, it can grow with proper manners and temperament. 

3. Border Collie


Border Collie has blue eyes, but on merles only. This breed is smart and energetic, making it good for flyball, agility, obedience, and other activities.

It has a medium-length coat that seasonally sheds. They also have a gentle nature, so you can make them good family pets. This breed is also good with kids.

Border Collie needs regular exercise to prevent misbehavior and stress. So, you must keep them enough exercise for mental and physical stimulation.

It is also considered as a farm dog choice. They are affectionate and happy dogs, especially when given proper care.

Do you want a cute but active dog? Then, you can get a Border Collie with blue eyes.

4. Dalmatian


Dalmatian is among the favorite dog breeds of pet lovers. It attracts attention because of their signature spots.

Aside from their unique spot coat patterns, they also have beautiful eyes. Although most Dalmatians have brown eyes, this dog breed also has genes for blue eyes.

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A Dalmatian with blue eyes is beautiful, but it is not advisable to breed Dalmatians with blue eye color.

Thus, they have a high chance for an auto-recessive gene that results in deafness. The blue eye color is associated with these hearing issues.

On the other hand, not all Dalmatians with blue eyes have hearing problems.

Some breeders take responsibility to protect the dog. Dalmatians are a friendly and good family dog.

It is advisable to provide them with early socialization to avoid a bad attitude toward other people.

5. Australian Shepherd


This breed has a medium size and was originally bred to herd livestock. It is available in various patterns and colors.

Most Australian Shepherds have blue eyes, but some can have amber or brown eyes.

They are energetic, agile, and active. So, you must provide them with more play for mental and physical stimulation to reduce stress.

Australian Shepherd loves to be with people. They can work on the farm and requires regular exercise.

This dog only requires less maintenance. You can give them weekly brushing as well as occasional bathing.

This breed is among the top breeds for agility because of its intelligence and energetic nature.

6. Great Dane


Great Dane is among the most beautiful breeds out there. This dog can weigh up to 200 pounds.

Most of them have brown eyes, but those with a harlequin coat pattern may have light blue eyes. They are originally bred as guard dogs.

This dog can be your perfect family dog because of its size. They are also good with older kids.

However, you must provide them with early obedience training to hone their good behavior.

Thus, they can also be stubborn. Take note that Great Dane is prone to bloating, which can lead to a worse scenario.

With that, you must lower this health risk by right feeding and regular exercise. 

7. Dachshund


Most Dachshunds come with dark eyes, but those with dapple coat patterns can have blue eyes.

This dog breed is available in different coat textures and patterns like long, wired, and smooth. Remember that they regularly shed and needs weekly brushing.

They are confident and playful, but sometimes they can be stubborn. With that, you must offer them proper training.

Dachshunds have small size and short legs, so they don’t need more exercise. This breed can be your best friend when you’re alone at home. It can be a good companion dog.

8. Australian Cattle Dog


The Australian Cattle dog can be your beautiful athletic dog. Most dogs in this breed come with dark brown eyes, but blue eyes can occasionally pop up.

It has a coat that requires less maintenance. However, you must still be responsible for its good grooming.

This breed is a working dog, so you must offer them regular exercise to keep their energetic nature.

It is also important to provide them with mental and physical stimulation that can make them happy.

It is an intelligent dog but still needs proper training to avoid bad behavior.

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Besides, they also have a high prey drive, so make sure to give them early socialization for peaceful walks.

9. Cardigan Welsh Corgi


Cardigan Welsh Corgi can be blue and part-eyed in merles. They have a thick coat that requires weekly brushing to remove dead hair.

This breed can shed regularly, especially if the weather changes. If you want loyal and affectionate per, Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the right choice.

This dog has a playful and happy go lucky personality. It is also energetic, which makes him or her a good companion.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi comes with a strong herding instinct, so make sure to supervise your pet when they’re around children.

This dog breed tends to overeat, so make sure to check the food intake to prevent them from being obese.

10. Cocker Spaniel


Cocker Spaniel can also have blue eyes. Aside from their cute appearance, they have a good personality.

They are good at agility because of their energy. If you want to have a lovable lapdog, this dog breed can be the best for you.

They are outgoing and trainable so that you can have an active and affectionate pet.

You must offer them regular exercise to keep them happy and enthusiastic. With their long, flowing coat, you must be responsible for their grooming needs.

11. Catahoula Leopard Dog


This breed is considered the chameleon of the dog world. They come in different eye colors like blue and particolored.

This American dog is gorgeous because of its multicolored coat. It has a short coat that only requires occasional baths and brushing, so don’t worry much about their grooming needs.

They have a coat that regularly sheds but not heavy like other dogs.

Catahoula Leopard Dog is prone to be independent and territorial, so you must provide them with early training.

This breed has a high level of energy. Make sure to give them regular exercise and attention. It can be your best companion if you want to have a walk.

Meanwhile, this dog is also prone to health issues like eye problems and hip dysplasia. With that, you must monitor the health of your dog to avoid possible health risks.

12. German Shepherd


Commonly, this breed comes with dark eyes, but occasionally, you can also see a blue-eyed or parti-eyed German Shepherd.

This dog has an elegant double coat that needs regular brushing to remove excess hair.

They can shed heavily, so maintain their good grooming. This breed is popular for its playful personality.

However, make sure to provide them with regular exercise to maintain their energy. It can help to prevent them from being stressed.

They love challenges so that you can give them tasks like tracking, obedience, and other activities. It is an intelligent dog that needs early socialization and training.

13. Shetland Sheepdog


A blue-eyed Shetland Sheepdog is rare, but blue merles can have blue eyes. Its luscious coat adds to its beauty.

Meanwhile, it needs regular brushing to prevent tangles since it sheds regularly.

This breed is a small, herding dog that is very smart. They are good in agility and obedience trials.

Shetland Sheepdog is easy to train, but give him more attention to promote good manners. It also has a herding instinct, so they need supervision around smaller animals.

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14. Alaska Klee Kai


Alaska Klee Kai usually has blue eyes. They have high excitement and energy. It also needs regular exercise to keep them active and happy.

This breed comes with a high prey drive, so you must monitor them with smaller animals. Besides, they are not perfect for apartment living since they can be vocal.

Alaska Klee Kai is a playful and affectionate pet. It can be a good family dog with older children.

They shed regularly, so make sure to offer them regular brushing to remove excess or dead hair.

15. Old English Sheepdog


An Old English Sheepdog can have brown, blue, or one of each color. It comes with a dense double coat that needs proper grooming.

They are originally bred to work in livestock. This breed also needs early training to avoid bad behavior.

Thus, it can be selective with animals and people. It is among the most stubborn dogs, so you must be patient and give them lots of attention.

16. Neapolitan Mastiff


Neapolitan Mastiff can also have beautiful blue eyes. It is a confident, strong, and independent dog.

You must also provide them with early training and socialization because they can be stubborn and territorial.

You can provide them with positive training and lots of treats. It may have a big size, but it can have a sweet and affectionate personality.

This dog breed can be lazy in your house, so offer them regular exercise to avoid them suffer obesity and joint stiffness. Additionally, they can drool heavily, so you can have a handy towel to wipe its face.

There we go, so that is the list of the 16 dog breeds with blue eyes. You can choose one that you can bring to your home.

Factors Why Dogs Can Have Blue Eyes

Blue eyes in dogs are attractive and beautiful. Dogs can have blue eyes due to a lack of pigment in their eyes. The following are factors why dogs can acquire blue eyes.

  • Merle gene. The dog’s merle gene can affect its coat, which results in shades of red, blue, white, and more. Usually, merle dogs can have blue eyes, two-tone eyes, or brown and blue eyes.
  • Blue gene. Just like humans, the color of the eyes of dogs can also be inherited.
  • Albinism. Albinism is a gene mutation that can lead to a lack of pigment in the hair, skin, and eyes.
  • Health problems. The dog’s blue eyes can also be the result of health problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, anterior uveitis, corneal dystrophy, nuclear sclerosis, and more. 

However, not all dogs with blue eyes have health problems. Make sure to give them proper care to give them a healthy lifestyle.


Dogs with gorgeous blue eyes are rare. It can add beauty to their overall appearance.

There are various factors why dogs can acquire blue eyes. However, the most important thing is to provide your gorgeous dog with proper care and love to keep them healthy and happy.

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