10 Amazing Things About Maltese Dogs – Maltese Facts


Maltese is the most affectionately responsive dog among the diminutive sized breeds. Maltese have been bred since the medieval times and have always served as gentle companions. Their exceedingly lively and loyal nature makes them ideal family pets. However, it determines the way you raise it. Being too vigorous might start a temperamental character in … Read more

Top 10 Wire-haired Dog Breeds


Are you considering getting a new furry family member, but you suffer from an allergy? Do you want a dog that requires less brushing? If yes, it’s time for you to look for wire-haired dog breeds.  Broken or wire coats are not as silky and soft as most coats that other dogs have. Properly groomed … Read more

Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Shih Tzu Dog

Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Shih Tzu Dog 1

Shih Tzu is a famous toy dog breed weighing between 10-19 pounds when mature. The origins of this dog are unknown, but it is believed to have come from Tibet before it was later developed in China. Shih Tzu has large dark eyes and a short muzzle with drop ears that are covered with long … Read more

Why Dogs Wins Our Heart?


Why dogs win our hearts? There are a lot of reasons why dogs win the hearts of a lot of people. This article will give you some of the reasons why dogs win the hearts of many of us. History Many years ago, when undomesticated wolves were drawn to the border of early men’s campground, … Read more

12 Cutest Dog Breeds to Keep As Pets


Have you ever gone thru a pet shop? What’s the type of breed that caught your attention and interest? Perhaps, it’s the smallest dog.  Who can resist such an adorable, jolly, energetic, and playful pet? No matter how much you try, it is hard not to look at any of those cutest dogs in shelters.  … Read more

12 Amazing Facts About Miniature Poodle Dog


The miniature Poodle dog is among the favorite breeds of pet owners. It is small, around 11 to 15 inches. They are also light with a weight of 15 to 17 pounds. They come in various colors like white, red, apricot, and black. This dog breed is affectionate and needs daily exercise to keep them … Read more

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