Where Can I Get Free Puppies?


Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They are not mere animals but Life’s companion that deserve to be loved. If you find yourself ready to be a pet owner, you can consider the best options. This is not just about saving money but also saving these puppies and providing them a permanent home. … Read more

How smart are Labrador retrievers?


Labrador retrievers have a very high ability to learn, and that is why these are very idle for Search and rescue, detection, and therapy work. They belong to very intelligent breed, after research among all the breeds, they come on rank number 7. The Labrador is the most famous breed of dogs in various Nations, … Read more

How Smart Are Poodles


It is not an unknown fact that dogs are, in fact, a man’s best friend. The special bond of friendship that is shared between human beings and dogs has been there since time immemorial. There are several beautiful feelings and bundles of support that are generated from this love for both – the dog and … Read more

Top Ten Benefits of Having a Toy Poodle Dog


Dog lovers unite, the debate has been settled once, and for all, the best dog to own is the poodle, and that’s the universal verdict. You may ask why this particular dog has been awarded such an esteemed position, well here are ten scientifically researched and proven facts as to why these adorable “walking clouds” … Read more

When do puppies open their eyes?


Newborn and young puppies require special love and attention from their owners. Apart from the mother caring for its little ones, owners should understand the art of pet nursing and breeding in the best way possible. When little pups are born, they tend to be too small and delicate. As weeks go by, they start … Read more

Top 10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a small puppy whom you can make pet then you should know about different breeds of the dogs as you can find small size breed, most aggressive breed, most adorable dogs? If you are a dog lover, then you should know how loyal they are towards their owner, and this is … Read more

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