Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Boxer Dog


The Boxer dog is a large and muscular purebred type of dog from Germany. It’s a short-coated and square-headed dog with a docked tail and tight skin. The Boxer has white markings on chest, muzzle, feet, neck, belly and the inner legs. Its body color ranges from light tan to mahogany with black stripes that … Read more

25 Celebrities with Their Bulldogs


Bulldogs are amazing partners. A number of English Bulldogs have received worldwide publicity, and became real stars. Here are 25 Celebrities with Their Bulldogs. Adam Sandler and Meatball Adam had three bulldogs, Meatball, Matzo Ball and babu. Unfortunately, Meat Ball and Matzo Ball crossed the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago. Ozzy Osbourne and … Read more